What to buy in Aruba What to buy in Aruba

What to Buy in Aruba? 5 Exciting Shopping Ideas

Aruba, found in the sunny South Caribbean, is what it proclaims to be -“ One Happy Island.” Friendly smiles and sunny weather promise every traveller a warm and fluttering heart. A petite island with white sandy beaches and turquoise waters.

The pink flamingos dip in the clear waters while divi-divi trees sway in the background. Every moment is a memory in the making and simply the best memory anyone could have.

Apart from the million things to do in Aruba, get thrilled about Aruba shopping. Here is a look at some exciting ideas of what to buy in Aruba.

What to Buy in Aruba
Image by Helmut Mueller from Pixabay

Aruba is a one-stop shopping destination for everyone. The possibility of finding gifts is as high as that of the California Lighthouse in Aruba. Betico Croes’s main street has gift shops, boutiques, and stores that give visitors the perks of window shopping. The weather is ideal for shopping all year long.

You can drop by San Nicolas, which has an array of murals adorned shops showcasing local talents. 

When you visit Aruba, shop to your heart’s content and forget about price tags. Here is a comprehensive guide on what to shop in Aruba.

1. Aruba Aloe Vera Products

Screenshot from the official site arubaloe.com

You might have noticed the vast aloe farms in Aruba, and that’s exactly why it’s called the “Island of Aloes.” The island’s latitude, while perfect for a sunny getaway, does not lead to overheating due to the consistent temperature and cooling breezes in Aruba.

It has more sunny days than other islands, averaging 82 degrees. This climate makes it ideal for aloe to thrive on the island.

 In Aruba, everything is on vacation, even your skin. If you are wondering what is the first thing to buy in Aruba, the answer is Aruba aloe. Not only does it give you sun protection, but it also gives your face a warm, soft glow, keeping all outdoor fun a secret. With its mere application, aloe can cool your red, hot face and make you look refreshed and glowing.

It would make it seem that you spent the day at the spa instead of under the sun. So you can skip the beauty parlour all you want. Aloe also hydrates, checks those pesky breakouts, and makes pores smaller. Like ancient queens, you can also add aloe to your daily skincare.

Aruba’s awesome products come straight from nature. Aloe is in almost every product today, why settle for anything but the best? Pamper yourself with Aruba aloe products.

2. Dutch Treats: Cheeses and Stroopwafels

Aruba’s Dutch Heritage may have charmed you. If you’re a fan of all things Dutch, why don’t you wander the streets and get tempted by the aromatic smell of cheese? It’s not just any cheese- it is Dutch cheese!

Indeed, happy tourists munch on the warm and fresh Dutch Stroopwafels packed into tins. Dunk the stroopwafels in a steaming cup of coffee. Enjoy the caramel filling sandwiched between the wafers.

These could be affordable and a quick pick-me-up for when you need a little energy boost. These heavenly delights disappear faster than you can say “Stroopwafels.” So remember to pack extra, as we are still not sure if these treats will make it to your home and intended beneficiaries.

3. Aruba License Plates

Source Screenshot from Licenceplatestv

Swap coins and fridge magnets for Aruba License plates that scream “One Happy Island.” It says loudly and clearly that the island is all about being joyful, unique, and super committed to being happy.

Who said change is a bad thing? While many places in the world stick to the same look, Aruba elevates the fun factor. The roads in Aruba have unique vehicle registration plates and a rich history of aloe vera cultivation, contributing to the island’s cultural heritage.

You can modify them with personal messages, preferred numbers or names. Aruban license plates are moving ambassadors designed to celebrate milestones and events.

4. Aruba Souvenirs

Sea-Glass Jewellery
Screenshot from the official site: gloriafiliciana.com

Aruba sells sea-glass jewelry made with ocean-tossed aqua glass shards. Are diamonds and platinum not your style? Several shops on the island sell a great souvenir- a rare blue gem called ‘Larimar.’ 

Update your wardrobe with pop colours and iconic shirt designs featuring Aruba’s nature. Arubans are so eco-conscious that they recycle plastic to make reusable bags and flip-flops.

Some of these souvenirs you can buy in Aruba from shops like Coconuts, which exhibits a popular brand known as Biba Dushi. This means living a sweet life in the local language, Papiamento.

