A close-up of a wooden wheel, a highlight from the Vancouver Maritime Museum. A close-up of a wooden wheel, a highlight from the Vancouver Maritime Museum.

Discover the Best of the Vancouver Maritime Museum!

If you’re into gathering information about the “relationship” that we humans share with the sea, then Vancouver Maritime Museum in Vancouver is just the right spot to hit.

It opens from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day of the week except Monday and you can buy the tickets for the museum from Fever.

1. About the Vancouver Maritime Museum

The Vancouver Maritime Museum gives you an experience that connects the future with the past. This place has been telling a tale, for over sixty years, of the Pacific Northwest and the Arctic.

The Vancouver Maritime Museum Society is a non-profitable organization and it’s a member of the CMA, CHIN, and the Virtual Museum of Canada.

Further, this museum creates a sense of connection and community by inviting a wide range of speakers who contribute their ideas. It also encourages a sense of shared belonging.

Vancouver Maritime Museum

Visitors are also invited to participate in programs that are based on the life and witness the exhibitions.

The RCMP Vessel St. Roch is a National Historic Site and is housed in an outstanding mid-century modern A-frame shelter. This is amongst the top popular displays of this museum.

Overall, a visit here is surely going to inspire everyone to realize the beauty of the human relationship with water.

1.1. Vision

The vision of this very place is to be transformed by the means of innovation and variety.

1.2. Mission

To inspire learning about marine cultures and industries.

They also want to highlight the journeys that are associated with the past, present, and future of the Pacific Northwest and Arctic.

1.3. Values

  • The story of this great place is, of course, inspired by waterways and oceans and collections and archives, that you find here, are openly accessible to the public.
  • Teamwork: collaboration with a variety of people encourages meaningful relationships.
  • Equity, diversity and inclusion are the main basis of this museum where everyone should be able to see themselves.
  • Relevance: they adapt to their surroundings.

2. Vancouver Maritime Museum: A Place for Sea Lovers

You can explore the vast collection of maritime art and retired vessels.

You’ll also find a library to look for some good books and archives. Don’t miss seeing those great models of ships.

A view of highlights from Vancouver Maritime Museum with Canada flags placed on the boundary and people dining alongside within the boundary.
Source: FEVER

2.1. Highlights of the Exhibition

  • You can try climbing the historic St. Roch and visit the extensive galleries with models of ships.
  • The museum has a great collection of maritime art and a library featuring historic archives; also allows your children to explore and learn about the ocean and history at the Children’s Maritime Discovery Center.

2.2. Tickets and Pricing

The tickets are divided into four categories, from which you can choose accordingly while buying tickets from Fever.

  • The first one is youth, which includes people from 6 to 18. The cost of their ticket is CA$10.50.
  • The second category is seniors, including 65 and older, and their cost is CA$12.00.
  • For students, the price of the tickets is the same as that of seniors, which is CA$12.00.
  • The last one is adult, which has people from 19 to 64, and the pricing for them is CA$14.50.

Also, children who are 5 years of age or younger can enter free of charge, accompanied by an adult, senior, or student ticket.

Hurry, purchase your tickets from feverup.com now!

3. Experience the Best Nautical Exhibition at Vancouver Maritime Museum

  • What: The Iconic Maritime Museum in Vancouver.
  • When: All days from Tuesday to Sunday (except Monday is closed).
  • Where: It is located at Vancouver’s Ogden Avenue.
  • Timings: 10 a.m.to 5 p.m.
  • Accessibility: This whole experience can be accessed while being in a wheelchair.
  • Tickets: You can buy your tickets online at Fever.

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