Toronto skyline with CN Tower and waterfront. Toronto skyline with CN Tower and waterfront.

Enjoy the Spectacular Skyline in Toronto: 11 Best Ways to Know

Here you will get to know about the best places to view the skyline of Toronto. I hope the article puts a zeal inside you to embark on a journey to explore these beautiful locations.

Let’s look at the dynamic and beautiful hidden places of Toronto, which give tourists a mesmerizing experience that they have never seen before. And the beauty for which Toronto is known.

Toronto is known for its cultural richness, economic significance, and welcoming atmosphere. Let’s start a new journey towards Toronto and look at the best places to enjoy the mesmerizing beauty in the sky above the magnificent city of Toronto.

Ways to View the Skyline

Whether living in Toronto or anywhere in the country, you must have to plan to visit these beautiful places.

As it completely offers a different experience. That contrasts with the places in Toronto City, where all the skyscrapers look dwarfed in front of the freestanding CN Tower.

And it’s sure that after listening to such top locations, it will be difficult for you to resist the desire to explore the Toronto skyline.

1. Toronto Island Ferry

Toronto Island Ferry Trip | Things to do in Toronto, Canada

If you go to the Toronto Island ferry, you will find a fantastic skyline view of the city. Crossing the water to the Toronto Islands will provide you with an appealing experience of the downtown skyline.

The ferry features iconic landmarks like the CN Tower and the skyscrapers that define Toronto’s cityscape. It becomes more beautiful, especially during sunset. Make sure to check out their schedule.

2. Riverdale Park East

Riverdale Park East / Broadview Avenue /Toronto / May 2023 #riverdale #park #toronto  #spring2023

Riverdale Park provides an exquisite vantage point for a skyline city view. It also has a large park near Don River between Cabbagetown and Broadview Avenue in Riverdale.

This Park also has soccer and baseball fields. Attached is a running track and an outdoor Hockey Pad. And just because of this, people come here to enjoy a picnic in their leisure time.

This only makes the surroundings more lively. This excites people for Riverdale Park East, the most preferred Park in Toronto.

The Riverdale Park East is a popular spot for both locals and visitors. The buildings appear to have been beautified when they are painted with the colours of sunset and sunrise.

3. Humber Bay

Humber Bay
Source- Depositphotos

Humber Bay Park in Toronto, particularly known as the Humber Bay shores area, will provide you with a captivating skyline view.

Facing Lake Ontario, you can have the never-forgetting experience while looking at the CN Tower and sipping cold coffee with your loved ones. Located near the mouth of Mimico Creek, vivid biodiversity becomes an open secret.

The Park’s waterfront location magnifies the beauty, making it a famous spot for locals and visitors seeking a serene scenic place to admire Toronto’s iconic skyline from a distance. As the sun goes down, you will catch the shimmering skyscrapers mirrored in Lake Ontario.

4. CN Tower

Witness an unparalleled skyline view of the city from CN Tower. As one of the tallest freestanding structures, the gigantic CN Tower will allow you to see the city far and wide. Visitors can experience breathtaking views of the skyline, Lake Ontario, and even the subtle view of the neighbouring cities.

As you reach the heights, the garrulous winds will accompany you and whisper an unforgettable memory. Viewing the scenery from the CN Tower after riding up over it is an adventure you must take. As the clouds roll, the shades of the sky are enriched with the glitter of the light coming from the setting sun. 

CN Tower
Source- Depositphotos

During New Year, you can choose to celebrate at CN Tower, where a Canadian-inspired menu is served by Chef Angel Selvilla. Check their holiday hours before visiting. You can make an online booking right now sitting at your home, aspiring for something exciting and overwhelming.

Being the sentinel of modernity, the CN Tower pierces the sky to make you reach above all the hustle and bustle in the city. It is on the dream list of many people who love travelling. Hence, you can’t afford to miss this place.

5. Billy Bishop

Unleash the grandeur at Billy Bishop Airport, Toronto; that doesn’t mean you will go inside and have it. The flights that take off and land here will make the view possible. The sky bird view gives the best angle.

A blend of urban culture and elegance, get the view you will embrace in your gallery. Located on Toronto Island, it connects people with people. Billy Bishop Airport is known for its profound travel experience. 

5.1. Sustainable Practices at The Airport

Billy Bishop Airport
Screenshot taken from the official site: Billy Bishop Airport

The airport is striving towards sticking to sustainable goals and finding the efficient best practices when it comes to electricity consumption.

No matter whether you are going for a meeting somewhere or just thought of taking a break, Its easy-to-access location will take away all your worries. It will let you reach where you need to, at the same time, will unfold Toronto City’s vastness

6. Chester Hill Lookout

Stand over the bridge at Chester Hill Lookout and witness nature unfolding its adventures before your eyes. The rolling hills surmount the location. The greens seem to be stretching till eternity. Once the horizon is seen, all you will do is embrace the beauty.

The gentle winds will make you feel more alive and instill zeal to discover more about life. It is the canvas where the magic of the landscape comes alive and spreads its charisma all over. 


