Universities In Ontario – 7 Best Options!

Ontario is Canada’s busiest and most beautiful province. Forty percent of the country’s population lives in Ontario, so naturally, that is where all the best global universities and colleges are!

Ontario is world-renowned for its exquisite higher education institutions and subsequent career prospects. If you are an avid reader of publications like Times Higher Education, read along!

Universities in Ontario attract students from all around the world, which is why over 51 percent of the area’s population was not born a resident of Canada.

This makes the province ideal for students from overseas or students that are trying to experience more than their small-town lives.

Top 7 Universities In Ontario

Studying in Ontario colleges will allow you to meet new people, get ahead in your career, and get the best education Canada has to offer. So without further ado, let’s get into our definitive ranking of the seven best universities in Ontario.

1. University of Toronto

The University of Toronto lies 28th in terms of 2022 QS world university rankings. Out of all the global universities and colleges in Ontario, the University of Toronto is undoubtedly the best.

Founded in 1827, the University of Toronto is one of Ontario’s oldest and most prestigious higher education schools. Research has always been this institute’s priority, and they have been at the forefront of science and technology for decades.

The University of Toronto has received 1.1 billion dollars in research funding and has contributed a total of 15.7 billion back into the Canadian economy. Those statistics alone are proof of the University’s excellence.

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The University of Toronto has 980 programs of study over three campuses. Whether you want to study the arts, science, technology, or commerce, this university has a plan and school for you.

The St. George campus is the first one out of the three to have been built and thus has stunning gothic architecture, preserved from the Victorian era.

It is the situated smack bang in the heart of Downtown Toronto, and the juxtaposition of modern and vintage makes for surreal student experience.

The Mississauga campus is the campus of innovation. The futuristic blue glass walls exterior creates an atmosphere that is conducive to the scientists, tech moguls, and mathematicians that emerge from the University of Toronto. The Scarborough campus is the most student-friendly.

It is the newest addition to the University of Toronto family and is seemingly designed to make your experience as smooth as possible. It is no wonder the campus is a favorite amongst international students.

The school’s prestige and pomp do, however, come with a hefty price tag to match! Fees for domestic students can reach up to 15,000 dollars, and international students could end up paying a whopping 60,000 dollars annually! While the school is expensive, it is entirely worth the price.

If you love the University of Toronto but can’t afford the tuition fees, do not fret! The University of Toronto has a plethora of scholarships that you may be eligible for!

Universities in Ontario do not believe in having your dreams hindered by your finances.

2. University of Waterloo

University of Waterloo campus tour

The University of Water Loo lies in the 149th position in terms of 2022 QS world university rankings. Located in the small town of Waterloo, this University may seem unassuming at first but make no mistake!

The University of Waterloo is ranked number one for student and employer connections, was voted one of the most innovative Universities in Ontario, and was ranked 2nd in Canada in computer science and engineering.

This university opened its doors in 1957 with just 74 students! Today, they have an annual average of over 48,000 enrolments. Naturally, the campus is extensive to accommodate this massive student population.

The campus stretches over 1000 acres, and the six faculties are divided over a hundred or more buildings. Not bad for small town Waterloo!

3. York University

Another Toronto-based institute, York University is Canada’s 3rd most extensive higher education facility (2nd largest in Ontario).

Toronto is an amazingly multicultural city, and that is why York University boasts 8,500 international students from over 178 different countries ! Anyone can fit right into this diverse community. It is one of the largest universities in the world.

York University is world-famous for its ambitious partnerships. The two main campuses are the Keele campus in the Greater Toronto Area and the Glendon campus in North York.

The Keele campus makes it one of the largest universities in Canada. Keele the largest campus, offering over 160 Undergraduate programs, while Glendon is Canada’s only bilingual campus!

In addition to the primary schools, York University has partnerships with other Universities and colleges in Ontario, Hyderabad, Costa Rica, and more. York University lies in 494th place in terms of 2022 QS world university rankings.

4. Queen’s University

QUEEN'S University Kingston Ontario Canada 4K

Queen’s University has been one of the most highly ranked universities in Ontario for 175 years! The institute only has one campus (in the modest city of Kingston) but has managed to curate a network of 159,000 alumni in over 153 different countries.

