Scenic view of Santorinis white buildings and blue waters. Scenic view of Santorinis white buildings and blue waters.

Greek Treasures: A Guide to 20 Must-Buy Items in Greece!

Visiting Greece is a surreal experience. It is a beautiful place and home to more than 6000 breathtaking islands, of which 227 are inhabited. The land is famous for its distinctive architectural achievements, including temples, theatres, and stadia.

If you visit there, you will get to enjoy the time of your life. The wonderous Greek mythology, culture and cuisine will take you in awe. However, when you return from there, you would love to have some souvenirs that will forever remind you of this beautiful vacation. Stay with us till the end, for we bring you 26 must-buy items during your stay in Greece.

1. What to Buy in Greece

The best Greek souvenirs are not only bought by tourists but by locals as well. This is because Greek souvenirs have a huge range and diversity and are a great addition to your showcase or wardrobe. Every Greek city offers something different, although the most popular ones are located on the mainland. So, if you are wondering what to buy, here are the options for you to choose from.

1.1. Greek Olive Oil

Screenshot from the Website of The Museum of the Olive and Greek Olive Oil
Screenshot from the Website of The Museum of the Olive and Greek Olive Oil

Greek olive oil is one of the best souvenirs that you can have. It must be surprising for you to know that olive oil is a staple in Greece. It is said that Goddess Athena gifted an olive tree to Athens. After the tree was gifted to Athens, the place bore that name. The olive tree symbolizes peace, wisdom, affluence, and social and religious values.

Greece is a significant producer of olive oil; however, its production decreased in 2023 to about 160,000 tons. The specialty of Greek olive oil olives is its aroma. It has a silky fruitiness combined with freshness, which is why it can add a certain flavour to anything it is added to. It is also known as ‘liquid gold’ because of its amazing flavours.

Greece is ranked 3rd, after Spain and Italy, in olive oil production. It is said to be used a lot for cooking in Greece. Extra virgin oil is also considered a really important ingredient in the Mediterranean diet because it is rich in antioxidants.

Consuming olive oil will even lead to a lower risk of cardiovascular diseases. However, you cannot eat olives straight from the trees. You can cure it in brine. The process must be done for certain weeks, and then you can consume them.

If you visit a Greek restaurant, you can see them serving raw olive oil as a dip. The olive oil is generally served with toasted bread and oregano, making a really good appetizer. Greek olives are considered one of the world’s best because of their premium quality. They have different varieties depending on the region where the olive trees are harvested.

The taste of Greek olives ranges from bitter and fruity to a sweet and tangy flavor. If you are considering what to buy in Greece, think of buying olives, then try to go for variations. Variations are always better than just trying one type. The types of olives that are pretty famous among the locals are Kalamata olives, Nafplion green olives, and an ancient variety of plum olives.

1.2. Greek Honey

Screenshot from the Website of Mouriki Greek Premium Honey
Screenshot from the Website of Mouriki Greek Premium Honey

Greece is estimated to produce 12,000 tons of honey annually. There are different types of honey, such as thyme honey, pine honey, and heather honey. The different flavors are influenced by the climate and biodiversity of the country.

Also, a wide range of different trees and flowers influence the taste of the honey. For instance, the best quality Greek honey is the thyme honey. It has a deep golden complexion and a rich, viscous texture, almost like silk.

The specialty of Greek honey is its fragrance. There are enough variations, and the viscosity of the honey depends on that. Although the viscosity differs, the taste of the honey is always light and sweet with an aromatic flavor.

You can use the honey in different ways. You can spread the honey over bread and butter as a topping or add it to your beverages. This will make your dishes flavorful and also beneficial for your health. So, you can definitely add honey to your wishlist of Greek souvenirs.

1.3. Olive Wood

Screenshot taken from the Website of The Olive Wood Craft House
Screenshot taken from the Website of The Olive Wood Craft House

One of the most unique souvenirs to buy in Greece is Olive wood. It is really rare to find outside of Greece. Olive groves account for 12% of the total and 22% of the irrigated agricultural land of the plain of Arta, one of the significant areas for table olive production in Greece.

Its specialty is that it is solid and sturdy. It looks gorgeous because of its color tones, honey tones, and lots of water.

There are three different types of olive wood. “Koroneiki” is used for olive oil production, “Kalamon” is used for edible oil, and “Koustrellia” is used for both edible oil and olive making.

The products that are generally made from olive wood are unique and built to last a lifetime. They include cutting boards, utensils for serving salad, chessboards, and different bowls. You can give your friends and family these Greek gifts. They will surely love them because of their uniqueness and sturdiness.

1.4. Traditional Greek Pasta

Traditional Greek pasta is delicious and made of eggs, milk, and wheat. Local terms for Greek pasta are gogkoi and strides, to name a few. You can also go for the sweet and sour tracheas prepared in cold winters.

