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How Long Is a Hockey Game?

Hockey is an exciting and fast sport that people everywhere enjoy because it has action and competition. The standard duration of a professional hockey game is 60 minutes, which is divided into three 20-minute periods. But, this can influenced by many factors like penalties, injuries and league-specific rules.

You will probably agree that hockey games are full of energy and fun. The sound of skates on the ice and the crush of goals make the game thrilling, but knowing how much time a game takes is not simple.

So, in this article, we will explore the duration of a hockey game and factors affecting the duration, as well as address some frequently asked questions!

1. How Long Is a Hockey Game?

How long is a hockey game
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Hockey is one of the most amazing games, with lots of fun and enjoyment, and that’s why people all around the world enjoy it.

An average hockey game usually has three parts, and each part is 20 minutes, but other things decide how long the game is. These are periods over time and intervals.

One cool thing about the game is that games can be shorter or longer in different leagues and situations.

Whether it’s the big National Hockey League NHL games or the exciting college hockey matches, the time it takes to play a hockey game can change a lot.

It is very important to know what makes these differences happen.

1.1. Knowing NHL Game Times

The NHL hockey game is known for really exciting and very skilled players. The NHL games can be of different lengths, depending on what is happening.

Regular season games, which are known for being intense and full of skill, have a set amount of time that makes them different from other leagues.

They have three parts that last for 20 minutes each. There are breaks between these parts, so these games usually take under 60 minutes.

But different things like breaks, penalties, and timeouts can change the real-time that’s spent playing on the ice.

1.2. Understanding College Hockey Times

When we talk about college hockey games, things are a little bit different. College hockey games are shorter than NHL games.

These games are often where young players start before they become professionals.

They have three parts, just like in the NHL, but these parts are only 20 minutes each.

1.3. Talking about Extra Time

Something really exciting in hockey is when the game goes into overtime. This happens in important games in the NHL and college.

In the NHL, if a regular game ends in a tie after the usual time, then they play an extra part that lasts for 5 minutes with 3 skaters per side. If the game remains tied after the overtime period, it then proceeds to a shootout to determine the winner.

If nobody wins, then they have a shortcut to decide the winner, but college hockey does overtime a little bit differently.

They have an extra 5 minutes with fewer players on each side. If the game is still tied, then it can end in a tie, especially if it’s not a very important game.

It is interesting that how long a hockey game takes is not only decided by the clock.

Brakes in a game and how the game goes can also change how much time is spent playing. Also, the importance of the game, whether it is a regular game or a very important one, can make the game faster or slower.

As we learn about how long hockey games take, it is clear that the sport is not all about a fixed time. Different leagues and situations make games different lengths.

Later in this article, we will look in more detail at how long hockey games last. Also, we will talk about different leagues, look at overtime periods and talk about the shortest and longest games ever played.

2. Different Parts of a Regular Hockey Game

Player playing hockey at ice
Image by Gerhard/Unsplash

We all know that Hockey games are very exciting, but have you ever thought about how much time it takes to play one?

So, in this part, we will take a closer look at how long a normal hockey game lasts and what makes up that time.

When you watch a hockey game, you see players skating, passing the puck, and trying to team scores. But have you ever thought about how much time they spend playing?

Hockey games have different parts, like periods and breaks, that add up to how long the game takes.

2.1. Game Periods

A regular hockey game is divided into 3 parts, which are called periods. Each period is about 20 minutes long, and during that time, players are giving their all.

But the clock does not run all the time. It stops and starts based on different things, like when a goal is made or when someone does something against the rules.

2.2. Break Time

Between these periods, there are breaks called intermissions, and they are like timeouts. Players can rest and make plans during these breaks, and intermissions are usually around 15 to 20 minutes long. It is important for players to take a breath and get ready again.

2.3. Extra Stuff to Think About

Penalties, stoppages, and sudden death over time can also make games longer. If a player does something wrong, they might get a penalty, and this can stop the game for a while.

Stoppages happen when the puck goes out of bounds or something else stops the game, so these things add to the time.

So when we add up everything, then we can see how long a hockey game lasts. Even though the game clock shows 60 minutes, the real game can be different because of breaks and stops.

In the next part, we will look even deeper into the exciting world of how long hockey games are. We will compare different leagues and check out interesting situations like overtime periods.

