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Surrey Golf Course – Your 11 Best Options To Take a Shot

Surrey is a beautiful city in British Columbia. And you might already know that. But what you might not know about this city because Surrey golf courses are as beautiful as the city itself.

If you are planning to visit Surrey, you have made the right choice. Lying in the beautiful Fraser Valley, this city is also a part of Metro Vancouver. Surrey is teeming with Fraser Valley golf courses.

It is known to be one of the liveliest and most happening cities in Metro Vancouver. The city has such a diverse community. That is rich in arts, sports, culture, history, and heritage and hosts some of Canada’s biggest festivals.

Surrey is a popular destination in British Columbia, Canada, with flourishing natural beauty and exciting recreational activities. It is one of those hidden gems that is eagerly waiting to be discovered and experienced.

Surrey is the ideal place for you to connect with nature, as of over 6000 acres of green spaces that span down. The vast green spaces make Surrey a perfect and beautiful area for golfing. And it indeed is one of the most played sports around Surrey.

Interestingly, Surrey has six unique neighborhoods within its city boundaries. And that is why it is such a great place to live, play, explore, and experience.

A growing city like Surrey with much of the hills and green flatlands is best explored through sports like golf. In this article, we will list the ten best Surrey golf courses.

But Surrey is not just only about the golf courses. There are many other things to do in the beautiful suburban city. You can know how to explore Surrey and what to do on your trip by just clicking here.

If you are a golf fan, your mind will be blown away by these magnificent Surrey golf courses.

Surrey has the highest number of golf courses in comparison to any community in Metro Vancouver. Surrey has over 600 parks and vast green spaces, which marks it ideal for golf courses.

However, Surrey is not the only place to offer the best golf courses in Canada. There’s Edmonton too. Click here to check out the best golf courses in Edmonton, Canada.

Best Surrey Golf Courses

Here is the list of the Top 10 best golf courses in the Fraser Valley. Read about the location, facilities, parking lot services, and more.

1. Morgan Creek Golf Course

Address– 3500 Morgan Creek Way South Surrey, Surrey, British Columbia, V3Z 0J7 Canada.

The first golf course in the list of Top 10 best Surrey, (British Columbia) BC golf courses is none other than Morgan Creek Golf Course.

Morgan Creek Golf Course
Photo from Morgan Creek Golf Course website

Morgan Creek is one of the largest lower mainland golf courses. Morgan Creek is a public golf course that offers a private golf club experience. It is the driest and best-groomed golf course at reasonable rates.

Morgan Creek has also been selected as British Columbia’s “golf facility of the year.” Their clubhouse also features an in-house restaurant and wine bar. Golfers can enjoy playing as much as they can enjoy delicious cuisines and tasty beverages.

Come and experience one of Canada’s “Top 50 golf courses” and book your favorite tee times.

2. Surrey Golf Club

Address– 7700 168 Street, Surrey, British Columbia.

Making it to the 2nd in the list of top 10 Surrey, BC golf courses is Surrey Golf Club. The club offers all the club activities and amenities for both seniors and regulars. And mostly the course is equally good for both men and women.

Surrey Golf Club
Photo from Surrey Golf Club website

This golf club has two golf courses, and choosing from two courses is what the golfers wish for. Both of the courses surely won’t disappoint you. Whether you are new to the game or a skilled player, you will love both courses.

The main course is quite challenging, with one of the longest par fives. However, the other course, the Willows, is a much more comfortable course with a mix of 3, 4, and 5-par holes.

The Willows is a great course for beginners.

And their food service is excellent as well. Try not to miss tasting their burgers!

3. Northview Golf and Country Club

Address– 6857 168 Street, Surrey, British Columbia, V3S 3T6 Canada.

Next on the “Top 10 best Surrey, BC golf courses” list is Northview Golf & Country club.

Northview Golf and Country Club
Photo from Northview Golf and Country Club website

Located around 5 miles away from Surrey’s center is one of the most beautiful courses, the Northview Golf & Country Club.

This golf club has two amazing courses, The Ridge and The Canal course. Both the courses are equally beautiful and amazing to play on.

The Ridge Course is 6900 yards of soft-rising terrain for players of all skill levels. And it is best enjoyed by the true champions.

On the other hand, the Canal Course is 7900 yards of land giving you the traditional feel. Golfers say it gives them the West Coast feel. This course is the ideal fit for every game.

A bit challenging course but away from the sounds of everyday life. A small tip, they have very strict rules about parking lot usage.

4. Peace Portal Golf Club Course

Address– 16900 4th Avenue Surrey.

Located in White Rock, British Columbia, the Peace Portal Golf Club was established in 1928. And it is ranked under “Top 100 public courses in Canada” by Canada’s Golf Ranking Magazine.

Peace Portal Golf Club Course
Photo from Peace Portal Golf Club Course website

To experience top-quality golfing and golf club facilities, one needs to be at the Peace Portal Golf Course.

The golf course is beautifully manicured, and it gets the warmest sun rays, which makes it perfect. Golfers have the privilege of a licensed bar and a restaurant.