The locals consider Greek pasta a delicacy, but the pasta varieties are found on different islands. For instance, Makarounes are found on Kos Island, whilst Flomaria is a favorite on Limnos Island. So, when you are buying pasta in Greece, just be sure to browse all of them and choose the best one.

1.5. Greek Coffee

How to make the perfect cup of Greek Coffee!

Greek coffee is a must to buy in Greece because of its strong and aromatic flavour. It is considered a staple in Greek breakfasts. They consume about 5.5 kilograms of coffee per capita annually. There is no better place to take your coffee than in a Greek taverna. It is generally served in small cups, known as Demitasse.

Greek coffee needs a fine grind that is only possible in a narrow and tall pot called Briki. Briki comes in a copper or utilitarian inox, and they do the brewing of coffee slowly over a cooker. The brewing is often done at a Bunsen burner over an open fire system.

You will have to make sure that you accidentally do not drink the thick sediment that is found at the bottom of the cup. Coffee is an important part of the Greek lifestyle. So, buying Greek coffee along with a pack of demitasse cups will make wonderful Greek souvenirs.

1.6. Greek Sweets

Image by Unsplash
Image by Unsplash

You can never say no to Greek sweets. Most of them are a mixture of Ancient Greek, Middle Eastern, and Western influences. The sweets are made of crunchy phyllo and doused in honey syrup.

You can go for baklava, halva, kourkoubinia, and kantaifi. Baklava is a Turkish delight that contains ingredients like filo pastry, thick syrup, and nuts. The main ingredients in halva are tahini and sugar.

Certain confectioneries that you must definitely try are chocolate olives and koufeta, which are basically egg-shaped sweets. You can give almond candy, sesame pies, and pasteli a try. Pasteli is a really popular snack in the Greek tradition. It contains sesame seeds, honey, and sugar and is seasoned with cinnamon, cloves, and mastika.

Traditional spoon sweets are also popular. These spoon sweets have ten different types to try from. The amazing part is that they are low in calories. So you can satisfy your sweet cravings without any guilt.

1.7. Evil Eye

Image from Unsplash
Image from Unsplash

According to traditional Greek culture, you might get an evil eye if someone is staring at you intensely with deep envy or jealousy. The idea of the evil eye is common in the Mediterranean, Middle East, African, and Asian countries.

The evil eye might make you experience a lack of energy, bad luck, headaches, and nausea. Many people say that you can wear a ‘mati’ to avoid the evil eye.

Mati is a blue-colored eye charm. It is available in different forms, such as earrings, bracelets, pendants, and even wall or desk ornaments. Greeks wear this charm to expel any evil eye cast on them. You can easily find it in any Greek shop that sells souvenirs.

1.8. Feta Cheese

Screenshot taken from the Website of Greek Feta Cheese Farm
Screenshot taken from the Website of Greek Feta Cheese Farm

The most popular among Greek cheeses is the Feta cheese. It has got a really unique taste with a soft and crumbly texture. It is really popular in Greek culture and the Mediterranean diet.

Feta cheese is rich in calcium, phosphorous, and vitamin B. Also, its low-fat content is beneficial for people with gut issues. It is available in Greek supermarkets. You can get them in sealed packets.

1.9. Greek Herbs and Spices

If you are thinking of what to buy in Greece to improve your culinary skills, then get herbs and spices. This is because those herbs are only available in Greece, and the quality is great compared to your ordinary spices. The Mediterranean sea and temperate climate make it ideal for cultivating flavourful herbs and spices.

Greece has a wide range of herbs and spices that are rich in vitamins and minerals. They are also fragrant and tasty and add a scent to other ingredients. Most Greek islands grow hundreds of different herbs, shrubs, and bushes, which can be found even on the driest Greek Island.

The most common herbs found in Greece are fresh or dried oregano, thyme, and sage. In ancient Greece, these respectfully symbolize love, courage, and wisdom. The herbs are collected, dried, and used to prepare Greek food. Along with these herbs, you can even find herbal teas. The herbal teas include chamomile tea, linden tea, and sage.

The most popular Greek tea is known as ‘Tsai to Vounou.’ You can also look for red saffron, Olympus tea, Cretan mountain tea, marjoram, and mountain mint

1.10. Greek Worry Beads

Screenshot from the Website of Kompoloi
Screenshot from the Website of Kompoloi

One of the best souvenirs that you can buy from Greece is Worry Beads, also known as Kompoloi. The worry beads are generally made around a piece of string. An odd number of beads are used to make these beads.

It is said that older men used to play with worry beads 50 or 100 years ago. However, they are now used as decoration pieces in Greek households. The kompoloi is often made with a tassel at the end. It is purposely made loose enough so that when the beads are tossed along the string, they make a distinct sound.

Worry beads are commonly made from materials like amber, amber resin, and coral, as well as stone, amber, and wood for Greek worry beads (komboloi). The string that is used for making the worry beads can be silver or silk. You can buy worry beads in any Greek shop, but you can get authentic ones from The Komboloi Museum.

