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Icy Canada Team
Icy Canada Team
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If you’ve been asking what’s the best internet service for you or which tenant insurance you should take, you aren’t alone. Whether you’re moving to Canada or relocating to a new province or place, you are probably looking for new services and products. Don’t worry – I have got just the right recommendations for you.

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Finding the right Mobility Provider

Want to get a phone network that’s always available, even when you are outside city limits?  I recommend Koodo. Bonus: Get up to $50 when you sign up with this link till Feb 14.

Want to save money? I recommend Freedom Mobile. Bonus: Get $25 when you sign up with this link! That’s a great choice if you’re working from home and rarely have to move outside the city. 

Finding the right Internet Service

Want to get the best internet? We recommend Telus simply because of its awesome upload speeds. You get a $50 credit when you apply to Telus from this link. 

Finding the Best Tenant insurance

You will probably find tons of insurance quotes. I don’t recommend going for tenant insurance from traditional banks – they are going to cost you more. From what I’ve seen, none beats Square One insurance rates. It’s probably the cheapest you’ll find.

Soubhik, a Vancouver resident, recommends the services above.

Note: Icy Canada puts up resources you want every day to make your life more meaningful. This resource guide is just one example of that. We may receive a small commission for every service/product that you end up buying after clicking one on one of these links. Additionally, please note that clicking on any of the services take you to the particular company page, where you may be asked your personal information to sign up for the product/service.

While we aim to keep the list updated, please note that offers may expire from time to time. Icy Canada isn’t responsible for the same.


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