3. Other Leagues Time

Two person play ice hockey with rafree
Image by Jerry/Unsplash

We all know that college and NHL hockey games have different times, but more leagues also have different game Times. College hockey games and the NHL are the best examples of time in hockey, but there are many other leagues that also give you the answer to your question of how long a hockey game is.

So, let’s learn about different leagues, each with its special ways of counting time, which makes the game even more interesting.

3.1. Ice Hockey Games

Some games are not in the NHL or college, and these games can have different lengths. Ice hockey games happen in different leagues around the world. Some are for fun, and some are a bit professional.

These games are kind of like the NHL, and they have three parts and breaks, just like in the NHL. However, the time can be different depending on the rules and the level of skill.

3.2. Professional Hockey Games

how long is a hockey game
Image from Pexels

Some leagues are like the NHL but not the same. Leagues like the American Hockey League and the ECHL have players who want to be in the big league.

These games are like the NHL, too, and they have three parts and breaks just like it.

3.3. Kontinental Hockey League

The KHL has teams from different countries, and it is a little bit different. The games have three parts, like the NHL, but each part is shorter, just 20 minutes.

This small change makes the game special and fun, and everyone likes it. The timing of these games makes these types of leagues more exciting. Also, the break between these games helps players think more about the game, and they also have their dinner between intermissions.

3.4. Regular Season and Junior Leagues

There are many leagues for young players to learn and grow, and leagues like the Western Hockey League and the Ontario Hockey League have players who are still learning.

They have three parts and breaks, just like the NHL, but because they are learning, the game can be a little bit different.

So hockey has many different leagues, and they each have their own way of counting time.

The NHL and college, but other leagues have their ways. Even though the NHL and college have three parts, other leagues, whether they are for professional-oriented players, make the game different in their ways.

The time is not just about how long, but it is also about how these leagues play the game, which makes hockey more exciting all over the world.

As we learn about how long hockey games take, we can see that different leagues have different styles that make the game super exciting.

From international leagues to ones for young players, the way they play the game and the time they take to continue to make fans and players love hockey even more.

4. Big Differences in How Long Hockey Games Last

Many players playing hockey with each other
Image by Jeffrey/Unsplash

Hockey is a fun game that people all over the world love. This is important in hockey because it makes the game exciting and surprising.

Some games are super fast, like when players sprint, and other games last a long time, like when they are like battles. Hockey games can be short or long, and that’s very interesting.

Some games have stories that are amazing because they are so short or so long. These stories show us a lot about the history of the game. Also, they show times when the length of the game was really special.

4.1. Games That Are Fast

Imagine hockey games like Shooting Stars that leave a strong memory in just a short amount of time. These super-fast games happen because of special situations.

Also, this kind of thing shows that the game can be very intense and surprising.

4.2. Games That Last a Long Time

On the other hand, there are stories about games that have been around for a very long time. These games were like marathons and kept fans excited for a long time.

One famous game in the 1936 NHL players was super long, and it was between the Detroit Red Wings and the Montreal Maroons. The game lasted for a huge 176 minutes and 30 seconds.

So, when we look back at the history of hockey, we see stories that teach us how time is important in the game.

These stories remind us that even though Hockey games usually have a plan, they can still be surprising.

When players use their skills, plans and luck, it is like a beautiful song where time makes everything exciting. Fans cannot wait to see what happens next.

5. In The End

This article talks about how long Hockey games last and what affects their time. Some games are quick, like a flash, while others are super long, like marathons. Different leagues have different game times. In the NHL, regular games have three 20-minute parts with breaks. College games are shorter, with three 20-minute periods.

Extra time in games is exciting. In the NHL, it is 5 minutes, while in college, it is a bit different. Other leagues also have their own Times. Hockey history has stories of very short and very long games, and these stories show that time in the game is important and can surprise us.

So, in conclusion, we learn that there are different times in different leagues, such as there are different shortest and longest NHL games in the history of hockey.

6. FAQs

6.1. What Decides How Long a Hockey Game Is?

The time a hockey game takes depends on things like the league breaks, penalties, and extra periods.

6.2. What is Overtime in Hockey?

Overtime happens in important games when the score is tied at the end. in the NHL, they play five more minutes, and college hockey has a 5 minute overtime, too, with fewer players on each side.

6.3. How Does Game Length Affect Excitement?

Different game lengths make hockey exciting. Short, intense games and long matches add to the fun for fans and players.

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