best 7-seater SUV Canada best 7-seater SUV Canada

Guide to the Best 7-seater SUV Canada

Are you looking for the best 7-seater SUV Canada?

It’s 2021, and families and their needs are overgrowing, so we are always looking for ways to accommodate more. Gone are the days of being cramped up in a 5-seater with all your trip essentials taking most of the space!

Now with these 7-seater SUVs, road trips can be as fun as they were supposed to be with enough space for everyone and all your necessities.

SUVs have become a popular choice amongst Canadians because of their staggering and adaptable features, from three-row seating, legroom, maximum cargo space to standard safety features. These SUVs are also apt for the Canadian climate.

As we have established so far, SUVs are a perfect combination of ample passenger and cargo space, so if you and your family enjoy a dynamic and active lifestyle, then the three-row SUV is just what’s perfect for you.

We have curated a list of the best 7 seater SUVs you can buy in Canada to make your selection process easier.

1. Best 7-Seater SUV Canada: Mazda CX-5

Mazda CX-5 SUV 2020 in-depth review | carwow Reviews

The Mazda CX-5 comes with the luxury of space for its passengers and driver, towing capacity of 2000 pounds, refined interior, perfect performance level and fuel economy and a lot more.

The CX-5 also has an interactive interface, spacious from the front to the third-row seats, heated door mirrors and rear seats, a power liftgate, an eight-inch touchscreen Apple CarPlay and an Android advanced safety system.

Then features like forward automatic emergency braking and blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert, pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise control that works in stop-and-go traffic, front and rear parking sensors, and reverse automatic braking are standard.

The Mazda CX-5 is a sensible package deal with impressive performance capabilities and one of the best 7-seater SUV Canada. With the starting price being $28,000, it will go up to $45,000 in 2021.

2. Best 7-Seater Canada: Ford Explorer Hybrid

The Hybrid That Tows | 2021 Ford Explorer Hybrid

Ford Explorer Hybrid 2021 is a base model and one of the largest three-row SUV in the market that has a 44 horsepower producing electric motor, 1.5-kilowatt-hour lithium oil battery and good fuel economy.

Compared to the last Ford Explorer, there have been some updates, like the engine mated with a ten-speed automatic transmission that works so much better with the hybrid version, smoother shifts, chassis, and handling dynamics that make the handling responsive is perfect for mountain road drives.

In the Ford Explorer Hybrid, the first and second rows are appropriately heated and ventilated with a lot of legroom, and the third-row seats are in a far-back setting with plenty of headroom and are suitable for kids. The Explorer Hybrid has a lot of advanced safety, trailer sway control, driver aids, evasive steering assist, panoramic sunroof, a power liftgate.

All said, Ford Explorer Hybrid itself claims that this hybrid system vehicle is meant more for providing instant torque and towing (up to 5000 pounds), which it does quite successfully. And a lot more qualities that make it the best 7-seater SUV Canada.

3. Best 7-Seater SUV: Kia Sorento LX

2022 Kia Sorento // A Surprising Number of UPDATES for 2022!

Kia Sorento LX 2021 is the redesigned fourth-generation Sorento SUV with bold modern style, attractive design, two gas engines, a plug-in hybrid and much more in affordable pricing.

There is a lot more you will love about the new Kia Sorento LX. Its quilted leather upholstery is soft, rear seats, shapely door panel features and plush armrests, good ventilation, 10.3-inch touchscreen infotainment system, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, standard and comfortable three-row seating are all top-notch. Pricing starts at $30,000 and goes up to $43,765.

The list is long, but you will not be disappointed with your choice if you choose to go ahead with the Kia Sorento LX.

4. Best 7-Seater SUV: Honda Pilot

2021 Honda Pilot - A Great SUV Made Even Better

The Honda Pilot is a 7-seater three-row midsize SUV model car.

