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Canada College Montreal: 10 Popular Courses

Accredited by the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement Supérieur, Canada College Montreal is a reputed educational institution serving students since 1976. It offers internationally branded study programs for students across the globe. This educational pillar of Montreal serves as a prominent place for social exchange.

Canada College Montreal offers modernized educational opportunities for national and international students. Since its establishment, it has been providing excellent language and technical courses. Students receive academic and professional support during their study period.

Some 20,000 students from 160 countries study here. Its teaching environment is rich with specialists and professional lecturers. There are 20 test centers with language programs in both English and French. Canada College Montreal has a high employment rate with great support.

It is located in the middle of Montreal with several educational and social amenities like museums, malls, eateries, and others. It has 12 specialized programs with scholarship facilities. This high school is an ideal platform for you to explore new professional destinations.

Top 10 Courses At Canada College Montreal

All the courses are divided into three broad categories:

We have sorted out the Top 10 Courses at Canada College Montreal according to market compatibility. Let’s check them out.

1. Database Administration (College Program)

Database Administration is a 2-year long program with one internship opportunity. Students learn database design, development, implementation, maintenance, and administration. The course covers SQL scripts, recovery, and other features of database querying.

It is a 915-hour long program that ranks among the best Canada College Montreal courses. Students get 255 hours of internship opportunities. Database administration course consists of the following subjects:

  • SQL programming
  • Web development techniques
  • Oracle Database platforms
  • Project management and networking

Database Administration has become a compulsory part of corporate business. As data and information are stored and recovered through computers, the role of a Database Administrator becomes vital. After completing the course, you can write business models and standards, lead data transmission teams, and administer database management systems.

2. Business Intelligence Analyst (College Program)

The information technology and communication sector provide impressive job opportunities for freshers. The Business Intelligence Analyst course at Canada College Montreal trains the students to explore the IT sector. It is a 2-year long course with an internship opportunity.

The course aims at creating students as computer analysts. Students learn the professional aspects of Business Intelligence Analysis and prepare for consulting firms, IT services, and entrepreneurial options. Some salient features of the course content are as follows:

  • Data warehouse, data storage, and data counter techniques.
  • Understanding of data integration.
  • Business intelligence projects.
  • Data access and analysis.

Canada College Montreal faculties use interactive and professional techniques to teach this course. Many students have successfully got placed as Business continuity analysts, MIS analysts, IT consultants, EDP verifiers, and Data processing consultants in reputed companies globally. The course is comprehensive stretched to 1350 hours of interactive learning. Subjects include Query and Reporting Tools, Database Server, e-commerce, and Data Integration Platforms.

3. Digital Content Creation (College Program)

Advertising agencies, media houses, multimedia production companies, and website development agencies rely on excellent digital content. Students inclined towards the creative aspect of the profession may opt for the Digital Content Creation course offered by Canada College Montreal. The course has 20 classes with 1365 hours and an internship opportunity.

The course is specially designed to cater to the requirements of the digital industry. The program offers students to learn about:

  • Videos creation and integration.
  • Images creation and adaptation.
  • Coordination of advertising.
  • Soundtracks creation and integration.
  • Understanding of different digital platforms.

During the program, students learn practically using various software related to digital content creation. You get specialized training on audio recording and mixing, video editing & postproduction, and image processing. The internship opportunity provides close interaction with the digital industry work culture.

After successfully completing the course at Canada College Montreal, students get placement assistance and join renowned companies. You can work as an advertising coordinator, communications specialist, advertising and promotions coordinator, and marketing coordinator. You can click here to find more about the admission and other related queries.

4. Business Administration & Commerce (College Program)

If you are planning to explore a career in administration, sales, accounting, and insurance, College Canada Montreal has a wonderful course for you. The Business Administration & Commerce Program aims at generating employment opportunities in finance, marketing, logistics, stock market, and business law. This 2-year course teaches students the professional attributes of basic accounting and financial markets.

The program covers subjects: international trade, business & globalization, transport logistics, accounting & finance, and IT tools. It has a satisfactory placement rate where 80% of students join public companies, SMEs, banks, insurance, and trading companies. You also get an internship opportunity to know about top management companies and their ethics.

