How to Customize Crocs How to Customize Crocs

How to Customize Crocs: 3 Exciting Things to Learn

Crocs are all the rage right now. No matter where you go, you are bound to see a couple of people wearing them. It is comfortable, light, easily available anywhere, and unisexual. Such features make it a highly sought-after footwear. But in an era where owning something different and standing out is gaining ground, nobody likes going for the typically styled Crocs. Hence comes the desire for customization.

Are you also an enthusiast for personalizing your footwear per your style and creativity? Are you bored with your old pairs and want to learn how to customize Crocs? Hop in, for we are about to present you with some exciting ideas for customization, along with the steps and materials required to do them.

1. Crocs Customization Ideas 

We will be providing you with ideas that are budget-friendly and do not require you to go out of your way to buy the materials. Further, you can improvise on these ideas as well according to niche. So, let’s dive into the customization!

1.1. Paint Markers

Customizing Crocs With Posca Markers! (SUPER EASY)

Using Paint Markers is an extremely easy method for customizing your Crocs. It requires fewer tools and is one of the most preferred methods of paint lovers.

To begin with, ensure that your shoes are clean. If not, wash them properly and allow them to dry thoroughly. Check for the quality of the marker. It should be high lest the colours or paint will fade, and the shoes will not look good. So, use good quality paint markers. For example, POSCA paint markers are suitable for materials such as leather and synthetic materials like vinyl or canvas.

Use your creative style or surf the internet for ideas and make some rough designs using a pencil first because that would allow you to correct your mistakes. Once done, fill up your designs with the marker.

Paint makers are the best alternatives for brushes and paints. So, ensure the markers have more coverage. Now, let the design dry. And Viola! You have your customized Crocs ready to be worn.

1.2. Blings

HOW TO BLING CROCS // DIY Custom Rhinestone Bedazzled Shoes - E6000 Easy Tutorial For Beginners

Who doesn’t love bling? It is the perfect idea for people who love sparkles. So, it’s time to shop for some adhesives and sparkles. For example, rhinestones and glitters, along with some sequins. Make sure you have a glue suitable for the materials with which Crocs are made.

The design and glitter quality depends on you. So, clean and dry the Crocs before starting. You may directly paste the glitters or rhinestones in any pattern. Or you may use a pencil first to draw some rough marks and paste the stones over the design. There! You have your bedazzling Crocs ready.

1.3. Charms 

If the bling idea is too shiny for you, then you can use charms to customize your Crocs. You can get them from your nearby stationery stores or purchase them from authentic online sites. Charms like Jibbitz are super popular nowadays.

Since Crocs have holes in them, you can place the charms into those holes. It’s one of the easiest and quickest of all methods. They are also quite unique in the sense that you can change the charms every day according to your moods. You can match them to your personality as well. So, get charms and show your footwear off.

1.4. Faux Fur 

DIY- Walmart Crocs w/ Fur & Bling

Are you a Crocs lover but live in one of the tropical zones where the winters can get super chilly? Then, Faux Fur is the solution for you.

Adding fur to your Crocs will add an extra layer of warmth to your feet and make your footwear look classy. For instance, you can add them to the inner base of your Crocs or line them along the open edges. You can paste them however you like. All you need are some fake furs, good-quality glue, and scissors. And it turns into a fantastic personalization idea.

1.5. Sharpies 

Personalizing Crocs with Sharpies is super fun and easy. It is the best method for artistic people. Get an assorted set of Sharpies to show some creativity.

If you are a professional, then you can freehand directly with Sharpies. If not, using pencils first is always recommended. You can browse YouTube videos for inspiration and let the personalization reflect your style.

1.6. Covering With Fabrics 

How to apply "JACQUARD" fabric to crocs|without showing glue.

Customizing Crocs with fabric is another unique method. It gives the footwear a more vintage look. You can either cover the entire Crocs with fabric or apply it to parts of the footwear.

You can cut out the design in the fabric as per your style while adhering to the croc’s size. You can use Modge Podge to stick the fabric to the surface of the Crocs. It is an all-in-one adhesive that helps glue paper or fabric to any surface. The idea is cost-effective, and all the materials are available online.

1.7. Hydrodip 


Hydrodip is one of the most popular methods of customization of footwear today. Among all the ideas so far, this procedure is a bit demanding in terms of time and cost. Although it appears to be quite a tedious task, it is actually quite simple. You need to be extremely meticulous while choosing each and every material for it, starting from the container to the paints.

Take a watertight plastic container which is high enough for you to dip the entire footwear inside it easily. Fill the container with some lukewarm water. Use acrylic spray paint and spray it in the water. You can make it one or more layers, depending on your style. Then, swirl it using a stir stick in the pattern you want.

Do not dip the Crocs directly into the container. Make sure they are clean. Then, spray a coating of primer specially designed for materials like croslite. This helps ensure that the spray paint sticks to the surface of the Crocs during hydrodip. Now, dip the crocs very carefully in the container. Take them out and let them dry for 24 hours. You have your customized Crocs ready for action!

2. Materials

Though taxing sometimes, the entire process of customization is super fun and creative. You may alter them in various ways. From the painting to adding accessories, you can craft them in any way you like.

Every customizing idea requires specific items for it. It varies from method to method. However, some materials are common and a must for all the combined techniques. No matter what idea you choose, you will need them every time.

The first and foremost material is a pair of Crocs. Without it, the entire process is non-existent. Next, an assorted set of paints is needed to customize the footwear. It can be fabric, acrylic, or spray paint, depending on what idea you are working on.

If paint is to be used, then paintbrushes and a palette are a must. If not, paint markers are a good alternative to customize your Crocs. It is easier to use for non-artistic people, helping them successfully draw fine details per their requirements.

Another important material without which ideas like applying bling, charms, fabric, and fur are incomplete is glue. Other materials are sealant and template. The templates or stencils help in creating the design. Meanwhile, the sealant helps protect the paint or design and prevents fading.

3. Precautions

Official Website of Crocs
Screenshot taken from the Official Website of Crocs

Just like materials, there are certain common steps that must be followed for every method of customization of Crocs. Without them, it is possible that the final product might not turn out as per your expectations.

3.1. Clean the Crocs

The very first step is always to clean the Crocs. Remove dust, oil, or any unwanted substance from it. Crocs should solely be hand-washed. If you want to wash using a washing machine, then a gentle detergent must be operated on a very slow spin. Otherwise, the Crocs might get deformed. Then, let the Crocs air dry.

3.2. Use Appropriate Adhesives

If, for your customization method, you want to paste materials like glitters, fabric, or stones into your footwear, it is recommended not to use hot glue. Crocs are made from specific materials called EVA Foam and, thus, require certain specific glues like Gorilla Glue. Make sure the glue becomes dry after a while. 

3.3. Let the Paint Dry

If you are using paint brushes or paint markers for your customization, then let it dry completely before adding anything extra to it, like applying a sealant. It helps in protecting the paint and prevents fading. 

Take Away

There are infinite ways to alter the way your Crocs appear. Some additional ideas include accessory attachments like ribbons or shoelaces, simple spray paint, or bleach art, that is adding unique patterns by bleaching the shoes.

Customization helps in adding a personality to the footwear. It gives the wearer an entirely different look. They appear bolder since the footwear is personalized to their taste and style.

The process is very easy. However, using safe and suitable materials is also necessary. If you didn’t know how to customize Crocs in the beginning, we are pretty sure this article might have helped you a great deal. So now that you have learned the art of customization, you can alter your Crocs to your style and enjoy wearing them every day!


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