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Canada Calling: 8 Strategic Steps to Apply for Your Work Permit

A Canada work permit is a document that allows foreign nationals to work in Canada for a particular period. But how to apply for Canada work permit? Let us know by a step-by-step guide.

Canada is a top destination for those looking for a better bank balance as the wages are good. Here the IT industry attracts the youth. Health facilities and educational institutions are world-class.

Obtaining a work permit in Canada requires you to submit a proper application with all the required documents and pay the appropriate fees.

There are temporary and permanent residents who have separate processes to follow. Students also work here on a study permit.

Therefore, it becomes crucial for those who want to work here and settle in the future.

1. Eligibility Requirements: Who Can Apply for a Work Permit?

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Some requirements are necessary to be eligible for a work permit in Canada. These requirements depend on the type of visa that is applied for.

This work permit is ideal for workers temporarily, international students and those looking for permanent residency. There are some general requirements that everyone needs to follow.

  • Documents should be submitted in English.
  • A person should have a job offer from Canadian employers to enter Canada on a work permit.
  • A valid passport is mandatory.
  • Enough funds to show for the person and family member to live in Canada for the stay.
  • An assurance to leave Canada once the visa period is over.
  • It should be shown to Canadian authorities that the person is not a danger to the nation.
  • Entry requirements also mention a proper health and medical checkup before application.
  • The person should not demand a work permit for services that are illegal in Canada or under such an employer who is declared bankrupt by the government of Canada.
  • One should confirm that there are no criminal records in his home country or anywhere else.
  • One should be ready to provide any documents the Canadian embassy demands during the process.

1.1. Special Instructions for Documents Required

Applicants should carefully keep all the documents required for a work permit in Canada. They are presented to the authorities online or offline in a prescribed format and language.

  • A legal passport with a minimum of 6 months validity, counted from the arrival date.
  • Minimum two recent passport-size photos.
  • Proof of Educational records and qualifications.
  • Experience letter from the previous employer.
  • Proof of financial stability that can cater to the length of stay in Canada.
  • A latest medical report.
  • The required fee for the application.
  • A confirmation that the applicant would leave Canada after the expiry of the work permit.
  • Language skills need to be shown by language proficiency tests. IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE are some examples.
  • Sometimes, the applicant can be asked to provide biometrics like fingerprints or retina scans.

1.2. Different Types of Work Permits in Canada

apply for Canada work permit
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Canada gives two types of work permits to overseas job seekers. These are based on the form of employment that one gets.

1.2.1. Open Work Permit

Individuals with an open work permit can work in Canada in any industry or sector. It is like a one-time pass to enter Canada and work anywhere during the stay.

This work permit is not confined to a specific job offer. This open work permit allows one to work in Canada in those companies which comply with labour-related rules and regulations.

Employers involved in illegal services like prostitution, escort services, and smuggling are not allowed to recruit anyone, whether Canadian citizens or temporary foreign worker.

The open work permit is usually issued to a young person, the spouse of a permanent resident, a student, a common-law partner of a permanent residence holder, etc. Eligibility Requirements For Open Work Permit

One can be eligible for an open work permit if the person comes under the following categories.

  • International students who are studying in Canadian educational institutions and have the qualification for the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program.
  • A student who cannot afford to study anymore.
  • Have faced harassment under employer-specific work permits.
  • Registered permanent resident already.
  • If you are one of the family members of a permanent resident or who applied for it.
  • A common law partner of a permanent residence holder, a married life partner or dependent children of skilled foreign workers.
  • A common law partner of a person with a study permit.
  • A spouse of an Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program applicant.
  • Temporary residents.
  • A refugee or claimant of refugee status.
  • A young individual joining professional occupations.

1.2.2. Employer-Specific Work Permit

This permit enables individuals to work for a specific employer. The employer provides a job offer to foreign workers. Work permits are issued based on that.

The individual may need to face Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). This type of work permit is based on a single job, so information like the type of jobs, work locations or length of stay is not required. Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

This is a type of document obtained by the employer. One should face this process when an employer wants to recruit foreign workers.

This ensures that no nationals of Canada or permanent residents are up for the job.

A favourable Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) indicates that the job offer is available for foreign workers. The employer has permission to recruit them.

2. How to Apply For Canada’s Work Permit

apply for Canada work permit
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The application process for a Canadian Work Permit is simple if followed systematically. A complete step-by-step guide is given below.

2.1. Know Your Eligibility

Before applying for a work permit, the applicant needs to ensure that the individual is eligible for the work permit that he is applying for.

All the eligibility conditions and the documents required are mentioned above.

2.2. Be Ready With Documents

The document list needs to be checked when you are ready to sit for applying. Any missed document can land you in trouble as some documents require time to be issued.

So it’s better to have every document before starting the application process.

2.3. Filling Out the Application Form

There are two ways to fill it out: online and on paper. Usually, it’s mandatory to apply for a work permit before arriving in Canada.

However, due to COVID-19 restrictions, a person can also apply from inside Canada temporarily.

2.3.1. Apply Online

The federal government has provided an online tool to apply for a work permit. One has to fill out the form by answering every question correctly on this online tool.