Honda Pilot comes with spacious seating, heated side mirrors, panoramic roof, Blu-ray Rear Entertainment System, USB ports for passengers in the second row, ventilated front seats, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration.

Satellite-Linked Navigation System with voice recognition, 9-speed automatic transmission, Tri-zone climate control system, sunroof, entertainment system, wireless charging, Standard 280 horsepower, and a towing capacity of 3,500 pounds, fuel economy rating is 12.4 L/ 100 km is all that attracts people. The starting price of the Honda Pilot is $ 41,290 and goes as high as $ 55,190.

Customers have been swept off of their feet by these impressive standard features of the Honda Pilot 2021. It is a well-balanced family SUV, and therefore we recommend that you add it to your list of top choices.

5. Best 7-Seater SUV Canada: Toyota Highlander

The 2020 Toyota Highlander Is On Top Of Its Game

Toyota Highlander is the best fourth-generation 7 passenger SUV that is a family-friendly car with maximum utility, standard features, latest tech, and a confident exterior stance that makes it not only reliable and comfortable but also appealing in its style – just the things that every buyer looks for and so all of this makes it just right SUV for you.

Now talking about the features in-depth – the Toyota Highlander has a Standard 3.5-Liter V6 engine, Standard Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Toyota Safety Sense, Tri-zone automatic climate control, leather upholstery, spacious interiors, good passenger space and impressive 5000 pounds towing capacity.

The starting price of the Toyota Highlander is $ 34,800.

6. Best 7-Seater SUV Canada: Hyundai Palisade

Hyundai Palisade HTRAC 3.8 2019 | Real-life review

Hyundai Palisade is a top-range option that aims at providing great SUV functionalities and efficient performance much better than other SUVs in the same range.

The Palisade is comfortable in all three-row seats, spacious with enough cargo space, and the base will seat eight people. The second-row captain’s chairs reduce that number making like the 7 passenger SUVs.

Talking about the features of the Hyundai Palisade – it has a spacious interior of 18, 45, 86 cubic feet in the third row, second row, and first-row seat, respectively, 10 cup holders, the multi-terrain control and an H-TRAC 4-all wheel drive system that allow you to drive freely on any terrain, loads up to about 5000 pounds, Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance assistance, vehicle stability management, Downhill brake control, curtain airbags for all occupants, powerful engine, premium infotainment system, fuel economy -4.8 gals/ 100 miles, adaptive cruise control features with stop-and-go capability, navigation data.

The Hyundai Palisade is a well-equipped luxury SUV designed to keep you and your family safe during your adventures, and so is one of the best 7 seater SUVs in Canada. The starting price of the Hyundai Palisade is $41,100 and goes up to $50,300 if you add additional features.

7. Best 7-Seater SUV Canada: Audi Q7

Audi Q7 SUV 2018 review | Mat Watson reviews

Audi Q7 is a second-generation Luxury midsize SUV that has been on almost every buyer’s list and has been selling like crazy. The style of the Audi Q7 is as classy as all the other Audi vehicles.

The best thing about the Audi Q7 is the quiet, luxurious cabin; therefore no unwanted noises to break your spirit of calmness during long rides. It also has a tenacious grip and excellent body control.

The Audi Q7 gets all the latest interior design and technology – 2 large touch screens that control almost everything in the car. There is a lot of legroom and headspace in the first and second-row seats, but the third row is strictly for children.

The Audi also has a great sound system, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration, climate control setting. It also has a turbocharged v6 engine, upgraded driver assists, easy-to-navigate stop-and-go traffic with available traffic, a towing capacity of 7700 lbs, an impressive 335 horsepower, and a top-view parking camera system, and so much more.

The Audi Q7 is a pleasure to drive, incredibly smooth & refined. It is the kind of ideal experience that you would expect from your vehicle, making it the best 7-seater SUV in Canada. The starting price is $ 70,800 and goes up to $ 77 800 as per added modifications.