After completing the course, you can start as a sales agent, administrative assistant, insurance and collection clerk, or accounting clerk. This program is designed to allow students to practice management concepts in business. The commerce aspect provides a broad understanding of accounting and finance in the corporate world.

5. Digital Marketing (College Program)

As social media and the internet have become essential in life, most companies use them as effective advertising tools. Digital marketing appears as a widely used advertising tool. The future is bright, and you can do a Digital Marketing program at Canada College Montreal .

Understanding the objectives of Digital Marketing, the course aims at:

  • Digital Content Integration
  • Copywriting and SEO
  • Online Business Development
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The course has an internship opportunity in Digital Marketing. This program offers students to learn PR skills, online marketing strategies, and content coordination on digital platforms. After successful completion, students can use business marketing tools in the advertising and multimedia industries.

Click here to learn more about the admission procedure and eligibility criteria.

6. Residential Real Estate Broker (Professional Training)

A residential real estate broker needs additional professional training to deal with buyers and sellers. Additional training for people aspiring to work in real estate opens multiple professional windows. If you are interested in a professional real estate career, Canada College Montreal has a Residential Real Estate Broker program for you.

Real Estate
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It’s a six-month course divided into two 15-week semesters. During the program, students learn professional aspects of the real estate industry with construction and brokerage properties. The program covers the following courses:

  • Fundamentals of real estate.
  • Real estate mathematics.
  • Brokerage contracts.
  • Construction ethics.

You will find immense support from the professional faculties during the program. Learn about the market value of the property, construction quality & standard, and different brokerage practices.  After successful completion, students prepare for a residential Real Estate Broker license exam. It offers around 80% of placement.

Click here to know more about the eligibility and admission procedure.

7. Web Design (Professional Training)

Aspiring web designers can enroll in the Web Design program at Canada College Montreal for adequate knowledge and skills. It’s a six-week program designed for students to become professionals in their field.

The program is based on the current web designing requirements. The courses include:

  • Introduction to HTML and CSS.
  • Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Illustrator.
  • Adobe Flash
  • SQL and PHP
  • WordPress development and designing

Creative people would find it exciting. You can register in this program without any prior requisite. Click here to know more about the program.

8.  Office Automation (Professional Training)

In the technological-driven business spectrum, the role of computers in data creation, collection, and storage has become vital. However, businesses cannot let computers do all the tasks alone. Here, the role of Office Automation surfaces. It is a technical work process.

Office Automation
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Here, different computer machinery and software work together to digitize the data. Office Automation professionals are in great demand. They design the whole data system for business processing.

The Office Automation program at Canada College Montreal offers proper knowledge of application software to find better opportunities. It is a four-month certificate course aims at skill development. The placement rate is 90%, and it is useful for students who aspire to work in services.

You get to learn MS Office, accounting and bookkeeping, computerized accounting, and Adobe packages. Click here to know more about the Office Automation course.

9. Automated Accounting (Corporate Training)

Corporate Training aims at the skill development of employees to match changing business needs. The different corporate training courses at Canada College Montreal help employees and employers to improve their professional skills. Automated Accounting is such a corporate training course that offers quick learning solutions to existing professionals.

If you are planning to hone your professional skills, Automated Accounting appears as a useful resource. It is a short-term course divided into 2 levels. It aims at bookkeeping, Quickbooks, and simple accounting. It is useful for accounting professionals. Click here to know more about it.

10. Corporate Courses

Corporate courses at Canada College Montreal combine a large number of professional computer-based programs for professionals. They enable students to maximize the use of software like Windows, MS Office, Excel, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint, Adobe, and accounting software.

Students learn the basics of office automation, including automated office settings. These courses are essential for professionals of different fields to have a basic idea of business software. Click here to get detailed information about the course.

Corporate Courses
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Local and international students exchange intellectual and cultural values at Canada College Montreal. Student support is magnificent, and you get world-class learning materials. All the courses are professionally designed with sure placement opportunities. Find a suitable program and explore new opportunities worldwide.

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