How Much Does a McDonald’s Manager Make? How Much Does a McDonald’s Manager Make?

How Much Does a McDonald’s Manager Make? You’d be Surprised!

When the stomach growls, it’s McDonald’s that our mind craves. And why not?! Food served at McDonald’s is fast and tasty, making people across the world say “I’m Lovin It”. 

In the backdrop of customer delight is McDonald’s efficient operation mechanism and management plans. These protocols are executed by McDonald’s managers for serving the customers and the community at large. 

You might be interested in having a career in the food industry, want to own a McDonald’s outlet, and want to know about the perks of being a McDonald’s manager. Maybe you are just curious about the back-end scoops of this leading fast-food business chain. 

In this article, you will learn how much a McDonald’s manager makes, and what can you expect in terms of benefits. 

How Does McDonald’s Operate?

How Much Does a McDonald’s Manager Make
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Across the globe, McDonald’s operates through a franchising model. By being a franchisee, a McDonald’s franchise owner can run a local business that is based on a globally successful business model and a locally adaptive food menu. 

As a restaurant owner, you get to leverage the BigMac, the internationally renowned brand name, to quickly establish your business and blaze through market competition in the fast food industry. 

The McDonald’s franchisees pay royalties to the company by paying a royalty of 4-5% of gross sales per month, in addition to a monthly rent and licensing fee that is valid for 20 years. 

If I tell you about McDonald’s in Canada; it is owned by the master Canadian franchise named McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada, Ltd. (French: Les Restaurants McDonald’s du Canada Limitée). The corporate office of McDonald’s Canada is headed by President and CEO Michele Boudria. 

Do you know that since 2005, McDonald’s has been the second-largest food joint in Canada? This massive expansion of the fast food giant started with its outlet in Richmond, BC, which was both the first in Canada and outside the US. 

McDonald’s Management Structure

Each company has an organizational structure, and so does the McDonald’s.

  • The top tier consists of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief People Officer (CPO), and Chief Financial Officer (CFO). 
  • Below the leadership, there are various functional departments headed by respective management. These departments are corporate affairs, marketing, human resources, national operations, finance, operations and strategic planning. 
  • At the restaurant level, the place is leased to the franchise owner.
  • At the operational level, your typical McDonald’s restaurant would have employees, called crew members, who operate the restaurant. They are the ones who take your order, cook your food, and keep the restaurant clean. 

So the operational level tasks are overseen by various levels of restaurant managers. The restaurant managers are key to managing the restaurant crew for seamlessly serving customers McDonald’s round-the-clock menu. 

The McDonald’s restaurant managers work within the physical and operational premises of the restaurant. Officially, there are 4 levels of managers: Business Manager, 1st Assistant Manager, 2nd Assistant Manager, and Shift Running Manager. 

Salaries of McDonald’s Restaurant Managers

I have reviewed various top websites about the salaries of McDonald’s Restaurant Managers in Canada.

Across Canada, a recent salary estimate on Indeed indicates the average yearly salary of a McDonald’s manager to be $53,526. This average number swings between a lower estimate of $28K and an upper range of up to $114K. 

According to another recent estimate on Glassdoor, the gross national estimate of the average annual pay of a McDonald’s restaurant manager in Canada is around $40K. The lowest range of the salary is $34K and the highest end is $50K. However, note that this is the average base salary of the paycheck. 

A similar estimate is listed on Jooble, where the average annual salary of the McDonald’s manager in Canada is estimated to be $40,820, which balances a lower limit of about $36K and an upper limit of $43K. 

Assuming a full-time job of 40 hours per week, and therefore 2080 working hours per year, you can estimate the average hourly salary of a full-time McDonald’s restaurant manager to be between $19 and $26. 

Happy or Nah?

How Much Does a McDonald’s Manager Make
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According to survey figures, only a few think that McDonald’s pays them handsomely! Based on the ratings of nearly 40K employees, about 43% of surveyed people are not satisfied with their salaries. That might not come as a surprise after all as the average yearly manager salary at McDonald’s Canada is 35% below the national average.

What Factors Affect the Salaries of McDonald’s Restaurant Managers?

You might wonder why such differences in the salary range. Apparently, the salaries at McDonald’s restaurants vary according to many factors. Are you looking for a Business/General Manager or a Shift Manager position? Do you prefer certain locations over others? What is your experience like in the food industry and leading teams?

Location Matters

Take an example, the position of restaurant manager in Toronto, Canada. There, a manager would make an average of $78,323 per year. This amounts to a monthly pay of $6,527 and an hourly rate of $39. Depending on where you are employed as a manager, the annual salary may vary. In general, it can be anywhere between $58,566 and $86,988. 

Experience Matters (More Than What You May Think)

According to a recent estimate by Glassdoor, the leading site for career-related information and insights, the salary offered to a potential McDonald’s manager depends significantly on their experience. 

For example, a candidate with little to no experience can make $34K a year to begin with. Whereas, a team manager with 10 years of experience could make up to $60K a year

Relevant managerial experience is a great asset when it comes to working at McDonald’s. Yes, that means a better paycheck but also greater opportunities to advance your career. 

Depending on your hierarchical managerial role at a McDonald’s restaurant, the salary could vary significantly. Take for example, a higher managerial position like a General Manager can make nearly $60K a year, or at an hourly rate of $28. Whereas a starting level restaurant manager, like a Shift Manager’s pay, could be about $36K or nearly $17 per hour. Somewhere in between, an Assistant Manager could make nearly $44K in annual salary, or an hourly rate of $21. 

How Much Does a McDonald’s Manager Make
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What are the perks and benefits of working at a McDonald’s restaurant?

Many people consider an entry-level position at McDonald’s as their first job. It is no wonder that in Canada, around 50% of McDonald’s employees are 18 years or below of age. No matter which role you work in McDonald’s has something to offer for your career development through training and perks. For many, just the brand name on their CV has opened many career doors.

Which McDonald’s locations pay the highest restaurant manager salaries?

Although the pay range varies significantly due to many company and performance-related factors, locations like Toronto, ON and Hope, BC pay some of the highest manager salaries. On the other hand, Nova Scotia is among the lowest-paying locations within Canada. 

How can I own a McDonald’s franchise in Canada?

There are certain requirements to open a McDonald’s franchise. Business owners who are individuals, are willing to invest $700,000 of non-borrowed money, and dedicate 100% of their business efforts towards running the franchise are considered a good match. 

Are You Planning to be the McDonald’s Restaurant Manager?

McDonald’s is a world-renowned fast-food giant, known for its pioneering and ever-evolving business model and popular and culturally-adapted fast-food menu. Behind the brand are dedicated leadership, managers and crew that bring in as much as the company offers them.

McDonald’s restaurant managers are one such crucial tier in the managerial hierarchy. While a lot is expected in terms of commitment and competency, the reported salaries are often below the national average. In this article, we provided an overview of McDonald’s manager salaries and a brief analysis of what are the determining factors.

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