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Hidden Valley Resort and Its 5 Interesting Things To Know

Much like its name suggests, the Hidden Valley Resort is one of the hidden gems that Canada has. What makes it even more remarkable is that it, in Muskoka, is the only lakeside and seaside Resort. This is one of the reasons why people love to visit it and if you haven’t already, you should!

All those who love adventure and get a high out of the adrenaline rush must go to the Hidden Valley Resort to explore all the winter activities they offer. They have activities like on-site skiing, skating, tobogganing, and a list of more things. They urge people to experience and make the most of the winter season.

The Ascend Hotel Collections, Hidden Valley Resort, offers free cancellation, free wifi, and free parking. This resort has a very laid-back atmosphere. There are many registered trademarks.

The property’s food, country club, Expedia group company, convention center, Algonquin Park, Muskoka heritage place, seven outdoor galleries, Arrowhead provincial park, and more such places are just waiting to be explored.

Through the course of this article, you will be enlightened with the hidden facts about the Hidden Valley Resort. It will tell you all you need to know about your stay there so that it is easier for you to decide on visiting this beautiful place.

Hiden Valley Resort Huntsville Ontario

1. Ascend Hotel Collection Member- Hidden Valley Resort 

On the very shores of Peninsula Lake sits a beautiful resort called the Hidden Valley Resort. The Hidden Valley Resort is also known as the Hidden Ascend and Valley Resort Ascend Hotel that falls under the resort ascend hotel collection. One of the fascinating facts about this resort is that it is an Ascend Hotel Collection Member, which indeed is something to be proud of. This makes it the best stay one can find in Huntsville.

The Hidden Valley Resort of the Ascend Hotel Collection is most definitely a go-to for people coming from far and near, especially for those who love adventure and exploration. With boat rentals and on-site restaurants, the charm of the Hidden Valley Resort increases tenfold and makes it a beautiful scenic place to spend time in. Hidden Valley Resort is going to help you with that adrenaline rush.

With a private sandy beach that makes every visitor’s stay very comfortable and personal, to the indoor heated pools that work as an escape from the cold, harsh, pinching winters and the fitness center, every bit of the Hidden Valley Resort of the Ascend Hotel Collection seems heavenly. They prioritize the people’s experience and make sure they take in and explore every last bit of the Hidden Valley Resort.

The Hidden Valley Resort of Ascend Hotel Collection has Huntsville accommodations that have exceptional characteristics. Their Ski Area in the Hidden Valley Highlands is known for offering three lifts and 15 powdery trails that encourage more and more people to join them in fun and stay at the beautiful Hidden Valley Resort of the Ascend Hotel Collection.

Hotel Collection 

Woving several hotels together into a beautiful design are what a collection of hotels stands for. These hotels can or cannot be limited to a particular area depending on the reach of such a collection.

Winter Drone Shot
Image from Hidden Valley Resort website

Falling under the same umbrella makes these hotels a part of the same community—a community with shared beliefs, values, and manner of working. The hidden valley resort of the Ascend hotel collection is one such part of a Hotel Collection.

About Ascend Hotel Collection

The Ascend Hotel Collection is a collection of boutique, exceptional, and highly historic hotels in their form. Emphasizing the same, the Ascend Hotel Collection is all of these qualities and more. There is more to them than what meets the eye, and that’s what makes them stand out.

The Ascend Hotel Collection is not limited to a particular place, and they spread across a long and wide area. “From Sydney to Stockholm and Napa to New Orleans,” they strive hard to make sure you have a home away from home no matter how far away you are from your comfortable hometown. All you need to do is a dream, and the Ascend Hotel Collection works towards making it a reality for you.

Woven into the beautiful culture and history of the fabric of their very community, the Ascend Hotel Collection offers a beautifully knit cloth as a result. The designs of this piece of clothing depict the art and amenities of their being beautifully well.

This, however, is not even their greatest specialty; they prioritize helping people explore the diversity of this place and find beauty in the same among people who stay united, nonetheless.

2. Safe Travel Stamp

The Hotel Valley Resort has been honored with the “Safe Travel Stamp,” which in itself is a victory and speaks volumes about their fantastic service. This Stamp is an international symbol that has been designed specifically to allow travelers the opportunity to recognize governments and companies all around the world that are intended for their taste and those that follow complete safety measures.

These chosen governments and companies are awarded this stamp because they have adopted both health and hygiene as standardized protocols, making the consumers’ experience for travel both safe and sound. This encourages people’s faith in the Hidden Valley Resort, and rightfully so, the Hidden Valley has proven its claim to be the best in the business time and again.

