Calgary Art Gallery – Top 7 Must-Watch Art Galleries

Art galleries are the shout-out to the beauty of art. They are peaceful places you could visit and learn about the beauty of art and how much has been done to make good art or what it takes to make meaningful art.

Nothing could make you appreciate the beautiful world other than a beautiful piece of art. Calgary Art Gallery is the place for you.

When you visit Calgary, you should also see the priced art galleries in the city. There are a lot of art galleries that you must visit if you are an art lover. Calgary has a wide range of art galleries.

Check out this list of the most amazing and creative Calgary art gallery options and embrace it.

Wallace Galleries Ltd - Galleries West
Photo from Wallace Galleries Ltd website

The Wallace Galleries Ltd is one of the most famous and most dynamic Calgary art galleries. They feature the works of many talented artists in and around Calgary and Canada.

The gallery is a space of 3000 square feet and gives the vibe of a perfect place of art. Their undertaking is to expand the reach of art by allowing the audience to appreciate art more.

They also help the artists by bringing new and talented faces of Canada in front of the audience. Wallace gallery’s representative artists are David T Alexander, Simon Andrew, Walter Bachinski, Ronald Bloore, Mel Bolen, Nancy Boyd, and many more.

Their arts are very much delicate and express a kind of value and uniqueness. They hold many exhibitions at various times of the year.

The viewings are possible at any time and do not need any reservation. For more information on upcoming exhibitions, click here

They also provide fine art consultation if needed. They would visit your home or office and provide you with the necessary help you need. They also help you to frame our work and to estimate a cost for it for selling.

And they also provide small tips for styling and maintaining the artwork. So, visit this art gallery if you are around Calgary.

Gibson Fine Art 
Photo from Gibson Fine Art  website

Gibson Fine Art is a Calgary-based art gallery that connects people with art. They enhance regional artists and help them to come up in the field of art. It was established in the 1970s and focused more on the work of regional artists.

Half of their collections are by regional artists, which is a shout-out to their community. They frequently host exhibitions and private events to celebrate art and to present young and budding artists. 

They also provide expert advice to corporates, architects, and interior designers. They also supervise and curate artworks and help artists with their sales. They make sure that they do everything to make people admire and appreciate a work of art.

Their consulting services include commissioned artwork, digital presentations, project planning, framing through expert partners, design consultancy, professional hanging, and many more. Visit their space to know more about their passion for art and service. 

Photo by Jacob Bey on Wikimedia

Contemporary Calgary is a Calgary art gallery that provides visitors with an opportunity to see and understand contemporary art. Art lovers are always amused by modern art and are trying to understand it deeply.

Contemporary Calgary is trying to make this possible. It was renovated out of a former Centennial Planetarium, which itself was a beautiful architectural design.

They are planning to deliver to the world works of local, national, and international importance.

They started by collaborating with visual partners like the Institute of Modern and Contemporary Art (IMCA), the Art Gallery of Calgary (AGC) and the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MOCA), and also the Calgary visual arts community.

They believe that art can transform people and their view of life and bring forth the importance of art in the world. 

ArtMatch is a Calgary art gallery that focuses on supporting the locals. They aim to discover local artists in Calgary. For the past six years, ArtMatch has been curating the works of over 50 local and independent artists.

They have also provided their service by installing beautiful art pieces for more than 200 families in Calgary. The gallery has supported many local businesses as they believe in original art and has been helping many charities. 

This amazing Calgary art gallery also provides in-house trials to decide whether you want to purchase the art or not. You could browse the paintings while at home and send them a picture of the wall where you want to install the artwork.

They will provide the paintings that suit your wall, and you could decide the ones for which you need an in-house trial. They take care very much of customer service. And because of this, they consider what their customer prefers.

You would also get free 30-minute consultation regarding the installation of paintings and other accessorizing and art advisory. Book your free consultation today. 

Calgary art gallery
Photo from Loch Gallery website

Loch Gallery is a Calgary art gallery specialising in Canadian and European historical works. They concentrate more on paintings and sculptures and have grown to represent the country’s influential and most remembered artists.

They specialize in the fine arts of the 19th and 20th centuries. They started in Winnipeg in 1972 and then later expanded to Toronto and Calgary. Their motto is that the work of art is not just purchased and kept on the shelves.

The paintings and sculptures must be discovered first, and then they should be scrutinized. Only then will they be ready for purchase by a client. 

What the Loch Gallery offers is a course in the art of collecting. They want the buyers to know that they are not just buying an asset but are treasuring it for their coming generation. Currently, a Canadian historical exhibition is taking place there, which started on the 1st of December.

It would go on until the 19th of December. It would be featuring artists like Nicholas de Grandmaison, William Kurelek, David Milne, Mary Pratt, Joe Fafard, and many more.

You could visit the exhibition’s place but make sure that all the exhibits are sold as they are up for the exhibition now. 

Alberta Craft Gallery | Alberta Canada
Photo from Alberta Craft Gallery website

Alberta Craft Gallery is a Calgary art gallery that looks into the development and promotion of fine craft. They work to support the local and contemporary craft that is part of Alberta culture.

They promote the Alberta craft by operating two galleries and shops in Alberta, Edmonton, and Calgary.

Alberta Craft Gallery is the most extensive gallery in the province, and hence they promote it mostly for exhibitions so that the crafts of the region would be known worldwide.

They organize around 15-20 exhibitions every year to promote these crafts. They also educate the public about the art through publications, marketing, awareness, etc. 

The Alberta Craft Gallery Shop is a haven of crafted goodies from all parts of the region. The shop features a wide range of selected handcrafted products like glass, furniture, fibre art, woodwork, jewellery, and a wide range of home accessories.

The gallery also welcomes donations from kind art lovers. All the events organized by the Alberta Craft Gallery are free unless mentioned. 

Esker Foundation: Leader and New Model in the Calgary Arts Community ...
Photo from Esker Foundation website

Esker Foundation is a privately funded Calgary art gallery connecting people with art through exhibitions, programs, and other events.

They also focus on developing local, regional and international culture by holding events and creating an opportunity for all to have a public dialogue to know what they have to do to improve art.

The gallery runs on a completely different model, and admission is free. They hold three exhibitions every year; fall, winter, and spring or summer. 

They have an online publishing initiative called the Permanent collection that asks for a response from the viewers.

They ask the viewers to comment upon their current exhibition to know the drawbacks and spread the word. This publishing initiative also helps them to view the art from a different perspective.

As part of these exhibitions, they do many kinds of research to come up with new ideas. This is what they are planning to achieve through the Permanent Collection. 

The gallery works with the help of volunteers. The volunteer program they have is a strong one and has people of all ages and all backgrounds.

Their initiative has a different perspective and has broken all the models of a contemporary art gallery. It is one of the most eccentric and promising Calgary art galleries.

The gallery is closed for the winter installations, which will be launched on the 23rd of January. So, get ready to experience the winter experience at Esker Foundation. 


Art has always been an inspiration to man. And art galleries are trying their best to keep art among man.

Most of the Calgary art gallery you have encountered above has initiated many activities and exhibitions to promote art. More art galleries have been coming up with such initiatives. 

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