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Calgary Lab Services: Discover 11 Labs with Top-notch Quality

Calgary lab services are one of the best lab services which provide citizens, easy access, appointment time, and lab results. It is a Healthcare system that provides an outpatient collection site, appointment service, and laboratory medicine.

Monitoring your health is not just about healthy eating and exercise, but also getting regular laboratory tests to determine the health of your blood. With the best blood tests in Calgary, you will be sure your results are accurate, and you will be able to get the right treatment you need.

Results can report total blood pressure and levels of certain compounds such as calcium, potassium, and protein. Blood tests can also be used to detect certain levels of hormones and enzymes to diagnose diseases.

Lab services in Calgary provide specific tests like toxicology electrocardiogram1 (ECG tests), maintain physical distancing and long wait times of up to five weeks for patients during covid 19, PCR tests, X-ray analysis, and many more.

Start your regular health tests with the best Calgary laboratory services providers.

1. Alberta Precision Laboratories Testing Lab – Alberta Health Services

Alberta Precision Laboratories is under the direction and ownership of Alberta Health Services (AHS). They provide diagnostic laboratory services from the best medical lab technologists in the provincial health care system.

As the laboratory resources of the Albertan health care system fall under their control, Edmonton residents may experience a rapid reversal of results. A large list of the company’s resources and state-of-the-art equipment can provide effective testing and interpretation of results as well.

Alberta Precision Laboratories Testing Lab
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Alberta Precision Laboratories is also easily accessible to both patients and health workers as it is set up at several clinics near Edmonton.

To book an appointment and get your specialized lab testing facility, you will need to go directly to one of the Alberta Precision Lab laboratories. However, if your doctor is found in a sister clinic or partner clinic, you will probably be referred to one of their diagnostic labs.

They also receive emergency and sensitive time tests, which guarantee conversion within 7-21 days. This is an acceptable addition to health care professionals who need immediate results to help their patients receive needed treatment.

Alberta Precision Laboratories
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Getting your test done by Alberta Precision Laboratories is very easy if you have Alberta Health Insurance. Processing your insurance information and payments will be easier, so you can focus on treatment.

It brings the best services in Calgary when it comes to a variety of things. In addition to standard blood pressure services, you can be tested for STIs2, cancer, and COVID-19 in this laboratory.

What allows them to provide affordable services is their mobile services. With this additional service, they can reach vulnerable patients such as pregnant women, the elderly, and residents.

Ichor Services also offers large-scale testing for small families to large companies.

 3. Calgary Laboratory Services – Doctor or healthcare provider

It is also one of the departments under Alberta Health Services. You can confirm that they can offer the best services in Calgary because of their liaison with healthcare facilities across the state.

They offer clinical consultations on toxicology and genetics, among others. They can also provide post-addiction care services and mental health services for those recovering.

Calgary Laboratory Services only accepts testing by appointment, so be sure to call and reserve your place before going to their place. This method allows them to reduce the waiting time.

 4. Nardella -Lab Services

You can also get your regular Lab service through Nardella Clinic. In addition to routine blood tests, the clinic offers allergies, genetic testing3, and cancer screening4.

Calgary Lab Services
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Nardella Clinic has a team of doctors who can provide comprehensive patient care. Not only do they manage different medical conditions, but they also provide preventative measures through effective and invigorating treatments.

Laboratory tests are just part of their services because they are also a naturopathy clinic. Nardella offers programs to treat cancer, hormonal imbalances, and chronic degenerative diseases, among many others.

 5. Canadian Blood Services – Lab Services

Calgary Lab Services
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It is an independent, nonprofit organization that provides collection and testing of blood, plasma, and organs for donation. They aim to provide health care to the people of Canada with their transparent and reliable services.

Like many international laboratories, the Canadian Laboratory Services is following a two-stage testing process. First, check your blood for infections, and then move on to the second stage for more detailed results.

They offer the best services in Calgary when it comes to detecting HIV and hepatitis5. If you are looking for a blood test and donation lab, go to Canadian Blood Services!

