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Coast Mountain College: 4 Key Facts to Know

A union of 5 regional campuses, Coast Mountain College is located in British Columbia, near the Great Bear Rainforest of Canada.

CMTN, or Coast Mountain College, was established in 1975. It is one of the best BC universities with the motivation to implant three core values for every student’s success.

To around 36 communities, the college provides pre-university programs with a wide scope in business, arts, science, and social services.

Coast Mountain College provides a diverse environment of education to all students. Their motive is to make education accessible to all. The students at CMTN are free to explore various courses, not only in class but in fields. Helping young people and celebrating diversity is one of the core aspects of Coast Mountain College.

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Here is everything you need to know about  Coast Mountain College;-

History & Origin

An authorized post-secondary institution, Coast Mountain College, formerly known as Northwest Community College (NWCC), serves the vibrant and diverse communities and students of beautiful northwest British Columbia.

Coast Mountain College, founded in Terrace, British Columbia, in 1975, has five regional campuses serving 34 communities, 21 First Nations communities. The college offers four campuses: Hazelton, Haida Gwaii, Smithers, Prince Rupert, and Terrace. Innovative programs that prepare students for long-lasting careers in the north.

Small class sizes, health and human services programs, online courses, university credit programs, trades foundation programs, and apprenticeship programs are all provided by CMTN. Beyond its campuses, Coast Mountain College also provides creative and adaptable mobile training.

To allow students to learn both inside the classroom and in the breathtaking outdoor spaces exclusive to this region of Canada, Coast Mountain College aspires to be the college of choice for experiential, place-based learning.

1. Campus

There are five campus locations of Coast Mountain College –

  1. Terrace campus
  2. Prince Rupert
  3. Smithers
  4. Hazelton
  5. Haida Gwaii

2. Campus Services

The Coast Mountain College has beautiful campus spaces to give exposure to students with a standard and safe academic environment.

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3. Campus stores

Coast Mountain College Campus stores are exclusive to the students of the college. All the items in the store are sold at the discounted price of 30% – 50%.

The store contains a limited stock of all the items required for students, including stationery, digital textbooks, merchandise, bags, and bottles.

4. Café and Catering

The campus provides students with cafes and catering services. Hygiene and quality are a priority at Coast Mountain College.

Various events occur in the cafeteria, with a complete list of menus for special occasions. Students enjoy their coffee while working on their assignments in the cafeteria.

5. Health and Wellness

The college looks after the mental well as physical wellness of the students.

The college campus itself renders psychological counseling services. The services are free of cost and completely digitalized.

Transformative: The students’ lives are truly transformed when there is a culture of learning. The growth comes with learning new ideas, helping people in new ways, solving problems, and making the environment adaptable to change.

Integrity: The adventure and transformation come when we provide inclusive education to children. One of the core values that can not be done away with is integrity. Integrity leads to good understanding, good listening, and communicating our intentions more precisely.

Also, Gyms are provided by the terrace campus, with all modern-day equipment. Trekking and Camping are also a part of physical wellness. A dental plan and medical assurance are also available.

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6. Accommodation

The housing facility of Coast Mountain College includes quad-style, triple-style, and single-seater bedrooms with a kitchen and an open space on every floor.

There are many off-campus accommodations that CMTN recommends for students. You can check out all the off-campus recommendations from the college website.

7. Programs and  Courses

CMTN provides many innovative programs of bachelor’s degrees, associate degrees, and specialized courses in Arts, Business, Science, Trade, Health, and Social Services.

7.1 Arts

  • Basic Bachelor of Arts. – 2 years
  • Associate degree in Arts – 2 years
  • Archeological and Cultural Resource Management – 2 years
  • Specialization in Criminology- 2 years
  • First Nations Fine Art and Specializations- 2 years
  • Sustainable Communities Specialization- 2 years

7.2 Business

  • Business Administration Certificate – 2 years
  • Business Administration Diploma- Accounting – 2 years
  • Business Administration – General Management – 2 years
  • Business Administration Diploma – HR -2 years
  • Post-Degree Diploma Business – 2 years
  • Public Administration – 2 years

The Business courses are designed according to the High University Programs.

7.3 Health and Human Services Programs

  • Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing – 4 years
  • Access to Practical Nursing- Fall
  • Health Care Assistance – 29 Weeks
  • Early Childhood Care and Education – 2 years
  • Education Assistance – 1 year
  • Social Service Worker Certificate – 1 year
  • Social Service Worker Diploma – 2 years

7.4 Science Programs

  • Associate of Science – 2 years
  • Associate of Science – General Studies – 2 years
  • Environment Geoscience Specialization – 2 years
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8. Trade Skills

  • Aircraft Maintenance Technician – 2 years
  • Automotive Service Technical Foundation – 30 weeks
  • Carpentry Foundation – 24 weeks
  • Cosmetology Diploma of Trades – 2 years
  • Electrical Foundation – 24 weeks
  • Esthetics – 26 weeks
  • Hairdressing Foundation – 43 weeks
  • Heavy Mechanical Foundation – 36 weeks
  • Millwright Foundation – 24 weeks
  • Nail Technician Certificate – 16 weeks
  • Parts and Warehousing Foundation- 21 weeks
  • Welding Foundation – 28 weeks
  • West Coast Culinary Diploma – 2 years

9. Freda Diesing School- A Northwest Community College

A unique Course exclusive to Coast Mountain to study the traditional art of the first nations Art and Northwest Coast Art.

The Freda Diesing School is a Northwest Community College specifically prepared for indigenous students of British Columbia to understand and gain knowledge about northern-style first nations culture and traditions.

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10. How to Apply

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10.1 For Indigenous Students

The admission is based on a First qualified, First admitted basis. Some programs are restricted to students above 18 years of age only.

  1. Contact the Educational Advisor to discuss the courses you prefer to opt for.
  2. Keep an eye on the application deadlines.
  3. To submit your mark sheets and transcripts, email
  4. Ensure all your documents are nicely titled and have a complete mention of personal information to ease the process.
  5. When you submit all the documents required, you will receive a notification from the college for your successful submission of documentation.
  6. Wait for the acceptance letter from the CMTN.

10.2 For International Students

  1. English Language Certification is required.
  2.  Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and math are necessary for technical courses. 
  3. Contact an International Advisor for the course you desire to opt for.
  4. Apply for your desired course.
  5. After Applying, submit the non-refundable application fee of $100.
  6. To submit your documentation, send an email to
  7. You must also submit all the official transcripts in a sealed envelope with proper seals and signatures.
  8. Wait for the conditional letter of acceptance.
  9. Submission of the study permit.

Closing Thoughts

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Frequently Asked Question

1. Is Coast Mountain College accredited?

The vibrant and diverse communities and students of the stunning northwest of British Columbia are served by Coast Mountain College. This accredited post-secondary institution was formerly known as Northwest Community College (NWCC).

2. Is Coast Mountain College Public or private?

Previously northwest community college, mountain college offers diverse college access and online programs to all rich and diverse communities.

One of the best bc post-secondary institutions, an accredited, publicly-funded post-secondary educational institution, coast mountain college aims to provide education to the northwest communities of British Columbia.

An accredited, publicly-funded post-secondary educational institution, Coast Mountain College (CMTN) provides education to the northwest communities of British Columbia.

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