A picture of Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau smiling. Justin Trudeau's Heartwarming Tweet on Mother's Day! A picture of Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau smiling. Justin Trudeau's Heartwarming Tweet on Mother's Day!

Justin Trudeau’s Touching Mother’s Day Message: A Heartfelt Tweet

We wish every super mom Happy Mother’s Day out there. Without our mothers, we are nothing. Enjoy and spend this one day with your super mom.

Gift them their favourite things and remind them that they are loved; also read the blog to know more about what the Canadian Prime Minister said on this day.

1. Mother’s Day Wish from Canadian PM

On 14th May, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau posted a special tweet for his mom Margaret Joan Trudeau and his wife Sophie Gregoire Trudeau on the occasion of Mother’s Day. On International Mother’s Day, he took to Twitter to wish his mother, wife, and moms out there and tweeted,

“To all of the moms out there: I hope you can spend this day with your loved ones. To my own mom, and to Sophie: You are two of the strongest, bravest, and greatest people we know. The kids and I love you both so much. Happy Mother’s Day!

He also attached pictures of him with his wife, kids, and his mother. 

A Twitter post by PM Justin Trudeau expressing greetings for Mother's Day to his mother, his wife and to all moms. A Justin Trudeau's Heartwarming Tweet on Mother's Day.
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In fact, on this special day, don’t we all love to share our mothers’ pictures with all the love we have for them?

And to see the PM sharing pictures of him with the women of his life is such an endearing moment. 

2. Know More about PM’s Mother Margaret Joan Trudeau

PM Justin Trudeau’s mother Margaret Joan Trudeau is a Canadian activist who married her ex-late husband Pierre Trudeau.

Moreover, he was the 15th prime minister of Canada and has three children, they are Justin Trudeau, Alexandre Trudeau, and the late Michael Trudeau.

Moreover, Justin Trudeau was born on December 25, 1971, and was also the elder sibling among the three of them.

Margaret Trudeau advocates for people with bipolar disorder and also worked for the community who had bipolar disorder to improve their situation in society.

Also, she is a part of the Canadian Mental Health Association and her effort helped to reduce the stigma it had around it.

Moreover, she was a part of WaterAid Canada to combat and help poor communities. The initiative is to build sustainable water supply and sanitation services.

Margaret Trudeau won an award for her immense work towards the cause of mental illness.

3. Know More about PM’s Wife Sophie Gregoire Trudeau

PM’s wife Sophie Gregoire Trudeau was a Canadian television host. Also, she is a part of many noble causes such as social work, environment, charity, etc.

Moreover, she has three children with Justin Trudeau. They are Ella Grace Margaret Trudeau, Xaviers James Trudeau, and Hardien Trideau.

She volunteers in Canadian charities and Ngo works. She also works toward the cause of eating disorders, at-risk pregnant mothers, the Canadian Cancer Society, WaterCan, and much more.

As the national ambassador of the, “Because I am a Girl” cause, she volunteers to help women and children who deal with domestic violence.

In fact, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addressed all moms out there to wish them Mother’s Day.

We also hope the day was full of endearing moments with your mom and loved ones.

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