The Hidden Valley Resort has come to the rescue of all the families searching for a safe space for them to spend quality time and enjoy their stay in Muskoka. The Hidden Valley Resort was built in the late 1960s that means it has completed 62 years in the business and has maintained its position as the top resort in Muskoka for all that it is.

The thousands of happy customers are a beautiful example of the convenience and comfort one feels during their stay in the Hidden Valley Resort. With a full-service dining room, they are not only the perfect place for a family vacay but it’s also considered to be a fantastic wedding destination by several people. It is adjacent to the Hidden Valley Highlands Ski Club, which offers something to the guests that the rest of the resorts don’t.

3. Indoor and Outdoor Pool

Outdoor Pool
Image from Hidden Valley Resort website

Offering their guests a culmination of both indoor and outdoor pool, the hidden valley resort of the Ascend Hotel collection continues to accommodate the needs of each of their guests by putting them on a pedestal and being understanding of every one of their needs. The resort provides its guests with heated indoor pools for comfort and convenience.

Everything is included in the resort fee, from a private beach to the hot tub, and it’s important to point out that the hidden valley resort property accepts credit cards at checkouts. The seasonal outdoor pool stands relatively high on the guest reviews.

Outdoor pools are well kept and regularly cleaned for safety and hygiene purposes. Swimming in an outdoor pool is entirely different from swimming indoors. Therefore the diversity and subjectivity of guests are kept in mind. The indoor heated pools give the guests the option of choosing the kind of experience they want to have.

4. Only Ski Resort In Muskoka 

Huntsville Hidden Valley Ski Resort March 2015 - Part 1

Apart from being awarded the Safe Travel Stamp, the Hidden valley resort is also the only ski resort in Muskoka, making it twice as unique. Skiing is one sport that people should most definitely experience, and if given a chance to do so in Muskoka, it’s just a cherry on the top of the property hidden valley resort has.

The kind of stay it has to offer to all its guests cannot be compared to the rest of the resorts since it’s indeed exceptional. It’s right next to the Hidden Valley Ski Hill, making it very convenient for the guests to explore this support and experience it in its truest form. Snowmobiling, Cross Country Skiing, Dog sledding, Ice Fishing, and many more activities are offered in this Hidden Valley Ski Highland apart from the seasonal pool.

Anyone traveling across many kilometers to Muskoka would most definitely be looking forward to skiing as that is one of its traditional and local experiences, and as the only resort which offers that, the Hidden Valley Resort becomes hard to resist.

The Ski season in Muskoka starts on the 15th of December, and they offer packages to their guests that give them the option to choose according to their preference and customize the plans according to their time and money. Snowboarding also comes hand in hand with skiing that adds to the experience, and elevates it.

5. Adventurous Water Sports

The winter season and its pinching cold are unknown to anyone, especially in Muskoka. Even in this harsh weather, the Hidden Valley Ski resort is open for all three sports, cross country skiing, snowboarding and downhill. Moreover, there is a fitness center and a meeting room for the guests to feel at home.

Not only does it have a 100-room four-star resort hotel to stay in, but the Hidden Valley Resort also boasts two pools both indoors as well as outdoors. The indoor pool is heated and offers the guests comfort, while the outdoor pool is for those who want to take in nature for what it is.

There is a value-priced restaurant named Birches that focuses on creativity and an expansive sandy beachfront. There is also a variety of water sports on the lake, inclusive of windsurfing, canoeing, kayaking, pedal boats, and swimming. There are also tennis courts, beach volleyball, and horseshoe pits that might interest most of the guests and readership.


During the Winter season, the Hidden Valley Resort is always brimming with many families who wish to spend time together in peace. What motivates them to stay and might be of interest to the readers is that the activities they offer to experience are included in their stay, which makes it easy on the pockets and more enjoyable.

With an on-site ATM and restaurants and bars, which are extremely popular and liked, your stay is made both comfortable and exciting by the Hidden Valley Resort. They are very welcoming hosts who try to make their visitors stay warm and memorable. For the summers, they have good air conditioning included in the resort fee.

The guests are given free parking in the parking lot with special check-in instructions, and they greet guests during check-out times and cash deposits.

According to their guest policies, the guest rooms are given extra beds on top of the existing bedding on special requests to the desk staff. The cultural norms in Muskoka are a bit dated; however, once the guests select a date for their stay, the pet fee that makes sure the pet allowed to the guests is inclusive of night service animals and all the other animals as well.

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