Enjoy the Live Music of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons in Oshawa! Enjoy the Live Music of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons in Oshawa!

Enjoy the Live Music of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons in Oshawa!

Close your eyes and imagine yourself surrounded by the enchanting melodies of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, as they fill the air and lift your spirits.

You can make this absolute dream into a reality by attending Candlelight: Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, a spectacular concert that will take place at The Biltmore Theatre [39 King Street East, Oshawa, L1H 1B2] on various dates including November 22nd, Wednesday at 6:30 PM sharp.

Don’t wait any longer – secure your tickets today and prepare to be astounded by the beauty of Vivaldi’s music and the magic of candlelight!

What to Expect at Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Concert by Candlelight?

The Candlelight: Vivaldi’s Four Seasons is a one-hour performance that will feature the Listeso String Quartet, a group of musicians, with a rich history of performing in prestigious venues and festivals worldwide.

They will showcase some of Antonio Vivaldi’s cherished compositions including his famous violin concertos known as ‘The Four Seasons’.

Candlelight: Vivaldi's Four Seasons
Source: Fever

But that’s not all! Besides the iconic ‘Four Seasons,’ the concert will take you on a musical journey through compositions by not only Vivaldi but also other virtuos like Jules Massenet, Max Richter & Astor Piazzolla.

For a detailed program of what to expect, you can peruse the tentative schedule [here].

The Time & Place of Candlelight: Vivaldi’s Four Seasons

Candlelight Vivaldi’s Four Seasons will take place on various dates including the 22nd November 2023 at The Biltmore Theatre which is located at 39 King Street East, Oshawa, L1H 1B2 and you can get there by taking public transport or driving – pretty convenient, right?

The concert is going to be about 60 minutes long and there won’t be any breaks, with the doors opening 45 minutes before the start time and late entry is strictly not permitted!

Best Way to Buy Tickets for Candlelight: Vivaldi’s Four Seasons

If you’re thinking about going to Candlelight: Vivaldi’s Four Seasons you can grab your ticket from FEVER – the official provider for this awesome event.

FEVER is the place to score exclusive access to the coolest events and experiences in your city!

To snag your tickets from FEVER you can either visit their website or get their app. Once you are there you can pick the date & time that suits you best and choose where you wanna sit.

Also, the seats at the venue are assigned on a first-come & first-served basis in each zone, so make sure to reach the concert on time to grab the best seats.

Now let’s talk about the price of the tickets, the ticket prices go like this:-

  • Zone A: $50
  • Zone B: $43
  • Zone C: $37
  • Zone D: $25

And guess what? Those prices cover everything, so no surprises. Plus, you can grab a gift card for your friends & family!

Additional Details to Know about the Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Concert

Before you dive into the world of Candlelight: Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, there are a few important things you need to know:-

  • The minimum age requirement for this enchanting event is set at 8 years and older and those who are under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult!
  • Good news! This place is all set up for folks with reduced mobility, so everyone can enjoy the show.
Candlelight Concert | Vivaldi - "Summer" The Four Seasons
  • Thinking about going all out with your crew? If you’ve got 15 or more people, you can book your very own private concert.

Enjoy a Night of Classical Music and Romance in Oshawa

  • What – Candlelight: Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.
  • Where – At the Biltmore Theatre, located at Oshawa’s 39 King Street East.
  • When – Various dates to choose from including 22nd of November.
  • Duration – 60 minutes.
  • Timings – 6:30 PM.
  • Tickets – Grab your tickets on FEVER!

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