Justin Trudeau – An Insightful Prime Minister

Justin Trudeau is a teacher, a father, and a responsible leader. He is a young, active, charming, handsome, outgoing, outspoken, progressive, visionary, and dominant leader who is currently the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada.

The leader has an inspiring background. Justin Trudeau is a leader who is more than what meets the eye. He is one of the most remarkable leaders that the world has ever known.

Despite being the son of the former prime minister, he shied away from public life for most of his life and did not show any open interest in politics.

And, he came into the media spotlight much later in his life. He is an outspoken liberal and promised in his campaign to bring Real change to his country.

Justin Trudeau
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A Leader is Born!

Justin Pierre James Trudeau was born on Christmas day, December 25, 1971, into a family of generational powerful and influential political leaders.

Justin Trudeau’s father, Pierre Trudeau, was in office as the Prime Minister of Canada when he was born. His mother was Margaret Sinclair. Margaret and Pierre had a thirty-year age difference between them.

Pierre Trudeau served as the 15th Prime Minister of Canada, from 1968-1979 and 1980-1984 respectively. His paternal grandfather Charles Emile Trudeau was an influential businessman, and his maternal grandfather James Sinclair was the then Minister of Fisheries.

Justin Trudeau was the eldest of three sons (Justin, Alexandre, and Michel Trudeau) between Pierre and Margaret Trudeau.

The then U.S president Richard Nixon, when he met Trudeau’s family in 1972, famously declared his toast “to the future Prime Minister of Canada.” And, today, Justin Trudeau is indeed the Prime Minister of Canada.

Childhood and Early Life

After his parents’ separation in 1977, Justin Trudeau mostly grew up with his father at his Official residence 24, Sussex Drive, Ottawa.

Justin Trudeau graduated from McGill University in 1994 and from the University of British Columbia in the year 1998 .

Trudeau has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Literature and a Bachelor of Education degree as well. He also enrolled in two other different colleges but only dropped out without graduating.

In his first year at McGill University, Trudeau cultivated an interest in debating through his friend Gerald Butts, who later became Justin Trudeau’s political consultant.

At one such debating tournament at Princeton University, New Jersey, he also encountered Ted Cruz, the Republican Candidate for the 2016 U.S Presidential Election.

Unfortunately, in 1998 his youngest brother Michel Trudeau lost his life in an avalanche accident. Since then, Trudeau has been actively campaigning for winter sports safety under the banner Kokanee Glacier Alpine Campaign. The campaign was named so, as Michel was allegedly found dead at the bottom of the Kokanee lake.

Rise of a Leader

Trudeau, after his graduation, worked as a teacher in Vancouver, and he took up many other jobs as well, including working as a camp counselor, nightclub bouncer, and snowboarding instructor.

Justin Trudeau also became a media personality. He was a part of the cast of the CBC show The Great War, which was about the history of Canada’s participation in World War I.

He began to receive media attention in 2000 at his father’s official state funeral, where he was delivering a eulogy. Justin Trudeau, since then, has been in the constant media spotlight for various reasons.

The CBC Channel repeatedly relayed on air Justin Trudeau’s eulogy speech several times. Many of the prominent politicians since then were eagerly awaiting Justin’s entry into politics.

Beginning of Political Career

Following his father’s death, the shift of media focussed on Justin Trudeau. In his initial days, he only extended his support to his party The Liberal Party candidates in elections as just the son of the former leader.

It was only in 2007 he first took part in elections representing his party. He won his first election as a politician that year, becoming the Mayor of Papineau, a nearby district of Montreal.

In 2008, following the electoral victory of his party, a Papineau district, his party became the Official Opposition in the House of Commons. Later in 2014, he became the Member of Parliament for Papineau.

In 2013, he became the leader of his own Liberal Party. Despite speculations in the media that Trudeau lacked substance to that as a politician to become the leader of the Liberal Party.

