11 Best Thrift Stores in Montreal

thrift stores in Montreal

List of some best thrift stores in Montreal!!

Feeling the urge to update your closet with the latest flared jeans trend or maybe that leather skirt that you have wanted for “oh so long.” But wait, it is the middle or end of the month, and the last thing you want to do is spend excessive and unnecessary money?

Stop fighting yourself and go thrifting at some of the top thrift stores in Montreal!

What is Thrifting?

Thrifting is the process of reusing pre-owned, upcycled clothing items, accessories, and more at affordable and reduced prices!

Thrift stores in Montreal

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What is Vintage Clothing?

The colloquialism “vintage” is generally used to refer to clothing styles of old times, and a general industry-approved standard is anywhere from 20 years old style to a 100 years old style.

So, if you are in for vintage clothing and thrifting, let’s check the best thrifting stores in Montreal.

1) Empire Exchange

Empire Exchange has two locations, one in Little Italy and one in Mile End.

At Empire Exchange, you are bound to find all your fashion cravings. Being a clothing exchange-based business, they have appointment booking with their buyers, and they take donations of clothes and cash.

This store is the first and the only store in Montreal to offer exchange services. They have been serving customers in Mile End since 2013, and recently opened up their second location in 2018.

You can find here everything, from apothecary products, jewelry, candles, stationery, to homewares.


5225 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H2T 1S4, Canada

Visit their website!

2) Annex Vintage

Annex vintage and Empire Exchange can be called sister stores. Thus, a similar funky and artsy vibe will be felt in second-hand clothes.

You might find yourself struggling to keep yourself not lost in all those racks of colorful vintage clothes. They offer a wide range of products, from vintage clothing, art prints, accessories, homewares, to local t-shirts.

Their vintage pieces are very well curated to match current styles and trends.


5364 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H2T 1S1, Canada

Make sure to check out their website!

3) Ruse Boutique

The vibe at Ruse Boutique is sophisticated and chic.

Authentic pieces can be found here from high-end brands such as Christian Louboutin, Alexander Wang, Prada, and more.

Good pieces get sold out and out of stock extremely quickly.


5141 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H2T 1R9, Canada

Visit their website!

4) Ex-Voto

Relax as you can make Ex-Voto your one-stop store for everything sustainable and local.

Handmade goods from local artisans and vintage garments are sold here.


6534 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H2S 3C6, Canada

Make sure to check out their website!

5) Shwap Club

The idea of exchanging your old clothes and making space for new statements gets you excited?

Then you can get a membership at Shwap Club vintage store.

The cost of a visit is 8$. Annual membership costs 115$ or 155$, which offers unlimited entries.

Registration for the membership can be made in-store during opening hours or can be made online.

You can bring your clothes to give and for each item that they accept gives you the right to another thing of your choice, regardless of price or category. These clothes are sorted based on the order of the arrival of shwappers in a first arrival, first-served manner, and there are no minimum or a maximum number of clothes you are allowed to bring.

For all items that they accept, you cannot recover, and for the rejected items, you can either take them back with you or leave them for donation purposes.


6682 Jeanne Mance St, Montreal, Quebec H2V 4L2, Canada

Be sure to visit their website!

6) Kapara Vintage

Kapara Vintage’s specialization is diversity and choice.

They have an extensive catalog that offers a collection made from second-hand fabrics and reworked pieces.

They aim towards donating parts of their profits to several local non-profits. Kapara’s ultimate primary mission is to be eco-friendly in every way possible without compromising fashion.

What makes them one of the best thrift stores in Montreal is their dedication to philanthropy.

Kapara Vintage is not just a clothing store or a clothing brand, but more than that, it is a community that loves and supports each other.


3903 Saint-Denis St, Montreal, Quebec H2W 2M4, Canada

7) Eva B and Eva D

They are a staple when local fashion sense comes in talks.

Eva B offers one of the biggest second-hand goods collections. They also recently opened another store across from Eva D Saint-Laurent street, the original, where you can get curated designer pieces in the vintage stock that too in an affordable price.


2015 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H2X 2T3, Canada

Make sure to check out their website!

8) Era Vintage Wear

Era Vintage stands ready to serve you with whichever look you want to embody, let that be 80s prom attire or 60s chic dress.

At Era Vintage Wear, nothing goes to waste or out of trend.

At Era, the new is meshed with the old to create one-of-a-kind, unique pieces. This store is all about both sustainability and fashion. They have always stayed true to the 3R’s- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and absolutely nothing goes to waste while shopping here.

They spend hours repairing, redesigning, and completely reconstructing almost every design you will find in their collection to bring ready-to-wear vintage pieces of a flair at an affordable price range.


999 Rue du College #41, Montreal, QC H4C 2S3, Canada

Make sure to check out their website!

9) Le Dressing

Le Dressing is a hidden gem and the best vintage store when vintage boutiques come into talks.

Contemporary pieces in a wide range and designer brands can be found here.

As per google reviews, their customer service and fitting rooms are extremely good, and the store itself is one of the best high-end thrift stores they have visited.


3854 Saint-Denis St, Montreal, Quebec H2W 2M2, Canada

Make sure to check out the store’s website!

10) Citizen Vintage

Another go-to thrift store in Montreal is Citizen Vintage.

Unique second-hand styles are sold here, but they also run their fashion line.

The Studio Citizen, their self-titled collection, is handmade with deadstock materials to give an additional way to enjoy sustainable fashion.


5330 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H2T 1S1, Canada

Be sure to check out the store’s website!

11) Cul-De-Sac

This store has been carefully curated with second-hand clothes of pretty decent quality and a cool supreme vintage collection for both women and men.

Their vintage clothing ranges from cozy sweaters, puffer coats of the 80s, leather handbags, military jackets to jewelry, and even some exciting selection of home furniture.

This thrift store is located at 3794 Saint Laurent Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H2W 1X6, Canada.

Be sure to check out their Facebook page!

While shopping at thrift stores might take a bit more of your hunting skills but discovering pieces of unique style, finding just the item you have been wanting, and of course, the extra savings are entirely worth all of it, no doubt!

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You can also bring your old clothing item for donation at thrift stores. These thrift stores generally operate for charity goals, and money earned here goes towards that purpose.

Happy shopping!

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