A woman playing a game on a computer. A woman playing a game on a computer.

Exploring the Crucial Role of Computer Science in Video Game Development through 11 Points

The video game industry got a noticeable boost in the last few years due to advanced computer technology and partly due to the pandemic. Nowadays, video games, especially mobile games have exceeded the expectations in popularity. The game industry, as per the latest report, may reach up to $314 billion by 2026. Updated computer science and technology have a significant role in this growth.

Recently you have noticed some unbelievable changes in video game features. Some exciting characteristics have been added like never before with realistic graphics, virtual and augmented reality, enhanced multiplayer options, facial and voice recognition, gesture control, cloud-based and on-demand games, and many more.

Computer science and technology have made the gaming experience more interactive, interesting, and sophisticated.

How Has Computer Science Impacted Games?

A woman playing games on multiple PCs.
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Computer science impacted enormously to the video game industry. We can not even think about our new-age game enabled with 3D effects, advanced graphics, most realistic with the help of VR, immersive, and engaging. Implementing data structure, algorithms, computer software, and programming languages today’s video games are designed and developed.

Here are some key perspectives on how has computer science impacted games:

  • As we know, the latest video game has featured super clear graphics in a 3D environment which is only made possible by sophisticated and advanced computer programming.
  • The development of cloud gaming provided the user with the opportunity to play video games on various platforms.
  • The latest computer programming can implement new features to get exciting and real-life experiences of game playing.
  • New-age computer science brings a challenging and dynamic experience to the users.
  • Computer science made a historical revolution in video game designing and developments with the help of Artificial Intelligence(AI).
  • Multiplayer gaming is the blessing of advanced computer science and technology.
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality brought a new era to the game industry.

1. Realistic Graphics

In recent times, game developers have used advanced technology and enhanced graphics to make the game more realistic. The player can experience a real-life feel while playing and the characters become more live now.

Since the 1970s, video game graphics have improved day by day from basic to advanced. Computer science facilitated the tools to input enhanced graphics for a better playing experience. Now you can make your custom avatars that are very much closer to real characters.

The higher quality of images and minute details can only be developed through enhanced graphics which make the gameplay more entertaining. The enriched graphics mean a more bright and more colourful interface, more realistic, and more enjoyable.

2. Virtual and Augmented Reality

A man wearing a VR headset and a play-gun for the VR game experience.
Image by Tima Miroshnichenko / Pexels/ Copyright 2020

Virtual Reality(VR) and Augmented Reality(AR) are the two latest technologies used in the game industry to make the players feel like they are actually inside the game. VR takes you to a different world and on the contrary, AR tends to keep you in your current environment.

Virtual reality eyeglasses and headsets make you feel like another world. Otherwise, Augmented reality helps to see the objects in the game within your actual surroundings. These two technologies are the game-changer of today’s gaming experience. Now, you can easily understand how has computer science impacted games.

In 2012, Facebook considered implementing the latest technology like Oculus Rift to utilize VR for playing games with friends and family. Later, in 2016, Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg decided to invest around $250 million to develop VR technology for games and plan to launch Metaverse.

As a result, Facebook made history in its identity with emerging and engaging experiences with people globally only with the help of Computer Science and Technology.

3. Facial and Voice Recognition

Computer science has highly impacted the gaming world by implementing facial and voice recognition in video games. With the facial recognition feature, you can create your characters and avatars to make your gameplay more personalized.

Voice recognition facility allows users to control the game and console over simple voice commands like Alexa in Amazon and Siri in Apple’s iPhone. The visually impaired persons also can play games by voice command.

Moreover, facial and voice recognition features make the gaming experience easier, more convenient, and more engaging.

4. Enhanced Multiplayer Games

A couple playing games together.
Image by cotton-bro studio/ Pexels / Copyright 2020

The multiplayer option enables one to play a video game like a team or one on one simultaneously from different places by multiple users.  Voice recognition allows each player to interact with each other and decide the game plan to win.

In the arcade version of PacMan, one player can up when the other dies. In console-based games like wrestling, and racing two or more players can compete with each other around the world at the same time.

On the whole, an enhanced multiplayer game brings a new world to video game players globally which has been made possible only by the latest computer science and technology.

5. Cloud-Based and On-Demand Games

Cloud gaming is one type of online game provided by the developer from a remote server to access users like on-demand video streaming. You don’t have to download it on your local computer or device. Just subscribe to the service and you can play on your system.

Moreover, you don’t have to install any supporting hardware on your PC, which also saves you money.

Previously, you had to wait for releasing a new game to the market and you should have purchased the disc or cassette for that. You had to pay differently for each game.

But now the situation has changed. Just like when any film or web series releases you can avail it from your subscription instantly, cloud games also follow the same process.

