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Top Ten Canadian Magazines To Check Out – Your Best Guide

Magazines are one of the best sources of information related to worldwide topics. Magazines tend to acknowledge you with your subjects of interest in a much more secure and concise form. In this article, you will come across the top ten Canadian magazines out there.

Best Canadian Magazines To Check Out

Canada has its full series of incredible, mesmerizing, and knowledgeable magazines, which many people admire and follow. Still, these top ten Canadian magazines are charismatic enough to be considered for the top position.

a) Chatelaine

Chatelaine is an English language-based, very well-known, and appreciated brand of Canadian magazine primarily for women. Chatelaine covers almost all topics of your interests, including lifestyle, feminism, food, politics, relationships, decor, and health.

Fundamentally, this magazine is a source of all the essential knowledge you crave in your life. Chatelaine was first published in March 1928 by Maclean publishing which is known for its trade publications like Canadian Grocer & General Storekeeper.

Chatelaine started to post topics about rising feminism and women’s issues from 1955 to 1977 when Chatelain’s editor was Doris Anderson.

Back in 1928, during the start of this great magazine, Canadian women were told to choose a name for this upcoming magazine with prize money of $1000 for the winner by Maclean Hunter, the publisher. The house received 75 thousand entries for this contest.

A rancher’s wife, from British Columbia, suggested the name Chatelaine which was very much intriguing and fascinating. Hence, selected for the upcoming magazine brand. Chatelaine refers to a ring of keys that long ago was used by the women, female of the house, to get to the other parts of the house.

In 2014, Chatelaine ranked first among all the Canadian magazines as the largest magazine in Canada. It made an overall circulation of  534,294 copies. Well, Chatelaine reduced its frequency from 12 to 6 times a year in 2017.

Currently, it is still the fourth-largest magazine in Canada. Chatelaine has an excellent hold in the top ten Canadian magazines.

b) Maclean

Maclean is a Canadian English-language based magazine with subjects like pop culture, news, and current events. The plan of this magazine was so much like to “entertain but also inspire readers” when it first came out.

The founder, the publisher of this magazine J B Maclean, established the magazine from a specific point of view of awakening the audience about Canadian affairs. Maclean’s earned much fame for its brilliant photography.

Started as The Business magazine, renamed to The Busy Man’s Magazine in December 1905, which was more about topics like immigration, national defense, home life, women’s suffrage, and fiction.

Later the publisher, and founder, renamed the magazine after his name in 1911. The reason told was the title was too reminiscent of the business magazine, which has become much of a general interest publication.

Maclean’s magazine has been through much of the controversies like the Canadian Islamic Congress complaint, Quebec controversy, and the “Too Asian?’ article but has managed to be in the top ten Canadian magazines.

Maclean is also known for his guide to Canadian universities known as the “Maclean’s University Guide” published annually in March. A ranking issue of “Maclean’s University Guide” is published in November, which is for the last year students in high school and entering their first year in Canadian universities.  In 2019 its current publisher, St. Joseph’S Communications, purchased the magazine.


FLARE is a reinvention of the great CHATELAINE magazine with the same publisher, founder Maclean Hunter. FLARE is a Canadian English-language-based fashion magazine.

FLARE often features American or international stars as cover stories. Still, it mainly focuses on Canadian content, and its role in various fields like art, fashion, media, music, entertainment, health, and beauty, as well as depicts stories related o young Canadian females.

FLARE is an outcome of the brainstorming of Donna Scott hired by Maclean Hunter management for the two magazines, namely CHATELAINE and the teen generations.

FLARE mainly focuses on young career women, and it was a fascinating outcome.

Keitha Maclean, the first editor of the FLARE, made it to Canada’s first successful fashion magazine and also to the top ten Canadian magazines.

From the onset of January 2017, FLARE was supposed to be published online only.

d) enRoute

enRoute is the brand of air Canada and is one of their unusual and very well-known in-flight magazines. enRoute is a Canadian magazine available in English and French languages. enRoute is very well known for its superior content and much famous for the same.

Spafax Canada Inc. publishes enRoute, and its headquarter is in Montreal, Quebec. enRoute is handed over in all Air Canada flights for free and also in its Maple Leaf Lounges.

