Learn How to Remove Mustang Shift Knob Safely and Easily with This Step-by-Step Guide Learn How to Remove Mustang Shift Knob Safely and Easily with This Step-by-Step Guide

Learn How to Remove Mustang Shift Knob Safely and Easily with This Step-by-Step Guide


When you are planning your own do-it-yourself project, it can be very exciting and fulfilling especially when it involves your pride Mustang. As an important part of the car interior, the gear shift knob functions as a bridge between you and the transmission system.

Whether you want to change your interior’s appearance or just replace an old knob, knowing How to Remove Mustang Shift Knob is vital. The guide will take you step by step to enable you safely move the stock shift knob or detach it.

Methods for Removing Shift Knob

There are generally two methods that can be employed in removing the shift knob from its place. Depending on the type of Mustang and the nature of the shifter knob functionality, the approach may vary. Let us closely look into each method so that we have the confidence to carry on.

Built-in Threading Method

The built-in threading method is straightforward; simply rotate the knob anti-clockwise for unbeatable results. Ensure that before this operation begins, no movement should occur at all, while holding firmly onto the knob during rotation. While rotating it, apply pressure gradually so as not to destroy these threads.

Turning Counter-Clockwise

Hold on to the stick with one hand still turning in a counter-clockwise direction until it gets loose then unscrew without any difficulty at all. Make sure you keep everything straight – do not cross-thread this stuff! If things seem tough somewhere along there just stop and reconsider what went wrong so as not for cross-threading to proceed which leads to stripped holes.

Removing Through Screw Mechanism

Sometimes the shift knobs are secured using screws which could either be located at their bases or below the caps they are covered with. Use a flat-head screwdriver or trim tool where necessary, carefully prying open the cap if provided.

Afterward, use a screwdriver of the appropriate size when out twisting out screw retaining the shift lever in position; after this removal process is complete then detaching and unscrewing itself would be effortless.

Modification and Reinstallation Process

When the old knob has been successfully removed, you may choose how to remove the Mustang shift knob or modify the existing shift lever to either accommodate a new knob or reinstall the original. The steps below will guide you in both situations.

Modifying the Existing Shift Lever

In some instances, modifications have been done on the lever if it is necessary for one to use a different thread size or pattern of a newly purchased knob.

This could mean using an adapter to fit into its threaded section or reducing its diameter by cutting through it. Measure twice and cut once so that accuracy can be maintained while making it compatible with our novelty.

Installing Adapter

Using this formula, screw it to where you’ve got your threaded shifter as per manufacturer’s instructions. Ensure that tightening is firm but without overdoing it as this will lead to damage to your threads plus shaft.

Refitting Console

Having modified the bracket accordingly or fitted in an adaptor; reassemble your console around the stick handle. Press down firmly all clips and fasteners aligning them as required. Mind about positioning electrical plugs and other parts that were brought out during disassembly.

Reinstalling The Gear Indicator Light Bar And Connector

Connect the light bar before securing; there is usually a wiring connector attached at the back of the light bar which needs to be replaced after that process is over. Test this connection with the ignition switch (do not start the engine) and check whether the indicator works properly at least for now.

Actuating Shifter and Testing

After the console is back in place, move the shifter through all gear ranges to check its smoothness. There shouldn’t be any binding or strange resistance. This test will determine if the internal mechanism is in line and working.

Installation Finalization

In conclusion, removing and installing a shift knob on your Mustang can be a simple task with the right tools and instructions.

New Shifting Knob Attachment

Screw on the new knob over the lever or adapter ensuring that any logos or patterns are properly aligned. Once you have installed it, tighten it by hand so as to eliminate cross-threading.

If your knob screws on, insert and tighten the screw slowly so that it is firm but not overly tight because this could ruin the knob.

Important Points To Note And Consider

Care should always be taken while handling all parts during the stock knob removal and installation process. Do not use excessive force which may lead to damage or injury. Also, think about how comfortable your new knob would be to hold and operate.

This guide provides step-by-step instructions for removing an old shift knob from a Ford Mustang GT and attaching a new one. It will help you through each step of removing and installing a shift knob, allowing you to personalize your Mustang’s interior with ease. Happy modding!

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