These souvenirs not only mark what you bring back home but also mark the conscious choice that you made to save Aruba’s nature. Colourful scarves, vintage treasures, beachwear, and more fill the kiosks. Beautiful wooden works by local artisans are worth buying to adorn your house.

Across the “I love Aruba” sign, you’ll find the local market. In this place, you’ll find unique pieces, sundresses, straw hats, and beaded jewellery.

5. Luxury Shopping Places

The malls on the main street of Aruba, Betico Croes, offer a variety of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options for a unique shopping experience. The mall’s architecture also reminds you that Aruba used to be a Dutch colony.

If you are looking for where and what to buy in Aruba, visit the famous malls on the Island. You’ll find accessories, gifts, and luxury brands to buy for your family and friends.

5.1. Renaissance Mall

Renaissance Mall
Screenshot from the official site: themallaruba.com

Are you on a  wild goose chase for coveted designer labels? Find world-famous brands like Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, and Carolina Herrera at the Renaissance Mall. Moreover, express and stand out in the crowd with your fashion style.

The Renaissance Mall in Aruba offers luxury shopping experiences with a variety of high-end brands, but it does not provide direct access to beaches.

Location: L.G Smith Boulevard, Oranjestad, near Aruba Cruise Terminal.

5.2. Royal Plaza Mall

Royal Plaza Mall
Image by falco from Pixabay

This place has something for everyone! Shoppers and photographers spend hours in Royal Plaza Mall. Take pictures of the stunning sea beside your shopping.

Moreover, there is no need for GPS. The popping blue and pink colour of the Royal Plaza Mall would undoubtedly grab your eye.

Location: L.G. Smith Boulevard 94, Oranjestad.

5.3. Paseo Herencia Mall

Paseo Herencia Mall
Screenshot from the official site: paseoherencia.com

Give those sandy toes a break from Palm Beach and gift yourself a retail therapy. If shopping isn’t your partner’s thing, Paseo Herencia Mall also hosts night performances. 

In addition, it has a multiplex cinema, restaurants, and cozy coffee shops. Furthermore, on special occasions, the mall lights up the sky with fireworks.

Location: J.E Irausquin Boulevard 382A, Noord, Aruba.

5.4. Palm Beach Plaza Mall

Palm Beach Plaza Mall
Screenshot from the official site: aruba.com

Palm Beach deserves to see you strut in a Victoria’s Secret swimsuit. Palm Beach Plaza Mall offers a variety of entertainment options, including stores, a kiddie arcade, a bowling alley, a mega multiplex movie theater, and a food court.

A long day of shopping and enjoying the beach would make you crave food. Fortunately, some restaurants in this shopping complex offer a variety of dining options. Bowling alley adds extra fun.

Location: Opp. Irausquin Boulevard. 

5.5. Renaissance Marketplace

Screenshot from the official site: Renaissance Marketplace

Fear melting under the Caribbean sun while shopping in Aruba? Renaissance Marketplace is your savior in the night. To elaborate, it features daily live music events, art fairs, a casino, and a 6-screen cinema.

Afterward, walk with friends or family members amidst gift shops. Also, don’t forget to sip your favorite drink from the famous “It’s five o’clock somewhere” bar. 

Location: L.G Smith Boulevard 9, Oranjestad.


So, why consider Aruba in South America for your next visit? No one returns empty-handed after spending the best moments of their life on this island. We guarantee that there will be no light packing on your journey back home. It would be a crime to leave without shopping in Aruba. 

You’ll find worthy buys from jewelry stores, local markets, and flea markets. The level of priority Arubans give to their environment and their island’s heritage is inspiring. Now that you have an idea of what to buy in Aruba, you can start to budget so that you can satisfy all your shopping demands.


1. What products are made in Aruba?

There is no end to the cool things you can get in Aruba. They’ve got hot sauce, cute lizard toys, Palmera rum, and perfumes. Also, Cuban cigars, sea-glass jewellery, cactus jams, Dutch ceramics and much more. The shopping strips in San Nicolas have got everything.

2. Is Aruba cheaper than other places?

Aruba gives you the joy of having more money in your pocket even when your hands are full. 1.5% sales tax means a lot of savings on tax-free jewellery and items like clothes and perfumes. Compared to the general US store, they cost less.

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