One has the option to apply online via an authorized representative. Canadian authorities authorize these representatives overseas.

2.3.2. Apply Offline

Apply for Canada Work Permit
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One can apply on paper only if he meets the following conditions.

  • If one has any disability that stops him from the online application.
  • If one is an applicant of the Seasonal Agriculture Worker Program.
  • Who have no nationality, are refugees or stateless people.

2.4. Payment of Application Fee

The work permit fee should be paid to make it a valid request for a work permit.

The fee starts from $155 as per the Canadian immigration website. The fee varies depending on the type of work permit.

2.5. Submitting the Application

The duly filled form needs to be submitted to an appropriate immigration officer in a Canadian embassy.

The application can be submitted directly by the online portal or if filled on paper, it can be sent by mail.

2.6. Wait For the Response

Canada Immigration : IRCC Latest Processing Time for Study Visas, Work Visas, & Visitor Visas

After application, one has to wait. The application processing time varies according to country.

If one has applied outside of Canada, biometrics should be submitted through an appointment.

Embassy officials conduct an interview and a medical examination. They can also ask for more documents.

If you are in Canada, almost the same process is followed. Certain exemptions are permitted for a person on a visitor visa who is staying in Canada for the last 12 months.

2.7. Attend Medical Exam and Interview

The applicant needs to attend the interview on the specified date. The process of medical examination is somewhat different.

An authorized physician can only conduct the examination.

2.8. If the Application is Approved

An approval letter is issued called the Port of Entry letter, allowing the applicant to work in Canada.

This letter should not be considered a work permit. It needs to be presented at the Canadian port of entry when one arrives in Canada.

A work permit will be issued after presenting this letter at the port of entry.

3. Arrival in Canada

Apply for Canada Work Permit
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All necessary conditions should be fulfilled before entering Canada.

After COVID-19 restrictions have been imposed, all passengers should submit a COVID-19 test result which should not be older than two days.

But this direction is changing as per the situation.

3.1. Gather All the Documents

  • Passport
  • Visitor Visa
  • Documents required for travelling
  • Port of entry letter.
  • Educational Qualifications and work experience
  • Labour market impact assessment (LMIA) document
  • Job offer letter

3.2. Checking at the Airports

These checkings are related to your identification.

  • Biometrics are confirmed.
  • Inform Canada Border Services Agency about your intention to stay in Canada.
  • Make sure that authorities should be convinced about your eligibility for entry.
  • Confirm the medical examination results.

4. Express Entry System

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The government of Canada created Express entry, an online system for skilled foreign workers.

There are three categories through which one can enter Canada through express entry.

4.1. Holding Canadian Experience

Those who have worked in Canada for three years in a skilled job are eligible for this entry scheme. This is called Canadian Express Class.

4.2. Foreign Work Experience

This program requires one to have some experience in a country other than Canada. However, visa applicants under this category need to ensure minimum educational qualifications.

This is called the Federal Skill Worker Program, started by the government of Canada.

4.3. Trade Skill Qualification

Anyone who qualifies for any prescribed trade skills can apply for the scheme. This category requires a skill certificate or relevant experience in any industry or sector.

This is called Federal Skilled Trade Program. A detailed description of the application process under this scheme is given here.

5. Temporary Work Permits

apply for Canada work permit
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These work permits allow foreign workers to work temporarily in Canada. The employer needs to do the following for a temporary foreign worker.

5.1. Temporary Foreign Worker Program

The employer requires foreign nationals to work temporarily, to obtain Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

The employees working temporarily must be on a visa required for a temporary stay.

5.2. International Mobility Program (IMP)

This program does not require an employer to obtain LMIA. However, not everyone is eligible for the same.

  • If there is anything that strengthens the economy and cultural relations of Canada, and
  • If Canadian citizens and permanent residents have benefited from any country, their citizens can benefit from this program.

A detailed explanation for a temporary resident can be found here.

6. Tips and Advises

If you are applying for open work permits or employer-specific work permits, some tips can leverage your application to stand out from the crowd.

6.1. Look For Professional Advice

Applying for a work permit can be a tricky business for a layperson. It is advised to seek help from an authorized representative. But, be aware of the fraud person presenting themselves as registered professionals.

6.2. Get Ready for the Interview

There are some instances where people were rejected because of low interview performance.

One can join interview preparation programs or seek help from work permit holders on social media websites.

6.3. Proper Documentation

All the required documents should be with the applicant. Any missing document can become a reason for rejection.

6.4. Follow the Processing Times and Potential Delays

If the applicant knows the timings and delays that can occur while processing the application, it is a great advantage for him.

To stay in the loop, embassy officials should be contacted via phone or email.

7. Conclusion

Applying for a Canadian work permit is a cumbersome process. This article tries to simplify for individuals to apply for Canada’s work permit.

Both types of work permits need various formalities to be completed, without which there are high chances of rejection of visa requests.

Once the permit is granted, the applicant becomes eligible to work in Canada. Also, for a possible future permanent residence. In most cases, permanent residence is issued with a good track record.

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