Chester Hill Lookout is like a pool of wonders in the bustling city. The view comes from the west of the best part of the city. The blue sky contrasting with the greenery on the ground creates the perfect backdrop for a lovable collaboration.

You may plan a picnic with your friends or family and enjoy it even more. If you are fond of nature’s beauty, this place in Toronto is definitely for you.

7. Woodbine Beach Park Boardwalk

It is a popular destination for picnics. The Broadwalk at Woodbine Beach Park is a sensory journey where you will unravel the waves that will brush your feet. The wisps of beach grass, subtle dunes, and an eternal sea view create an adorning location to watch the skyline. 

The air with the small hints of salt and the stretch to meet the horizon will leave you in complete awe. The Boardwalk bridge becomes a door to calming hues as you climb and stroll. Get here for the best and most wonderful sunset skyline views as you sit and sip lemonade amidst nature.

Woodbine Beach Park Boardwalk
Source- Depositphotos

7.1. Facilities at the Woodline Beach Park

Enjoy sunbathing and swimming in a secure place with lifeguards and security. There is Summerville Outdoor Olympic Pool nearby to get you an overall experience.

The recent renovation ensures visitors get tidy washrooms, patios, change rooms, water bottle filling spots, and a shower with a foot wash.

8. Kingston Market Parking Garage

Friday Night Downtown Toronto Summer Walk (2023)

From the heights of Kingston’s Market Parking Garage, the urban landscape unfolds the view of rooftops and city streets, and for that, you need to climb over a building. The sky above, bathed in nature’s colours, reminds you of the shifting sunlight. The city’s sound and architectural intricacies come together.

As you look for the horizon, Toronto’s heartbeat fuses with the boundless sky. It has various parking lots with various parking limits. Hence, you don’t need to worry much before taking a stroll with your camera.

It is an awesome spot to visit with your soulmates and have fun while laughter spreads.

9. Polson Pier

#nikonsocial – Polson Pier, Toronto

Against the backdrop of Lake Toronto, Polson Pier highlights the captivating view of the skyline. It is a little to the east of the city.

This is one of the classic spots that provides an unforgettable experience. It gives you an unobstructed view of the Toronto City in Canada. 

When you go in summer, you will find seagulls flying over the serene water as the reflections of the building create an adorable view. It has a small park, a beach, and various entertainment options. It is always breathtaking to see the skyline from here.

This place is worth travelling for to explore the beauty of nature and the hidden visceral sensations of Toronto. Click pictures and make a memory with your soulmates worth remembering.

10. Stackt Market

Stackt Market
Screenshot taken from the official site: Stackt Market

Witness the hospitality and experience the urban culture that thrives in Toronto. The scenery gives you an amazing skyline view as you discover the subtle details of the busy city.

The markets here are engulfed in culture. After all, it is North America’s largest shipping container market.

The stunning views of the downtown core and the Toronto Skyline are much adored here, whether on a clear day or a cloudy one.

11. Don Valley Parkway

DVP Toronto    ||    Don Valley Parkway    ||    Drone Shots in 4K

Located within the heart of Toronto, being the largest urban Park hidden in Toronto, Don Valley Parkway offers scenic lush greenery of the Don Valley.

The winding trails invite exploration. The glimpse of the city peeks through the trees. The Don River flows gently, adding soothing music to nature. 

It is a tuneful blend of urban and natural beauty and heaven for those seeking respite from the busy city life. As you drive with your favourite music in the car, you will find the undiscovered treasure of the city.

You can even plan a long drive to look at the untapped beauty of Toronto City. The setting sun spreads colours that are evenly seen in the sky. 

Music plus driving while looking at the sky will keep you mesmerized.

In The End

Skyline of Toronto
Image Source- Pixabay

At last, Toronto is a modern city blending nature and skyscrapers. If you are living there, there is a chance that you will miss out on having its complete look through various locations that will not only leave you as an adorer of the city but also make you a photographer.

That is why don’t forget to carry your camera while visiting these places, and if you are a writer seeking inspiration, this will be an awesome idea to write with new zeal and inspiration.

The busy city becomes serene once you reach there and enjoy the undiscovered and unparalleled view of the skyline.


1. What are some things to do in Downtown Toronto?

Downtown Toronto offers diverse activities. Experience the CN Tower’s panoramic views and Kensington Market’s phenomenal art at the Royal Ontario Museum.

A ferry ride to the Toronto Islands provides a scenic escape.

2. Which Park shows the Toronto skyline?

Humber Bay Park offers unobstructed opportunities to have skyline views of Toronto.

3. Is there any vantage point that offers a good view without being too expensive?

Catch the late ferry from the foot of Bay Street for unparalleled Toronto skyline views from the Islands, open late.

The last ferry returns around midnight, offering a superior experience to the tower’s top.

4. What are the best new places to see in Toronto?

Visit the Toronto Islands for a unique view—an affordable ferry from the downtown Harbourfront. The afternoon is ideal for walks, biking, and stunning skyline views.

Sunset enhances the beauty, making it a perfect time to explore. In summer, Centreville offers a delightful small-scale theme park experience for kids.

5. What is the #1 attraction in Toronto?

Without a doubt, the CN Tower.

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