Mental Health in Calgary: The 5 Major Challenges

Anjali Raj Singh
Anjali Raj SinghJune 27, 2023
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Mental health has been unfortunately a significant problem in Calgary as it has been in other parts of the world. The city of Calgary situated in Alberta, Canada has identified the importance of mental health and in the past years has been focusing on taking many measures to reach out to everyone and aware of this major issue. Let’s get to know how mental health in Calgary is.

In these recent years, Calgary has validated a major emphasis on mental health attention, educating them, and Children’s supporting health services. The provincial government along with many other nonprofit organizations has important investment to improvise access to mental health sources and decreases the stigma nearby mental illness.

One very important drive in Calgary is the extension of mental health clinics and providing more facilities. The city has also seen an increment in mental health centers and clinics. The mental health facilities’ goal is to provide a wide range of healthcare services like counselling, therapy, and mental care. These healthcare facilities plan to cater to people of all ages from younger ones and teenage ages to adults and seniors.

Calgary has also placed a powerful focus on communities based on mental health progression. There are various community organization and support group which offers counselling session, peer support system, and mental health awareness in the education system. These programs play an essential role to create a sense of belonging and connectivity for the people who the facing mental health issues.

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1. How is Mental Health in Calgary

Mental health in Calgary is a bit complicated and varied issues. The city is still working to improvise mental health care services and awareness related to it summons still exists.

The significant concern for Calgary City is the requirement for improvised mental health services with increased availability of resources which leads to long waiting times for the citizens takes hope. This mental health problem is not different in Calgary and is a very common challenge in most of the healthcare system.

Moreover, stigmas adjoining mental health still exist as a barrier to seeking and receiving the right care. Calgary in collaboration with many organizations and initiatives been actively taking care of reducing the stigmas and encouraging individuals to be open to converse about mental health issues.

It is essential to mark that mental health problems vary from one individual to another. A few factors like socioeconomic status, accessibility to resources and cultural background can impact mental health results. More efforts are being made to communicate the differences and offer equal access to mental health support systems to the whole city.

It is highly recommended to reach out to updated sources like local mental health clinics, government healthcare websites, or healthcare professionals. In Calgary for the appropriate and recent information on the state of mental health.

2. Program and Initiative

Calgary has made many health initiatives to be aware of the demands of the citizens. The following are some worthy examples:

2.1. Access Mental Heath

Access mental health is an integrated mental health intake service that offers feedback, referral, and support systems to the citizens of the city wanting mental health services in Calgary. It helps in keeping connectivity with the individuals for the right resources based on their requirements.

2.2. Counselling Service Centre

Calgary counselling service center provides affordable and obtainable counselling service centers to people, couples, and senior citizens. It offers an extensive range of therapeutic mental health services to aware man health issues.

2.3. Distress Centre

Calgary distress center works 24/7 health crisis helpline number for citizens in distress. Professionally trained volunteers provide immediate emotional well-being support, crisis involvement, and updates regarding community resources.

2.4. Calgary Communities Against Mental Health Abuse (CHMA)

CHMA is a non-profit organization that provides specialized support services for people who have suffered sexual abuse or assault. It offers counselling sessions, and advocacy and educates the survivors and their other family members.

2.5. Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC)

Calgary actively joins in many initiatives which are led by MHCC like Opening Minds programs which aim to decrease the stigma and discrimination related to mental health by caring for individuals through education.

2.6. Peer Support Program

Many of the organizations in Calgary provides peer support program where citizens with practical experience of mental health tough challenge offer support, sympathy, and care toward others suffering from difficult problems.

2.7. School Mental Health Program

Calgary has executed mental health awareness programs in schools to make them learn how to support others’ well-being when they are in a problem. These mental health awareness programs include counselling sessions, workshops, and essential resources to reach mental health concerns. amongst young ones.

2.8. Workshop Initiative

Calgary businesses and other employers have always speedily identified the significance of mental health issues in workshops. Most of the reputed companies have executed employee assistance programs, mental health well-being training, and essential resources to support and care for their employee’s mental health.

