Vancouver Hikes – 10 Best Options For You!

What are some of the best Vancouver Hikes?

Vancouver is the liveliest city you will ever come across, right in British Columbia, Canada. And when it comes to getting a great essence of the outdoors, Vancouver has it all set.

Hailed within the thriving mountains, Vancouver is your adventure paradise, even when it is well known for its vibrant neighborhoods and colorful cultures. All you can say is, Vancouver is two worlds in one.

Whether you are in here for the long haul or just over the weekend, Vancouver will never disappoint you for a minute. It has got incredible views of nature. From all the rocky mountains to parks and green spaces and beaches, everything is just jaw-droppingly beautiful.

Every corner of Vancouver is filled with colors and adventure. You don’t have to go looking too far.

Vancouverites are known to be outdoorsy, enjoying adventures as much as they can. Vancouver has a lot to offer, and of all the adventures around here, Hiking is the most popular and probably the best you will enjoy.

From the panoramic mountaintop views to serene waters, dense west coast rain forests, and gorgeous scenery, are everything you can experience along the hiking trails.

Vancouver’s unique landscapes and breathtaking views provide the best hiking trails to everyone all the time. However, the best season for a full-day hike around Vancouver is Summer, July-October being the peak season.

Because during the fall and spring seasons, the hiking trails are covered in snow and ice, and it gets a little risky over there.

So, you can hike when it’s all green and beautiful.

Hiking is the best way to enjoy the serene beauty of nature Vancouver has to offer. Also, to know more about hiking in Vancouver, please click here!

Top 10 Best Vancouver Hikes

Now that you know hiking in Vancouver. Here are 10 of the best hiking trails in Vancouver, British Columbia.

1. Lynn Loop

Hailed in the Lynn Headwaters Regional Park of North Vancouver, Lynn Loop is considered one of the top-rated Vancouver Hikes.

The Lynn Loop trail is a beautiful route that takes you up through the forest filled with Cedar and Hemlock trees. There are multiple trails for you to choose from, depending on how long you prefer your route.

Midway through the trail, you come across a lookout section that goes uphill for about 10 minutes.

This section takes you up to the top of a big rock and provides you with a small yet gorgeous view of Vancouver Island and some of the San Juan and Gulf Islands.

Hikers are allowed all year round as the difficulty level is relatively easy, even for new hikers.

The complete trail is 5.1 km, taking around 1.5 hours to hike and the elevation gain of the hike is about 160 meters.

Grab your friends and get some good old fresh air.

2. Grouse Grind

The Grouse Grind hailed on the Grouse Mountain Base, is one of the most famous trails of Vancouver hikes.

This trail is known amongst the famous Vancouver hikes but is the most used trail of all time. Not just the adventure seekers, but the course is also most commonly used by people for daily exercises.

That is why wooden stairs were built, covering most of the path and preventing erosion.

The best season for hiking around is from June to September, and the trail is renowned for being difficult and challenging.

Although the trail is only 2.9 kilometers in length, the elevation gain is 850 meters, which means it is steep.

Once at the top of the problematic steps, the trail provides you with some beautiful city scenery. After which, you can access the Grouse Mountain Chalet and buy a ticket for a Gondola ride.

The top of Grouse Mountain offers more things to explore than the Gondola ride, such as lumberjack shows.

It is one very physically challenging trail, which is why only well-prepared hikers should visit.

3. Quarry Rock

Quarry Rock, also known as Grey Rock, lies just off the beautiful seaside village, of Deep Cove.

Quarry Rock provides you with a moderately easy trail of 3.8 km (round trip), which all locals and visitors mostly love. It is short enough to be easily toured by new hikers. And it is an all-season hike, which makes it the most available.

This classic trail is a typical north shore hike, taking you through nature; over tree roots, densely wooded Douglas fir, Hemlock trees, and small creeks. The trail is a part of the easternmost section of the Baden Powell Trail.

The best part of the trail is it is also an excellent hike for your dogs.

And the end of the trail leads you to a scenic view of the stunning Deep Cove. Also, you can get some pictures of the Indian Arm and the mountains around Belcarra.

4. Stanley Park

Stanley Park is the most famous attraction in Vancouver. You cannot miss experiencing the magic of Stanley Park.

By Dan Breckwoldt on Shutterstock

The 405-hectare public park is full of trails for walking and biking. And is full of scenic views from English Bay to the Inner Harbour.

There are many routes through the park for you to choose from. Walking through the dense forest of Hemlock, Cedar, and Fir, these trails will take you deep into nature. As it is home to many birds and squirrels, you can catch a glimpse of them as you take a walk through the forest.

The most favorite trail to detour is the Lovers Walk. This trail leads west towards Ferguson Point and Third beach, and the summer beach people enjoy the most.

Stanley Park’s trails undoubtedly have the most beautiful essence of nature. And that is why it stands amongst the best Vancouver hikes.

5. Diez Vistas

Diez Vistas, Spanish for “ten views,” is precisely how many viewpoints this stunning hike at Buntzen Lake offers you.

This hike is the most popular day hike in Metro Vancouver and was built by mountaineer Halvor Lunden. Sometimes it is also known as “Sendero Diez Vistas” Sendero is Spanish for a path or trail.

Along the trail, however, you can capture glimpses of Deep Cove, the Indian Arm, Burrard Inlet, and even somewhat of Vancouver Island as you make your way around the Buntzen Lake area.