8. Best 7-Seater SUV Canada: Mercedes Benz GLS

Mercedes GLS 2020 SUV review - see if it’s better than the BMW X7!

When it comes to providing unrivalled comfort and keeping your family safe, the Mercedes-Benz GLS is engineered to exceed expectations.

What makes it so reliable?

Its outstanding features like – 4.0L V8 bi-turbo engine with EQ Boost, an all-wheel-drive system that provides precise traction during harsh weather, USB-C slots, heated seats, captains chairs, armrests, separate temperature control, power-folding 50/50-split in the third-row seating, MBUX software imbued infotainment system and a 3D sound system.

In addition to this, it has in-car internet, smartphone app, remote system, driver assistance features, four years – 50,000-mile warranty, 362-hp turbocharged inline-six which is assisted by a 48-volt hybrid system to deliver a smooth driving experience, generously spacious in the first as well as second rows. However, the third row is ideal for kids, and it has a towing capacity of impressive 7,700 pounds.

All these fantastic features make it a definite choice and one of Canada’s best 7 seater SUVs.

The starting price of the Mercedes Benz GLS is $ 69,900 and goes up to $ 133,300.

9. Best 7-Seater SUV: Chevrolet Tahoe

Is the NEW 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe Z71 the almost PERFECT full size SUV?

Chevrolet Tahoe is one of the very efficient, capable and spacious 7 passenger SUVs better than all the other vehicles out there. The Tahoe shows vast improvement in interior trim materials and finishes, like the central main screen, and the gauges are big and bright.

The Chevrolet Tahoe has three rows of spacious seating. The second-row seats fold forward, providing easy access to the back seat, center armrest with a massive storage bin, more cargo space, better seating position and more room for legs, heated bucket seats, 10.2-inch touchscreen, smartphone compatibility with wireless charging, standard automatic emergency braking, the duo of V-8 engines power, standard 10-speed automatic transmission, fuel-saving technology, towing capacity is impressive 8,400 pounds and so much more.

The starting price of the Chevrolet Tahoe is $ 49,000. The Chevrolet Tahoe should be amongst the top choices on your list.

10. Best 7-Seater SUV Canada: Genesis GV80

Still, wondering which is the best 7 seater SUV in Canada?

Here’s Why the 2021 Genesis GV80 Is a Serious Luxury SUV Contender

Starting with comfort and value of the Genesis GV80 – Quilted Nappa leather, proper heat and ventilation for the front and second-row car seats massaging driver’s seat, active noise cancellation system, a massive infotainment display, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, proximity sensor, 12 speaker stereo, panoramic sunroof,  leather upholstery, tri-zone automatic climate control, what else is needed?

Moving on to Safety features and Power – the safety features are impressive from 10 airbags, front and rear parking proximity sensors, automatic emergency braking, forward collision warning, lane-keep assist, blind-spot monitoring and more.

Talking about the power part, it has an all-wheel drive and an eight-speed automatic transmission, V-6 powered engine etc. The fuel economy average hit is 11.7 L/100 km, and the towing capacity is 6000 pounds.

Genesis GV80 is among the best luxury midsize SUVs as it has impressive standard features, a posh feel and is packed with the latest high-quality tech.

11. Best 7-Seater SUV Canada: Volvo XC60

Volvo XC60 has been around for a while but has been a competitive option amongst the top luxury midsize SUVs.

Volvo XC60 SUV 2020 in-depth review | carwow Reviews

The exterior design of the Volvo CX60 is very stylish, along with 21-inch alloy wheels and black trim panels.  Moving on into the interior, there’s leather interior trim, Tri-zone climate control, fully compact, standard safety assistance features, 9-inch touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, Wireless smartphone charging, integrated pop-up booster seating, excellent audio/ sound system.

Appropriately spacious from the first to the third-row seats and highly comfortable seats, a lot of headroom with or without the sunroof, a lot of hip room too, infotainment system with a portrait display.