The course offers a variety of holes, raising the spirits of the players. Lined with great trees on both sides, the course is a great walk too. Parking lot service is available. It is considered one of the best among Lower Mainland golf courses.

5. Riverside Golf Centre

Address– 3600 King George Boulevard, Surrey.

Located 7 miles from Surrey’s center is Riverside Golf Centre, the fifth option in the list of the Top 10 best Surrey golf courses.

Riverside Golf Centre is a nine-hole course that opened in 1989. It is a public golf course providing every facility a player needs.

The course is well-groomed and a good fit for every skill level. There’s no doubt about players enjoying their games on the field. It has stores operating out of South Surrey to cater to the needs of golf players across Canada.

The course is nearly perfect for those new to the game or experienced ones looking for a challenge. It is a championship golf course.

6. Guildford Golf & Country Club

Address– 7929 152 Street, Surrey, British Columbia 73S 3M5 Canada.

Guildford Golf & Country Club, established in 1966, is a 6502-yard championship course providing quality to the players and other people visiting the club for different purposes.

Guildford Golf & Country Club
Photo from Guildford Golf & Country Club website

Located centrally in Surrey, Guildford has serene beauty all around. The scenery Guildford offers is unmatched by any other course in the region.

Lined with large green trees and creeks throughout the course provides a valuable experience to all skill-level golfers.

The Club also offers an in-house bar & restaurant, Bunker’s Bar & Grill. It provides a great casual dining environment for both golfers and public visitors. There is an outdoor patio, too, offering great views during the spring and summer.

It stands among some of the finest golf courses in British Columbia.

7. Eaglequest Coyote Creek Golf Club

Address– 7778 152 Street, Surrey, British Columbia.

Located just 3 miles away from Surrey’s center lies our next course in the Top 10 best Surrey golf courses, the Eaglequest Coyote Creek.

Eaglequest Coyote Creek is not like your typical or regular golf course.

It is an 18-hole public golf course in Surrey, opened back in 1990. Coyote Creek is said to be the finest middle-length golf course.

The course is the best fit for hosting group tournaments or social challenges. It is well suited for every level of skilled player.

For a different kind of golfing experience, this course is a must to be considered. Golfers claim this course to be of great value.

8. Meridian Golf Par-3

Address– V3Z 9R8, 1054 168 Street, Surrey, British Columbia.

Located in South Surrey, Meridian Golf Par 3 was opened in the year 1959.

Meridian Golf Par 3 is quite a unique course with a park-like setting and is very family-friendly. It is an 18-hole course, which is considerably more challenging than most others.

Visitors and golfers enjoy the delightful setting very much, as it is well framed by tall trees such as the gigantic cedars. During the autumn, golfers are treated to sightings of salmon in the creek.

The course provides around 2152 yards of play, and the property also offers one single-family home and a clubhouse.

9. Sunrise Executive Par 3 Golf Course

Address– 5640 188 Street, Surrey, British Columbia.

Sunrise Executive Par 3 Golf Course is a nine-hole course that opened in 1996.

Located in the heart of the suburb Cloverdale, Sunrise Executive Par 3 Golf Course is a public golf course.

The course offers the players and their visitors some amazing views of Mount Baker.

And the course is quite challenging for all levels of golfers. The golf course is known as Clayton Hills Golf Course.

The golf season here is from April to November. The course is usually not too busy or crowded, which makes it more available on regular days.

10. Nico-Wynd Golf Club

Address– 3601 Nico Wynd Drive, Surrey, British Columbia.

Nico-Wynd Golf Club is one of the finest golf clubs in Surrey. And the most popular for its beautiful setting among the listed top 10 best Surrey golf courses.

Nico-Wynd Golf Club
Photo from Nico-Wynd Golf Club website

Nico Wynd Golf Club offers a well-conditioned golf course with various holes, making it fascinating for the players.

They offer all the golfing amenities at fair prices and enjoyable gameplay on the course. The course is well-lined with trees on either side and beautiful water features.

The course has clubs for men, ladies, and seniors and offers a pleasant environment (far better than the rest).

There is a clubhouse grill too, where all the players can enjoy their favorite dishes and beverages while overlooking the beautiful scenery.

When it comes to the best in Surrey, Nico Wynd is there in everyone’s mind.

11. Pyrford Lakes Golf Course

Pyrford Lakes Golf Course is set in a rolling landscape. The Allis and Clark design Lakes Golf Course is known for its sleepy setting. Pyrford Lakes Golf Course has a clubhouse and a west-facing terrace.

You can organize a fancy feast and a relaxing get-together. Pyrford Lakes Golf Course is an ideal choice for such gatherings.


Golf clubs are not just about how good the courses are, but also about how valuable gameplay they can offer. And the environment is surely a point to consider.

These eleven best Surrey golf courses have everything a golf enthusiast could ask for. However, there are more best Surrey golf courses offering different amenities.

If you enjoy golf too, then do check out the lower mainland golf courses when possible. And let us know your experiences of the Surrey Golf Course in the comment section below.

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