The first cloud game was launched by the G-Cluster company in 2003. After that, throughout this journey, many renowned brands including Microsoft, Intel, Apple, and Amazon have given their contribution in this field.

Finally, in September 2020 Amazon released its own cloud game “Luna” in the market. Some popular cloud games of recent times are Marvel’s Guardian of the Galaxy, Control, Kingdom Hearts, and Hitman 3. The revolution in Cloud-based and on-demand games has made it possible only through new technology and advanced computer science.

6. Mobile Games

A person playing a game on his phone.
Photo by Pandhuya Niking / Unsplash / copyright 2021

The mobile game has become a crazy pastime for new generations. Youngsters can not spend a single day without their smartphones now due to the habit of video games play. Some of the most favourite video games like PUBG, Pokemon GO, Call of Duty, Battlegrounds Mobile India, Free Fire Max, etc. are played on mobile devices.

Mobile gaming has its key advantage that you can carry your device anywhere and start playing there. You can play games on the go by train, at break time in your office, in your leisure time at home with your friends and stay anywhere in the world with your smartphone.

Mobile gaming technology has also improved remarkably in the last few years keeping the step with our new generations. The game developer stressing on this field to attract and engage more people on board. This has also become possible for enhanced computer science and technology.

7. Gesture Control Gaming

One of the latest additions to the game industry is gesture-control gaming. It enables users to control the game without pressing any button. Suppose you are playing a tennis game and you want to take shots on the right side, then just show your finger to the right side and it will do. This feature made the gaming experience more engaging, semi-realistic, active, and emerging.

In gesture-control gaming, the system just captures your gesture and takes action according to that. Wii Sports is a good example of this type of gaming where you can play various sports games like Cricket, Tennis, Football, etc. realistically. PlayStation-4 (PS4) of Sony has both gesture control and voice recognition facility with the help of the PS4 camera.

Again thanks to computer science which made it possible with the help of 3D cameras. So, we can see how has computer science impacted games.

The Icy Canada team talked to Khunshan Ahmad, CEO of InsideTechWorld, about the key trends and technological advancements in the gaming industry. Here is what he said:

Khunshan Ahmad - Featured
Khunshan Ahmad

“One major trend is the continued rise of cloud gaming, allowing players to stream high-quality games directly to their devices without the need for powerful hardware.

This will democratize access to gaming and blur the lines between traditional consoles and other devices.

Another trend is the increasing integration of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies into gaming experiences.

As VR and AR hardware becomes more affordable and accessible, we’ll see a proliferation of immersive and interactive gaming experiences that push the boundaries of storytelling and gameplay.

Additionally, blockchain technology is expected to have a significant impact on the gaming industry, particularly in areas such as digital asset ownership, in-game economies, and decentralized gaming platforms.

This could revolutionize the way players buy, sell, and trade in-game items, as well as how developers monetize their games.”

8. The Evolution of Entertainment and its Ties to Computer Science

In the late 1800s, the first electronic game was introduced with the help of a vacuum tube. In the 1940s through 1950s scientists were trying to create a computer to understand human language.

After a few years, physical activity simulation games come to the market. Reality simulation in video games comes by implementing computer graphics and making it popular in the next two decades.

In the early twentieth century, some more developments happened in the game industry through the advancement of computer science. At that time this had become a field of study and researchers concentrated on implementing new things, subjects, designs, representations, and perspectives in video gaming.

The video gaming industry started flourishing and expanding gradually as the demand was growing.

In the last two decades, computer science has dedicated its technology in full strength to the game development process to improve the ultimate gaming experience.

9. Computer Science and Game Design

Designing is a crucial part of game development which is only possible with the help of computer science. Game designers use some specific tools like 3D modelling, Level designing, etc. to elaborate the minute detailing of video games. They draft the whole concepts, storyline, plots, movement phases, and overall game plan of a particular game.

The game developers make the game live through the required coding and programming inputs. But the game designers craft the whole planning and designing of a game. They explore the concept in multifold facets with their artistic and advanced computer programming skills.

Game designers need to be creative and fascinating to give the game project a new level for their target audience and users.

Some of the most popular game designing tools are Quest, Articy Draft, Construct 3, Game Maker, Stencil, Twine, Google Drive, etc.

You can get fundamental knowledge about game design from the famous book named: “Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses “

10. Computer Science and Game Programming

A computer screen with coding
Image by Ferenc Almasi / Unsplash / Copyright 2020

Programming is a crucial part of video game development which is only performed by a Computer Programmer or engineer. Therefore, computer science and game programming have a very close and inexorable relationship.

First, the game artist and designer visualizes and pens down the whole concept of a game. Then they make the site maps, plots, and background of it. Afterward, they put the characters and every minute detail and make a flowchart of movements, different levels, and criticality of a game.

