A person pouring out beer in a beer glass. A person pouring out beer in a beer glass.

Be Part of the Enthralling Local Beer Tour in Toronto Today!

If you are keen to learn about the history of beer in Toronto, be ready for the exciting 4 hours of Toronto: Local Beer Tour available on various dates as well as time slots.

You can also explore the culture of the city through its pubs and breweries at Yonge St. and Front St.

1. About Local Beer Tour

Gear yourself up to dive into the fascinating beer history of Toronto!

Commence a thrilling tour through those iconic historic pubs that will allow you to experience the exceptional local brews.

Prepare for a rooted journey as your export guide shares enchanting tales of the influence and modulation beer has on this vibrant city.

Not only that but also explore the lively St. Lawrence market and the electrifying Distillery District.

Brace yourself for an adventure brimming with beer excitement, and unforgettable memories!

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1.1. Highlights

  • You can take a walk through the historical side of Toronto with that beer enthusiast guiding you and heaps of awaiting beer tastings.
  • Along with the suggestions of your expert tour guide, discover the magic of amazing beers that might be local and seasons.
  • Submerge yourself in the rich history and vibrant culture of Toronto as well mark your visit to the beautiful St. Lawrence market, and don’t forget to explore the revitalized Distillery District.

1.2. Location

This tour will start outside the Hockey Hall of Fame at the meeting point of Toronto’s Yonge St. and Front St.

1.3. Dates

The beer tour in Toronto will take place on different dates in the months of July, August, and September and this can be chosen by you while buying the tickets.

1.4. Duration

The event will start at 12:00 p.m. and the duration is 4 hours.

1.5. Age Requirement

Participants must be 19 years old or older than this to be part of this tour.

1.6. Additional Info

  • There is no access for people in wheelchairs.
  • A local guide with fluency in English is also included in the tour.
  • Get a chance to explore unique and historic pubs around the city. Enjoy a locally crafted beer at two pubs.
  • Extra drinks and food, tips for the guide, and admission to the Hockey Hall of Fame are a few things that are not allowed on the tour.

Toronto Beer Tour - Beer Makes History Better

  • The tour will take place whether it’s raining or clear so wear your clothes accordingly. Also, wear a compatible pair of shoes because a lot of walking will be included in the tour.
  • One small beer is included at the first two pubs. Upon visiting the last stop, you have to pay your own expenses. Additional drinks are also available at any place where the tour stops.
  • The tour guide/operator may change the route and locations of the tour according to convenience or by themselves.
  • At the beginning of the tour, a photo ID card needs to be given to their respective guides. All the people attending the tour will also need to provide their covid-19 vaccines certificate.

1.8. Tickets and Pricing

The tickets can be bought online from Fever.com which will cost you CA$88.50 for each individual who is 19+.

2. Take Part in the Fun Local Beer Tour in Toronto

  • What: Toronto’s Local Beer Tour.
  • Where: Outside Hockey Hall of Fame.
  • When: Many dates are available for the tour.
  • Timings: For 4 hours.
  • Tickets: These can be purchased from Fever.com.

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