Polls predicted that if Trudeau becomes the leader of the Liberal Party, it will increase the party’s popularity amongst the youth. Many political experts claim that Justin Trudeau had a starry reputation that helped him win the leadership.

In 2015, after a prolonged election campaign, Trudeau and his Liberal Party successfully won the federal elections putting an end to a decade of Conservative rule in Canada, with 39.5%, 184/338 of the majority votes becoming a stable government in the Parliament.

This electoral victory was considered the second-best performance of the Liberal Party. In the recently held 2019 federal elections, Trudeau and his party won the elections again, becoming an incumbent party.

But, the party lost its votes and also lost its majority status in the House of Commons, losing 20 votes to his opposition parties.

Real Change

Real change was the campaign slogan of Trudeau and his Liberal Party. Liberalism and Social Liberalism is the proclaimed ideology of his party.

One of the significant reforms done by Trudeau’s government is the legalization of Marijuana or Cannabis. Under this reform, the possession and consumption of Marijuana were permitted for recreational purposes. Possession would be limited, and there is heavy taxation on such drugs.

He expressed his support for the public display of religious symbols like the Burqa for Muslims, Bindi for Hindus, and kippah for Jews.

He also promised to increase immigration in Canada by up to one million between 2017 and 2020. Increasing the number of immigrants from 300,000 in 2017 to 310,000 in 2018 and to 340,000 in 2020.


Justin Trudeau, too, had controversies in his career. But, they were never as infamous as his friend Donald Trump.

In September 2019, controversial photos of Justin Trudeau wearing brownface makeup in an Arabic costume when he was a teacher went viral on the internet. Many considered his costume and makeup racist and offensive.

In another photo taken in his high school days, he was seen with black skin makeup singing at a talent show. He soon apologized for his actions saying that he was not aware that would be considered something racist in the future.

Though some experts speculated that it might affect Trudeau’s approval rating in the following election, an opinion poll showed none of his supporters cared and was in his defense during the ongoing controversy.

Everyone’s Beloved Leader

Justin Trudeau is a bumbling, young, active, charming, handsome, outgoing, outspoken, and dominant leader. He is also a great sports and fitness enthusiast as well.

He is exceedingly empathetic to the immigrants and has pledged to increase immigration into Canada gradually by up to one million immigrants. He takes part in Pride marches often and calls himself a proud feminist.

He married his wife Sophie Gregoire in 2005. Sophie Gregoire was a childhood friend of Justin and his brother Michel. The couple has three kids,  Ella-Grace Margaret Trudeau, Hadrien Trudeau, and Xavier James Trudeau.

To understand his support for immigrants, a Syrian couple who migrated to Canada, named their newborn child Justin himself to express their love and courtesy to the Canadian leader.

In fact, in 2017, when U.S. President Donald Trump announced his decision to ban immigrants from seven Islamic nations, Justin Trudeau offered to open up the borders of his nation to victims fleeing war and persecution in those countries.

He once took part in a charity boxing match in 2012, where he fought against a Conservative leader Patrick Brazeau and won against him. He sports a tattoo on his left arm.

In many public events, he would often be found wearing colorful and attractive shoe socks that express his opinion relevant to the time.

He wore rainbow-colored socks that expressed his support for the LGBTQ community and also put on the socks to welcome persecuted immigrants from Islamic nations. He is indeed a very creative leader as well.

A Ray of Hope – Justin Trudeau

In this political era, where leaders turn down persecuted groups from across the globe and close their borders to foreigners, and are xenophobic, Justin Trudeau is indeed seen as a ray of hope for those people struggling with dark times of their life.

As the leader of Canada, he promised his country a safe space for refugees that escaped persecution and death in their own countries.

Under Trudeau, Canada has become a hospitable nation for those who have never witnessed a warm environment in their country.

Justin’s experience as a father, teacher, and responsible leader combined with his vision for a progressive, sustainable, hospitable, and robust Canadian nation to make the country a suitable place for every individual to thrive in harmony with each other is a true story that inspires us.

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