Amongst these alumni are such notable names as 2015 Nobel Prize winner Arthur B. McDonald. It may not be the largest university around, but it is certainly worth considering!

universities in Ontario
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Queen’s University has some impressive statistics, with 91 percent of graduates finding employment within six months of completing their undergraduate degree.

This is especially impressive when we factor in the fact that Queen’s University has a degree completion rate of 93 percent!

The only statistic that falls short in comparison to other Universities in Ontario is that only 10 percent of the institution’s total alumni are international students.

5. McMaster University

McMaster University Campus Tour

The final University on our list is McMaster University in the metropolitan city of Hamilton. The University is sought after for its world-class medical school programs. However, the plans are not what launched McMaster University to fame.

The institute is world-famous status frim its unique teaching and learning style, later dubbed the ‘Mcmaster Model.’ Studying at this university will guarantee you will have an experience like no other!

The 300-acre main campus at Westdale has some of the most scenic views of all the universities in Ontario. The school has a bustling arts community with four libraries and the McMaster University of Art.

This makes McMaster University a perfect blend of art and science to help students become fully rounded members of society.

6. University of British Columbia

UBC Campus Tour || University of British Columbia Vancouver

The University of British Columbia was established in 1908. It is the oldest university in British Columbia. The University of British Columbia ranks among the top three universities in Canada.

It is indeed a high-ranked university in Canada. The University of British Columbia has campuses in Vancouver and Kelowna. Kelowna has good options for law and medical school.

7. University of Windsor

Should You School: University of Windsor

The University of Windsor is Canada’s southernmost public research university. The University of Windsor was established by the provincial government in 1962.

It has graduated more than 135,000 alumni. It has nine different faculties. The University of Windsor primarily focuses on automotive, environmental, social justice, and international trade research.

If you are interested in medical school, Windsor University School of Medicine is the place to go!

Factors to Consider Before Choosing

Before deciding between the top universities in Ontario, there are many things to consider. You need to factor in more than just price and prestige!

Residence, community, location, and amenities are all things that should be weighed carefully before you commit the next four years of your life to one school.

They have an annual budget of $600 million and funds over 8000 projects a year.

1. Finances

Tuition fees are an essential part of the college decision-making process, but tuition fees are not the be-all and end-all of the costs of getting a degree.

Ancillary charges, residence or rent payments, and exam fees could add up to quite a hefty amount even if the tuition fees were relatively low.

The best thing to do is to utilize the financial planning calculators available on most University websites. Consider applying for scholarships and Grants from the OSAP or the University’s financial aid programs.

2. Location

The place you stay in can make a massive difference to your student experience. Before deciding, take a look at the surrounding area. Is there accessible transport? How expensive is the average cost of living? What are other facilities close by? It is essential to make sure that you will have a comfortable and smooth transition into dorm life.

Another thing to consider if you are an international student is where the nearest airports are. You should also look for Universities in areas where you have friends or family so that you will not be utterly alone in your first year.

It may also be vital for you to consider moving to multicultural areas like Toronto to help you find members and products from your community.

The things we miss the most about home is food and living in an area that has a significant population from your ethnic group, living in places like Toronto may ease that homesickness.

Your future career should also be factored in as you should consider where the best job opportunities for you are as you decide between the Universities in Ontario.

3. Student Amenities

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It is vital to remember that a university should provide more than just an education and degree. Look for Canadian universities that have a range of student clubs and socials.

One thing to look out for is the student and career counseling facilities, as you will want to pick a university that will provide you with as much support as you need during the next four years of your life.

You should also look out for things like libraries, free Wi-Fi, cheap food, and student discounts. After all, college can get expensive, and the greatest institutes in Ontario are some of the priciest Canadian universities!

4. Admission Criteria

Before applying, make sure you meet the admission criteria as you don’t want to pay hefty application fees only to find out that you never stood a chance!

Make sure your English proficiency (if required), average grades, and co-curricular achievements are all up to standard before you begin the long and competitive admissions process.

Conclusion About Universities In Ontario

Universities in Ontario are some of the best in the world. Arts, science, or technology – Ontario has it all! Research and holistic learning are the Ontario way, and there is a robust and multicultural community that will attest to that fact.

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You can read publications like the Times Higher Education for more information on global universities. Times Higher Education is a British magazine that reports current affairs in the field of education.

That being said, you must take into account your situation and what needs and requirements you have. Your needs could vary from someone else’s vastly, and although it is always great to pick a highly ranked University, that may not be the best option for you.

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