It is very important to note that this is not enough there are many more mental health programs and initiatives which happen in Calgary. The only goal of these efforts is to elevate accessibility, decrease stigma and offer support to the individual and community facing difficult mental health issues.

3. Common Mental Health Issues

In Calgary City, there has been a tremendous increase in mental health issues that are distributed and have been reported. Every individual mental health issue experience varies from one to another. So, some of them are discussed below are:

3.1. Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety disorders like common anxiety disorders, social anxiety, and panic disorders are universally observed in Calgary. These mental health issue conditions include excessive worry and a lot of distress which interferes with everyday life.

3.2. Depression

Depression is a very serious mental health issue that has taken place. A constant feeling of sadness determines it., losing interest and pleasure in everything, change in eating habits or sleeping patterns, loss of physical energy, and difficulty in concentration. Depression can have a very bad impact on an individual’s being.

3.3. Abuse and Addiction

Abuse and addiction s are common concerns in Calgary. Drug intake and alcohol addiction can lead to serious health issues and can affect relationships and quality of life.

3.4. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

It develops after experiencing and witnessing traumatic post-traumatic affairs like a natural disaster, accident, or domestic violence. Calgary also suffered like any other city from these mental health problems which lead to PTSD symptoms such as intrusive memory, avoidance of mood changes, and many more.

3.5. Eating Food Disorder

Eating food disorders like anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating junk food, deformed body image, and serious emotional issues.

3.6. Attention -Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

It is a very common neurodevelopment disorder determined by symptoms such as inattention, hyperactivity, and hastiness. it usually affects both young ones and adults and may influence many other aspects of life which include academic and professional functioning.

3.7. Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a mood issue determined by some episodes of mania (enhanced mood, excess energy). People with a bipolar mental disorder in Calgary typically experience serious functions in their mood, energy level, and regular brain functioning.

3.8. Schizophrenia 

Schizophrenia is a chronic health disorder that affects an individual’s thoughts, emotions, and natural behaviour. It can affect the whole family.

The above discussed some common mental health issues in Calgary that are very serious. These significant conditions demand professional healthcare checkups and feedback which should be diagnosed by a reputed health professional or expert in mental health issues.

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4. Challenges to Take Care of Mental Health

While a lot of efforts have been taken to take care of mental health problems in Calgary many challenges have also arisen. The following are some of the key challenges are:

4.1. Fewer Resources

Calgary has faced a lot of resource restraint in the matter of professional health experts, good facilities, and funding. The lack of mental health experts which includes psychiatrists, psychologists, and mental therapists can inhibit the right time for specialized care and proper treatment.

4.2. Stigma and Acquaintance

Stigma nearby mental health issues still hinder finding help and accessibility to proper health care. Misunderstanding, stereotypes, and social discrimination together hesitates individual from openly sharing mental health concern and does not allow them to reach out to seek health professional guidance.

4.3. Youth Mental Health 

Calgary like any other city also faces mental health awareness challenges in informing mental health care requirements for children and adults. Schools and family members struggle to recognize and inform mental health problems at an early stage and there can be some gaps in special care services for the individuals.

4.4. Incorporation with Primary Mental Health Care

Incorporating mental health services with primary care is important for holistic mental healthcare treatment. However, tough challenges still exist.

4.5. Communities Support and Follow Ups

Constant support after the clinical setting is important for people who are suffering from a health crisis. Calgary is facing challenges in offering good health services to its citizens and lacks resources.

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5. Final Words 

In the end, mental health in Calgary faces tough challenges like less accessibility of resources, and too much stigma. However, the citizens of Calgary can take preventive measures to handle the situation and treat themselves with mental health issues by reaching out to other people’s support, limiting their screen time, engaging themselves with nature, setting realistic dreams, and exercising stress management methods.

By following some of the practices and protecting mental health well-being and taking benefits of fewer resources individuals can be successful in controlling this issue and lead a happy life. Lastly, Calgary has identified the mental health challenges and the importance of taking care of them and has taken serious steps to focus on individual well-being.

With the increased resources, community support, and parting education campaigns regarding mental health the city is improvising towards the creation of a very much mentally healthy and caring environment for all the citizens.

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