Use your detective skills to play the clue solving adventure this may in Calgary, Canada. Use your detective skills to play the clue solving adventure this may in Calgary, Canada.

Embark on a Clue Solving Adventure in Calgary this May

A prankster has captured animals from the zoo and hidden them around in the city center and has left few hints for finding the hidden animals. Somebody out of all has to save them and help them escape from the prankster. So are you up to the task? Then you shouldn’t miss up on Calgary Clue Solving Adventure: Riotous Roundup to test your skills and abilities in this event, that’ll be taking place in Calgary’s Wink Lash and Skin Studio on 9th May 2023 and followed by multiple dates from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

1. Details Regarding the Calgary Clue Solving Adventure: Riotous Roundup

This event is played in teams. It is an immersive, clue-solving game that converts Calgary into an actual puzzle board, in which you’ll be the game pieces.

This is a clue-solving scavenger hunt and it’s your chance to traverse and grasp knowledge about Calgary. A team of yours will be trying to solve a given set of puzzles/clues. These clues will be sent to you using an app that you have to install on your mobile phone.

You can interact with nearby businesses, and visit your favourite spot in the town while solving puzzles and searching for the missing animals.

2. How It Works

  • You have to complete this before it starts getting dark, but you can start playing anytime you want.
  • Enter the email-id and the booking code, that you’ll receive, into the app as a booking confirmation.
  • Read your instructions and the background information at the start location that will be given to you in your confirmation of booking. As soon as you’ll enter ready, the clock will begin and you’ll have to start with the game.
  • Time penalties will be added if you take hints or suggestions if you’re stuck on a clue. The final score will be given after the deduction of penalties. You have to use them strategically to prove them worthy.
  • Solve all the clues and reach your final destination.

3. Requirements

A mobile phone should be fully charged.

Comfortable walking shoes should be preferred as it requires a lot of walking. Dress up accordingly and don’t forget to carry water.

Clue Solving Adventure
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash Copyrights 2020

4. Dates

This fun and adventurous event will be commencing on the 9th of May. This puzzle or clue-solving event is going to take place on a variety of dates. You can choose dates according to your schedule while purchasing tickets.

5. Timings

You can start this unforgettable task at 10:00 am or 4:00 pm.

6. Location

Wink Lash and Skin Studio will be the host for Calgary Clue Solving Adventure: Riotous Roundup.

7. Pricing

If you want to go to this riveting event, get your tickets right away from Fever, that’ll cost you somewhere around 64 bucks.

8. Age Requirements

Only persons above sixteen are allowed to experience this.

9. Duration

You will be given approximately one and a half hours to show your talent by completing this puzzle and reaching the final destination.

Visit FEVER to buy your tickets.

10. Experience this Amazing Calgary Clue Solving Adventure: Riotous Roundup

  • What: Calgary Clue Solving Adventure: Riotous Roundup
  • When: various times starting on 9th August 2023.
  • Where: Wink Lash and Skin Studio, Calgary.
  • Duration: 10 am and 4 pm.
  • Tickets: Rejoice in the fun you feel when solving clues by purchasing your tickets now on Fever.

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