In 2010 enRoute won 10 awards at the Canadian National Magazine Awards, which was an excellent achievement for the magazine, and right after it in May 2012, it was given the title of Best Inflight Magazine by

The magazine was also an organizer of the great Air Canada enRoute Film Festival, which ran from 2007 to 2016, and served as a platform for emerging filmmakers.

e) Toronto Life

Toronto life is a Canadian English magazine mostly publishing about topics like entertainment, current news, daily news, social issues, trends, lifestyle, and much more. It was established in 1966 and purchased by Michael de Pencier in the year 1972. Later on, St. Joseph Media bought it.

The magazine is a blockbuster winner of the Canadian National Magazine Awards, with 110 gold awards as well as three awards for the magazine of the year in 1985, 1989, and 2007.

It’s also known for its various annual exclusive interest guides writing about topics like Real Estate, Stylebook, Eating & Drinking, City, Home, and Neighbourhoods.

An article named Jennifer Pan’s Revenge: The inside story of a golden child, the killers she hired, and the parents she wanted dead played a significant role in the previous incident which is the murder of Jennifer Pan to international attention.

Toronto life has also been through much of controversies related to Libel suits and many others. For once, the magazine was also claimed for Unlawful Employment Practices as well as for Violation of Journalism Ethics.

It still stands in the top ten Canadian magazines and has a circulation of 87,929 of and readers up to 890,000.

f) Zoomer

Zoomer Magazine is a part of the Zoomer Media company that has established itself in various mass media communication fields like Conventional Television Stations.

Moses Znaimer controls Zoomer Media. The primary target of this group is the baby boomers with zipping, who refer to the people who desire to be socially and culturally active in their early 50, 60, and 70s.

It was founded in 2007 by Moses Znaimer, whose headquarters are in Toronto, Ontario. No doubt, Zoomermedia is an all-rounder in the field of media, especially, Zoomer magazine, making it one of the top ten Canadian magazines.

g) NOW

NOW is a Canadian English language-based magazine/newspaper and an online publication owned by the company Media Central Publication. The website content of NOW includes mainly columns of sex advice by Dan Savage named Savage love and astrology by Rob Brezsny named Real Astrology, which is very much followed and liked by many people.

It comes (first published in 1981) under publishers named Michael Hollett and Alice Klein. Now is published every Thursday and 52 times a year. It focuses on perspectives like entertainment, news, culture, and arts. It is available at various places like cafes, subway stations, restaurants, stores, clothing outlets, movie venues, and many other places.

Hollett sold the magazine to Klein in 2016 and then further handed it over to Media Central Company for 2 million dollars.

NOW also focuses on green efforts, making sure the ink used for printing is 100 percent vegetable-based dyes.

Further, it also follows a 100 percent recycled paper policy, which is a significant step and effort to the current environmental issues and thus, which surely ensures its place in the top ten Canadian magazines.

h) Realscreen


Realscreen is a brand of Brunico Communications, which is an English-language-based Canadian magazine publishing. Realscreen is the only international magazine working on non-fiction films and also the television industry.

It publishes a quarterly printed magazine, runs a website of news and industry formation, and finally runs the Annual Realscreen Summit during which the Realscreen Awards, which is mainly for presenting awards to the unscripted films and non-fiction film media in a range of categories.

Thus Realscreen has achieved a lot by being credited to the top ten Canadian magazines.

i) Elle Canada

ELLE was crafted immediately after World War 2, which is a worldwide magazine mainly focusing on fashion, beauty, health, and entertainment. Founded in 1945, its topic refers to the word “she” or “her” in French.

ELLE is the world’s largest fashion magazine in 60 countries and has 46 international editions. It is published in Canada by the TVA group. Elle is originally France’s production but is famous worldwide, and in Canada too, it has acquired much of the attention and love of the people.

Elle was first issued in 1945, since then, it has had an outstanding journey throughout many countries and also has its place in the top ten Canadian magazines.

j) The Kit

The KIT magazine is a product of the Toronto Star Newspaper limited and Star media group. The KIT magazine is a 360-degree beauty and style leader. The Kit covers most topics like style, culture, trends, lifestyle, horoscope, and much more.

This magazine brilliantly delights and informs you that all women should know, talking to women on every level of the multitude, and engaging with them on every platform. Making Kit one of the top ten Canadian magazines.


So these are the top ten Canadian magazines that you must read in your free time. Do enjoy them!

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