Its fuel economy is 11.7 / 8.6 / 10.3, 2.0-litre engines accompanied with eight-speed automatic gearboxes, towing capacity of 3,500 pounds.

The starting price is $ 59,300 and takes up to $ 89,150.

12. Best 7-Seater SUV Canada: Lincoln Navigator

The Lincoln Navigator 2021 is among the most attractive and stylish 7 passenger SUVs with a stunning interior, standard features, touchscreen controls, active safety features, massive first row, second row and third-row space.

Is the NEW 2022 Lincoln Navigator the KING of full size luxury SUVs?

The Lincoln Navigator 2021 has precisely what the buyer is looking for in an ideal car.

The driving dynamics of the Lincoln Navigator are very smooth with a twin-turbo V-6 and 450 horsepower for high powered acceleration, emergency braking, blind-spot monitors, active lane-keeping assist, four-wheel drive with traction modes for different weathers, towing capacity up to 8,700 pounds, 22-inch wheels.

The interior features are a 10-inch touchscreen infotainment system, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, 20-speaker Revel audio, rear-seat, and all-wheel-drive 10-speed automatic transmission.

The starting price of the Lincoln Navigator 2021 is $ 76,705.

A must be on your list – the best 7 seater SUV in Canada.

13. Best 7-Seater SUV Canada: Acura MDX

2022 Acura MDX | Review & Road Test

The Acura MDX is the best-selling Midsize luxury SUV sold under the Honda imprint and Canada’s Best 7 seater SUV. It has the automaker’s advanced tech and luxurious features. It comes with a choice of front-wheel drive as well as an all-wheel-drive system.

It has a two-level cargo space with 1.8 cubic feet of storage. The front, second, and third rows have 71.4, 39.1, and 16.3 cubic feet of space. The impressive features are adjustable headrests, good cargo space, 12-way power front seats, 9 speakers, a 12.3-inch infotainment system, automated emergency braking front and rear, low-speed braking control, traffic jam assist, cruise control, and blind-spot monitors.

The Acura MDX has an intelligent key fob for the keyless entry start system, head-up display and a surround-view camera system, a 3.5-litre v6 engine, front and rear parking sensors, towing capacity of 5000 pounds. It gets some off-road ability with its 7.3-inch ground clearance.

Another in the long list of best 7 seater SUVs in Canada.

14. Best 7-Seater SUV Canada: Volkswagen Atlas

The Volkswagen Atlas is a massive 7 seater SUV that is very comfortable and has a sound all-wheel-drive system.

2018 Volkswagen Atlas - Review and Road Test

It has 20-inch black wheels, F Sport features, heated steering wheel, 12.3-inch touch screen, triple-beam LED, front and rear dampers, friction control device, spacious, comfortable and spacious seats, heated and ventilated front seats, gorgeous black-and-white upholstery, power tailgate, multimedia system with android auto and Apple CarPlay.

The Volkswagen Atlas also has a fuel economy of 13.3 L/100 km, towing capacity of up to 5000 pounds, Enform Safety Connect, dual-zone automated climate control, automatic air recirculation, auto-dimming rearview mirror cargo compartment has a large opening with the capacity of 453 L, LED exterior lighting.

Overall we just loved this SUV model, and trust us when we say you will too, because there is a lot more to the Volkswagen Atlas that is just worth your money from superior style, state-of-the-art tech, incredible power, massive space and absolute comfort. It just is one of the best 7 seater SUVs in Canada.

Concluding Thoughts

In Canada, SUVs have become a trendy choice of vehicle, and the options mentioned above of the Best 7-seater SUV Canada have been curated with a lot of thought and plenty of research.

Dear Reader, now it is your turn!

Let us know if this article helped you make the right choice or add a few more good options to your research list and which of the best 7 seater SUVs in Canada did you like the most?

If you are still looking for the best 7 seater SUV in Canada, let us know what we missed!

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