A picture of PM Justin Trudeau from the side. PM Justin Trudeau announced Canadian By-Elections this June 19. A picture of PM Justin Trudeau from the side. PM Justin Trudeau announced Canadian By-Elections this June 19.

Trudeau Unveils Plan for June By-Elections Across Canada

The official account of the Canadian Prime Minister went to Twitter to announce Canadian by-elections this June. These elections will be taking place on June 19, 2023.

Canada is a representative democracy. Everyone at least 18 years can participate in the electoral elections by casting their vote.

1. Eligibility for Voting

In Canada, people who are a minimum of 18 years on the day of the election are eligible to vote.

The places where they can vote are: Notre-Dame-de-Grâce-Westmount, Oxford, Winnipeg South Centre, and Portage-Lisgar are entitled to vote in their electoral district.

2. What Exactly Are By-Elections?

By-elections are conducted to fill any vacant seat in the House of Commons. These elections happen when any member of Parliament resigns or in case of sudden death.

Also, a by-election is only open to electors who are registered to vote in the constituency, and no party vote is allowed.

By-elections are called in the same way as general elections are.

If any seat in the House becomes vacant, then the Speaker of the House of Commons issues a warrant, which is known as Speaker’s warrant. They issue this warrant to the chief electoral under the Parliament of Canada Act.

A Twitter post by the CanadianPM page notifying about the announcement by PM Justin Trudeau that by-elections will be from 19th June.
Courtesy: Twitter

Any two members of the House of Commons issue the same warrant to the Chief Electoral Officer, in case of the absence of the Speaker.

By-elections are called if the seat is vacant nine months prior to the general elections. This is considered an exception under the Parliament of Canada Act and the seat will remain vacant till the general elections.

The Chief Electoral Officer issued the date of by-elections must fall between the 11th and 180th days after receiving the warrant from the Speaker or any other two members of the House of Commons.

The date for elections is then decided by the Governor in Council after the Chief Electoral Officer issues the writ; moreover, the date cannot be chosen earlier than 36 days or later than 50 days.

3. Places Where Elections Will Be Taking Place

These elections will take place in the following four electoral districts:

  • The first one is Notre-Dame-de-Grâce–Westmount in the Québec.
  • Second district is Oxford in Ontario.
  • Third one is Manitoba’s Portage-Lisgar.
  • And the last district is Winnipeg South Centre of Manitoba.

4. Justin Trudeau Informing about the Elections

Honorable Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau also tweeted about the same. He informed people when the elections were going to take place and when and mark their calendars accordingly.

A Twitter post by PM Justin Trudeau announcing the By-election date, on !9th June.
Courtesy: Twitter

He also told everyone to mark the date in their calendars for the same.

5. People’s Review

Netizens on Twitter shared a mixed reaction to this announcement.

One of them said,

How about a referendum to abolish our connection to the outdated Monarchy? Or do we have to wait for the hardcore Lizzy-fan boomers to die out first?

What do you think about the Canadian by-election; please provide your thoughts in the comments area.

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