6. Copeman Healthcare Center – Lab Services

It is a private primary care clinic that provides a complete team of health professionals: family doctors, psychologists, neuropsychologists, family health nurses, nurses, kinesiologists, registered dietitians, physiotherapists, registered bodybuilders, and more. Whether you need immediate medical attention, or support and prevention-focused lifestyle guidance, they have staff and resources for all your healthcare needs.

7. Rockford Medical Clinic – Login and Family Medicine

Rockford Medical Clinic
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The clinic staff provides medical services to the community of NW Calgary. They welcome existing and new patients. Established in 2015.

8. Marda Loop Naturopathic and Wellness Clinic – Laboratory Services

It is home to three Naturopathic Doctors working on the following: – IV, Chelation, Ozone Therapies – Genetic Testing and Health Improvement – Naturopathic Paediatric Care – Naturopathic Care for Mothers and Children – Natural Medicine – Chronic Illness and Depression – anxiety disorders  – Dietary Allergies Lyme – Cancer Support Some doctors offer psychology, massage therapy, nutritional improvement, and shamanic energy work services.

Calgary Lab Services
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Drs. Lindsay Irwin and Mitch Marchand founded the Marda Loop Naturopathic and Wellness Clinic in Calgary with the vision of creating a healthy and healthy environment that attracts patients and staff of the highest quality in nature. In 2014 the clinic doubled in size to make room for a third Naturopathic physician, IV Therapy Suite, and Psychologist.

Drs. Lindsay Irwin believes that for a person to achieve true health, he must pay attention not only to his physical body but also to the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of his life. He is interested in empowering his patients to find balance in all these areas. The purpose of Drs. Irwin to prevent and detect the origin of the disease.

Drs. Irwin is licensed at both the College of Naturopathic Doctors of Alberta (CNDA) and the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CAND).

 Marda Loop Naturopathic and Wellness Clinic
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9) MCI Beacon Hill Medical Office – Laboratory services

MCI Beacon Hill Medical Office
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They are a dedicated Family Practice and Walk-In Clinic located in the city, of South Calgary. They Have Internal Doctors and Family Healers. They also have specialists in Sports Medicine, Vasectomy6, and Psychology, and Available Women’s clinics. They are at the door of the pharmacy Amicus RemedyRx, your one store. They are open 7 days a week and have a free 2-hour free Co-op parking.

10) Varsity Laboratory Services – Lab Services

Calgary Lab Services
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It is in the Varsity community in Calgary, Alberta just outside the Crowchild Trail NW. Their station is a 5-minute walk from Dalhousie C-Train station.

Their professional team of Medical Laboratory Assistants will collect your samples and perform any tests in their state-of-the-art art center. All collected samples are sent to the same laboratory authorized by their family physician for general use. Their family doctor will receive your results in the same way as if they were visiting Alberta Precision Laboratories (APL). The main difference is that they can avoid long waits.

11) TapLabs – Laboratory services

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In March 2017, Kelly Kuzel, CEO, and founder of TapLabs rushed to a Calgary laboratory to perform emergency services. When Kelly Kuzel arrived, he came across a list of more than 50 people. Blood Service work was sensitive and time-consuming, so Kelly Kuzel had no choice but to wait. As Kelly Kuzel sat in that crowded lab, he thought, “This is crazy. There should be a better way to provide lab services.”

Keen to know more about Varsity Lab Services providers in Calgary, please visit Varsity Lab Services.


And that concludes the list of the best Laboratory centers in Calgary! Whichever clinic you choose, you will still be able to access the best services in Calgary to monitor your health by the best doctor or healthcare provider including medical lab assistants with medical lab assistants’ notes. For each Calgary Lab Service, you have to book an appointment for healthcare services.

After a thorough examination and evaluation, the doctor may suggest ways to improve your habits. Another great way to improve your lifestyle and maintain good health is to purchase healthy product options at the best healthcare stores in Calgary.

The above-mentioned Labs are the best Calgary laboratory services providers including booking an appointment, Medical Laboratory assistants with medical lab assistants’ notes, Access lab services, Laboratory collection services, and medical testing are also available.

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