Finally, it is the responsibility of the game programmer to make it live.

A game programmer should have skills in computer programming and software engineering and require specialization in advanced network programming, simulation, virtual reality, audio programming and input, physics, and Artificial intelligence (AI). For some multiplayer games, Database programming knowledge is also required.

During the game programming phase, the programmer has to communicate with the artist and designer regarding the idea. The programmer’s role includes bug fixing of existing systems and features, implementing a new feature, ensuring proper execution of the overall project, and finally, the maintenance part.

To know more about computer game technology you may refer to a journal named: ‘The International Journal of Computer Games Technology (IJCGT)’

11. Computer Science and Game Development

The game development process consists of different stages like drafting the concept, designing, programming, testing, and publishing. While developing a game it is difficult to know the result whether it will work properly or not. So, before realizing a game it is generally tested by the game tester who makes a prototype to see the overall performance. If it is functioning accurately as per the expectation, then published.

The act of creating video games is generally done in a game studio. The game designer first creates the whole concept and they include the design and assets of a game. The programmer builds the rest of things with the help of computer programming language, coding, and advanced networking.

Therefore, you can say that the development process of a game is teamwork. When everyone performs their part accurately as per the workflow, then only a successful game is produced.

If you want to develop a game easily at your home without coding you can do it with the help of game engines like Unreal Engine or CryEngine. With these two game engines, you can add sound, 3D graphics, scripting, Physics, and collision detection features to your game.

Summing up, modern game development is a complex, lengthy, and systematic process which is only possible with the help of advanced computer science.

A person playing a game on a computer in a dark room.
Photo by Florian Olivo / Unsplash/ Copyright 2018

Future Possibilities

Computer science has introduced many new things in the gaming field like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Advanced graphics, and three-dimensional environments. Yet, we expect more advancement in the future of video games coming with more features.

There are unlimited future possibilities in the field of computer science and similarly in the gaming industry. More advanced computer science means more developed games. It can add more options and possibilities for users and game lovers.

In the coming days, we can see the magic of computer science and technologies in the video game world.

Dhari Alabdulhadi, CTO and Founder of Ubuy Netherlands discussed the key trends shaping the gaming landscape. Here is what he had to say:

Dhari Alabdulhadi - Featured
Dhari Alabdulhadi

“In 2024, I see the gaming industry continuing its rapid evolution, with several key trends shaping the landscape. Firstly, the rise of cloud gaming services will make high-quality gaming more accessible across devices, reducing hardware limitations.

Virtual and augmented reality technologies will also mature, offering immersive experiences and innovative gameplay mechanics. 

AI-driven procedural generation will enhance game worlds, creating dynamic and unique environments. Additionally, blockchain integration for in-game assets and transactions will provide new opportunities for player ownership and monetization.

Overall, these advancements will empower both gamers and developers, fostering creativity and pushing the boundaries of interactive entertainment.”

Computer Science Degree and Gaming Industry

A computer science degree is a better option for those who want to make their career in the gaming industry. The curriculum teaches you computer software, hardware and networking, coding, and programming languages like C, C++, JAVA, .NET, Python, HTML5, Swift, JavaScript, etc., Graphic designing, and network architecture. This knowledge is enormously helpful in video game development and video game design careers.

There are no mandatory rules in the gaming industry that you should have a degree in computer science only, any bachelor’s degree will do. But, for a computer science graduate, this field is more appropriate to grab the root and explore.

The game development industry has some specific posts like Artist, Designer, Programmer, tester, Publisher, and Game Producer. As per your field of interest, you can choose your preferred role. Computer science graduates have a massive demand as video game designers and software engineers.

Therefore, you can select any one of these academic courses to jump into a gaming career.

Estimated Salary:

  • Entry-level game programmer – Starts from $44,000 per year.
  • Senior or Lead programmer – Starts from $120,000 per year.

Take Away

Video gaming is a fast-growing industry at this time and computer science is the background hero of this demanding field. Unquestionably, the development of both sectors complements each other. As I have noted and illustrated throughout the article, the answer to the question of how computer science impacted games is quite clear.

The way of thinking has changed in the gaming industry because of the changes in computer science and technology. It has turned around the whole idea of game development.

Today you can not even think about making a game without the help of the latest computer technology.

Artificial Intelligence called AI is taking a significant role in the gaming field just like any other industry. In the next few years, there are so many wonders to come in the video game industry with the help of this giant artisan named AI.

On the whole, computer science is like a blessing to game lovers worldwide. As much as we can bring enhanced technology to computer science, we will get more entertaining, enjoyable, exciting, and immersing games in the future. Happy playing!

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