This 15-kilometer loop trail will ultimately take you away from the busy city feels. It starts and ends in the Buntzen Lake Recreation Area and is mostly used for hiking, running, and camping.

Diez Vistas is suitable mostly for intermediate hikers due to the steep inclines. But new hikers, up for challenging adventures, enjoy it too. The stunning view makes it one of the most popular Vancouver Hikes.

6. Killarney Lake Loop

The gorgeous hiking trail that wraps around Killarney Lake offers you the perfect day trip to beautiful Bowen Island.

It is a 45-minute distance from Vancouver via ferry, yet you will feel across a different environment.

The trail heads you into the forest to a 4-way junction at the end of which Killarney Lake is visible. You will come across several boardwalks and bridges along the route. It opens up on the north end of the lake onto a wooden path.

Along the different junctions, you will get to see different viewpoints of the lake. The beautiful lake and trees make it one of the popular Vancouver Hikes.

It is an easy hike taking about 2 hours to complete the loop. Hikers of all ages come by to spend a perfect weekend amidst the beauty of Killarney lake.

The trail is available all around the year for hiking. (There are also various other fun activities to do at Killarney province park)

7. Mount Seymour Trail

Mount Seymour Trail is an 8.2 kilometers long route located near North Vancouver that offers various activity options. This is one of the most scenic Vancouver Hikes.

Photo by karamysh from Shutterstock

The Mount Seymour Trail out-and-back route offers hikers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and the lower mainland. Rated as a challenging hike, this is suitable for intermediate hikers.

The trail starts at the Mount Seymour Ski area and passes over three peaks, ending at the Mount Seymour Summit, which offers aesthetic views of the whole area.

Hikers ending their detour even at the first peak get spectacular views, but the third peak is the best, as so far known. The trail between the second and Mount Seymour peaks is the most difficult, so it is wise to avoid it during the snow.

The route is scattered with large rocks halfway, so make sure you stop and have proper footwear.

8. Stawamus Chief Trail

Stawamus Chief Trail, commonly known as “The Chief,” is one of North America’s most massive granite monoliths. And the second largest in the world!

Trougnouf, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Chief” hails from Stawamus Chief Provincial Park in the district of Squamish. It is not just one of the most popular hiking trails but also a popular rock climbing site.

The trail is an intermediate hike and takes about 2-3 hours to complete the tour. The walk has three separate summits that you can detour: the South (peak1), the Centre (peak 2), and the North (peak3).

Hikers can do each summit individually or all at once if energetic enough.

The hike begins from the east end of Stawamus Chief campground, where you will find a sign that says, “climb ahead is not for the ill-prepared.” This is because the trail goes straight up, right from the start, and gets challenging.

The South peak is the closest and the busiest trail, with sheer cliffs on three sides. It provides a great view of Howe Sound.

However, the Center peak is the largest of the three and has stunning views of Squamish, Howe Sound, and the peaks of Garibaldi Provincial Park.

The third peak, the ‘North,’ sits at the top of the massive granite. It is the highest of the three and gives you a real feeling of adventure. Indeed, this is a picturesque Vancouver Hike.

9. The Lions

The Lions are a pair of pointed peaks, an iconic natural landmark along the North Shore Mountains in Metro Vancouver. It is considered one of the hardest Vancouver Hikes.

Interesting Fact: The lions are composed of the oldest plutonic rock on the west coast of Canada.

The Lions, also known as the Two Sisters, are considered sacred for their spiritual values. To hike these peaks, you have to be strong at the heart because it is considered amongst the most challenging and strenuous hikes to the summit.

There are two trails, one taking you to the East Lion and the other to the West Lion. To submit, the West Lion is more difficult than ever, and only well-experienced hikers are suggested to do so.

From the base of The Lions, you get incredible views towards the west of Howe Sound, the Sunshine Coast, and Vancouver Islands, and to the north towards Mount Brunswick, Mount Harvey, and Garibaldi Park.

It gives you a complete 360 view of the city.

The Lions-Binkert trail to the base of the West Lion is relatively easy in the first half that takes you gently uphill through a beautiful logging road.

Before reaching the final summit of West Lion, there are two plateaus, having incredible views, and this is the spot where you can set up a tent and relax for a while.

10. Lighthouse Park

Lighthouse Park is a neighborhood park along the shores of West Vancouver. It is one of Greater Vancouver’s most beautiful gardens and a popular tourist attraction.

Vancouver hikes
By EB Adventure Photography on Shutterstock

This beautiful park is at a distance of 40 minutes from Vancouver. It has a lighthouse built in 1912

The park offers various short and easy trails, extending beautiful ocean views and a picnic spot.

The different trails through the park take you past some of the most massive Douglas Fir trees in Greater Vancouver and Western Red Cedars. There are short trails of about 10 minutes on foot that directly take you toward the lighthouse.

To the east from the lighthouse, a short 15-minute walk through a steep path takes you down to the beach area, the most picturesque view of the park. You can set up a small picnic at this spot and enjoy the views from the Lions Gate Bridge to Vancouver Island.


Hiking season is open all around the year in Vancouver. Many of the trails throughout the park offer a perfect family outing with children over the weekends.

As the trails do not have much elevation change, so it is the perfect hike for children.

So, these are the top 10 best hiking options Vancouver has to offer. Whether you are an adventure junkie or not, you can always visit at least one of the easy hikes out of these 10.

This was an article about ‘Best Vancouver Hikes.’ Share your experiences below, if you have any in the comment section.

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