Two country flags of Canada and South Korea respectively fused together. Canada launches high-level economic security dialogue with South Korea. Two country flags of Canada and South Korea respectively fused together. Canada launches high-level economic security dialogue with South Korea.

Seoul Summit: Ministers Joly & Champagne Discuss Economic Security

GC Newsroom took to its Twitter handle and said that Canada has launched a high-level economic security dialogue with South Korea.

On Tuesday, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Mélanie Joly and François-Philippe Champagne, launched a high-level economic security dialogue with Korea and the counterparts from Korea were Park Jin, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Ahn Dukgeun, Minister of Trade.

A Twitter post by GC Newsroom that Canada launches high-level economic security dialogue with South Korea.
Courtesy: Twitter

1. Indo-Pacific Strategy

However, Canada unveiled the Indo-Pacific Strategy, on November 27, 2022, and emphasized for Canada-Korea engagement on economic security and South Korea also released its Indo-Pacific Strategy on December 28, 2022, intending to expand regional economic security networks for the stable and robust supply chain management.

Along with this supporting free trade and a rules-based economic system in the Indo-Pacific was also one of its objectives.

2. Main Points of This Meeting

  • Canada and South Korea are attempting to collaborate to strengthen and safeguard value chains in vital industries while maintaining strong labour and environmental standards. However, it includes fields such as critical minerals, batteries, artificial intelligence, and electricity as well.
  • The dialogue’s inception reflects the growing importance of economic success and national security in the face of geopolitical concerns. Also, it emphasizes the enduring importance of a rules-based international order.
  • Canada and South Korea, as Pacific neighbours, have a critical role to play in promoting and ensuring long-term economic growth and security in the Indo-Pacific region.
  • Moreover, Minister Champagne also met with senior business and industry representatives. This includes Hyundai Motor Company, Solus Advanced Materials, Hanwha Group, and EcoPro. The Minister used the occasion to promote Canada’s favourable investment climate as well as the potential for strengthening cooperation in the transition to a net-zero economy.

3. Mélanie Joly’s Official Post

The Honourable Mélanie Joly, Minister of Foreign Affairs, took to her Instagram and shared a picture with South Korea’s Foreign Minister Jin and its Trade Minister Ahn.

With this, she mentioned the first Canadian-Korean economic security dialogue.

An Instagram post from Melanie Joly, about high-level economic security meet.
Courtesy: Instagram

Further, she added that with more and more disruptions in the supply chain, including in the North Pacific, they must work together.

She also mentioned that their supply chains will be more integrated if they both stay strong.

Moreover, Minister Joly shared one more post recognizing the 60th anniversary of relations between Canada and South Korea.

She stated that Korea stands out as a preferred partner and that by working together. Also, they can strengthen their relationship, meet their climate goals, and expand their economies.

An Instagram post from Melanie Joly recognizing the 60th anniversary of relations between Canada and South Korea.
Courtesy: Instagram

4. François-Philippe Champagne Experience

The Honorable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science, and Industry, also shared a post on Instagram about his first day in Seoul.

With this, he added that he was pleased to have a meeting with Hyundai personnel.

He also added that Canada and Hyundai will keep working together. They aim to expand and strengthen electric vehicle, hydrogen, and critical mineral supply chains to make Canada the green supplier of choice.

An Instagram post by François-Philippe Champagne about his first day in Seoul.
Courtesy: Instagram

5. Netizens’ View on This Meet

However, people are sharing mixed opinions about this meeting. Although most of them are positive responses, still they are mixed with a few negative comments.

A person thanked the minister for representing their country. He said,

“Thank you for representing Canada at the Energy Forum in Seoul. I agree that collaboration with Korea is key to achieving our shared climate and economic objectives.”

Moreover, another one also appreciated this step and commented,

“This is awesome. Canada needs stronger ties with South Korea, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, even Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Five Eyes might want to consider closer ties with Japan. S Korea too if they don’t flip back to pro-CCP like their previous administration.”

Well, we want to know what you think about this meeting! Share with us in the comments below.


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