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Thrilling Guide to OFSC Trail Map

OFSC is an organization working in the field of organized snowmobiling in Ontario. Its work is for the betterment of the OFSC trail map & helps in safe riding.

It is responsible for providing its member snowmobile clubs with leadership. OFSC is the abbreviation of the Organization of Snowmobile Club. It is a not-for-profit organization and intends to create a rider-friendly environment.

Snowmobiles are the four-wheeled wonders of the world. They are vehicles of winter, particularly snowy places. Joseph Armand Bombardier invented it, and it is perfect as a recreational tool for snow tours. It can be operated on both snow and ice and eliminates the need for tracks. However, trails are preferred for snowmobiling. 

The motive of the Organization for Snowmobile Clubs is to make snowmobiling the signature tourism activity in Ontario. However, snowmobiling is not as easy a sport as it may seem. It is on rough terrain or during bad weather on a snowmobile trail may be unpleasant. So, you are requested to follow all the Organization for Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC). You would be in a much safer environment if you followed OFSC-prescribed trails. You have the following options to choose from for accessing the OFSC trail map.

Interactive Trail Guide

OFSC trail map
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The organization of Snowmobile Clubs is keen to make the riders aware of the OFSC prescribed trail map. For this purpose, it has taken several steps of public importance. The most important development in this regard was the launch of the Interactive Trail Guide.

In addition, the Interactive Trail Guide publishes Trail Status Reports from time to time. The reports contain the status of every snowmobile club, which can be found on the Interactive Trail Guide. These reports are essential to give a clear picture of the OFSC trail map.

The Interactive Trail Guide helps access the Trail Status Report, which is useful to access the Ontario prescribed snowmobile trail. It is on the status report where a notice to access the report is published. This notice allows a legally complying snowmobiler to access the trail report. This report regarding the OFSC trail map is crucial for the safety of the rider. 

Mobile App 

OFSC trail map
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The OFSC has also launched an app called “Go Snowmobiling Ontario.” This app is instrumental in providing snowmobilers with accurate real-time data. In this digital era, where everyone avails of cell service, it is imperative for the organization to launch the app. This is the Interactive Trail Guide in a digitized version. The app is available for download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. This free version helps enable access to information regarding trails. It allows you to identify the status of the trails, which includes trails that are available or partially available or unavailable. 

The mobile app can be availed regardless of the cell service and internet. Besides the free version, there is also a pro version available. This pro version comes at $3.99, and with the pro version, you can create, save or share your trip with your friends and family. It also enables you to use the app in online mode. The most important advantage of this app is that you can locate yourself on the OFSC trail map at any time and from anywhere. 

With “Go Snowmobiling Ontario,” you can share your location and check the availability of the OFSC trail map on your mobile device.


A snowmobiles rider also has the opportunity to access GPS enabled OFSC trail map. TrakMaps facilitates the availing of real-time location data. If you use TrakMaps, you can avail of Go Snowmobiling Ontario. It offers a snowmobile trail for Garmin and Lowrance devices. The price of TrakMaps is $79.99.

TrakMaps help you curate your snowmobile trail for snow tours. You can access the best rider experience by using TrakMaps. Apart from OFSC prescribed trail, you could also enable 33 self-guided snowmobiling experiences. TrakMaps offers an accurate and precise map with details of every turn.

The scale of the map is 1:50000. The map also makes you aware of the nearby water bodies such as lakes, rivers, rivers, and waterfalls. These features may get frozen during winters and might pose a danger if not taken care of. Apart from water bodies, it also highlights nearby lodging areas like hotels, restaurants, and ATMs. In short, TrakMaps help you to view 32000kms of trails.

Printed District Trail Guides

If you want the trail guide and OFSC trail map in printed versions, you are free to approach the local district office. 

How To Read An OFSC Trail Map?

For a proper understanding of the trail map, the trails are coded in certain specified colors. This color-coding is essential for you to understand the situation of the snowmobile trail quickly. They help you to be aware of the availability of the trails. There are three prominent colors used in an OFSC trail map to denote the availability of the trails. Just as in traffic signals, they are Green, Yellow, and Red. The significance of these colors is also nearly the same as that of a traffic signal. 

The Green color signifies that those OFSC trails are available for snow tours. The organized snowmobiling activity in those trails is likely to be safe and secure. But, it also may be noted that the trial might fluctuate in quality and attributes. 

The yellow color on the OFSC trail map indicates limited availability. It means that those OFSC trails are honorable with certain reservations. It would help if you were under the speed limit on those tracks to remain safe. They have marginal snowmobiling opportunities. It would be best if you exercised vigilance in them.

The red color is indicative of the unavailability of the trail. It may be unsafe or dangerous for you to venture there. It also represents trails unavailable because of prohibited access by the relevant snowmobile club. In such a case, if you enter there, you would be trespassing. 

The OFSC trail map and Trail Status Report only record the availability of the trails for use. It does not represent the quality of the snowmobile trail. Thus, you are reminded to use utmost caution and care before entering the OFSC trails.

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