1.11. Greek Alcohol

Screenshot from the Website of Visit Greece
Screenshot from the Website of Visit Greece

Imagine enjoying traditional Greek food at a tavern but without local beverages. Quite bland, isn’t it? Fret not, for in Greece, a meal is best accompanied by a drink.

Greek alcohol has a rich history deeply intertwined with its culture and traditions. Greece has certain well-renowned wines like Ouzo, which are made from leftover grapes used in winemaking. It is then flavored with anise, fennel, coriander, and other aromatic herbs.

Ouzo is a crystal clear drink, but it turns milky white in colour once you mix it with water. It is produced in Lesvos, Chios, and Northern Greece. You can enjoy it best when you sip it slowly alongside appetizers locally known as Mezedes.

If you like strong-flavoured Greek wines, then you can go for Raki, Tsikoudia, or Tsipouro. They have a really high alcohol degree as they are distilled from different types of pomace.

On the other hand, if you want to go for more flavorful liquors, Rakomelo, which is raki mixed with honey and spices, and Metaxa are must-try. Each has a unique flavor of its own that you cannot find anywhere else.

1.12. Greek Leather Sandals

Screenshot from the Website of Greek Chic Hand-Made
Screenshot from the Website of Greek Chic Hand-Made

If you are a footwear lover, then Greek leather sandals are a must for you. They are usually flat and light with a leather or rubber sole. These leather sandals are available in mostly brown color.

If you watch any Greek movies, you will notice that the ancient Greeks wore the same kind of handmade leather sandals. It is said in Greek mythology that the God Hermes wore feathered sandals when he worked as a messenger.

You can easily get these leather sandals in tourist shops available in the Plaka area. You can also find good family-owned businesses selling these leather sandals.

The best thing about the Greek Leather Sandals is their availability from all historical periods. Along with traditional ones, you can also find modern versions of those sandals, which are perfect for walking around the islands and mountains of Greece. They are comfortable, and your feet can breathe in them.

1.13. Greek Backgammon

Image by Denys Gromov/ Pexels
Image by Denys Gromov/ Pexels

The Backgammon Board Game is an essential part of Greek leisure. This is one of the Greek souvenirs you can consider bringing for your friends. It is a fun and convenient game to play. The backgammon set has a wooden case where you basically play the game.

The board is indeed an example of beautiful artistry as it’s made with inlaid wood and ivory. Even the dice and pieces involved in playing the game are made with fine materials. This game was originally invented in Mesopotamia and soon became really popular all over Greece, Egypt, and Persia.

If you visit Greece, you can see a lot of Greek men playing this game in cafes. It is skill-based and requires some luck. The game boards are easily available in Greek markets. They are quite bulky but can easily fit into your hand luggage. The price varies according to the product’s quality. It can range from 10-15 euros to hundreds of euros for purchasing backgammon leather or olive wood boards.

1.14. Greek Cosmetics

Greek herbs are internationally recognized for their exceptional quality and unique characteristics, especially in culinary and medicinal applications. They are a mixture of herbs, flowers, and different plants. You can indulge yourself in the goodness of those products for skin cleansing, rejuvenation, and protection.

Do not miss out on olive oil beauty products, soaps, and bubble baths, and make sure to have a heavenly experience with skin-friendly products and cosmetics while you are in Greece.

1.15. Greek Bouzouki

Screenshot from the Website of Greek Bouzouki
Screenshot from the Website of Greek Bouzouki

A Greek bouzouki is a type of instrument that looks like a mandolin. It is an advanced version of the historic Greek Pandura. You can grab a mini version if you find it heavy or bulky.

The miniature version of a Bouzouki is a Baglamas. The bouzoukis and baglamas are made with darker wood or ivory materials. These are similar materials that are used in making the Backgammon board. They also have beautiful designs and colourful patterns on them.

This makes the Bouzouki a beautiful instrument to be presented as a gift to a friend or family member who is a music lover.

1.16. Handmade Ceramics

You can find exhibitions of ancient Greek ceramics all over the world. So, you can definitely consider getting handmade ceramics as one of the Greek souvenirs for your family.

If you look around the streets of any city in Greece, you will find beautiful ceramics, from colourful cups and bowls to hand-painted ceramics made by local artists. You can also get vases, water jugs, tea and coffee sets with amazing flowery and traditional patterns.

If you have a love for decor pieces, then you should definitely check them out. You can visit the flea markets of Athens to get your hands on those beautiful hand-painted ceramics. However, make sure to pack them well and carry them safely in your bags.

1.17. Replica of Ancient Greek Statue

An interesting souvenir would be a replica of an ancient Greek statue for those looking for what to buy in Greece. Some of the figures or statues that are quite popular in Greece are the Aphrodite of Milos, Nike, and the Greek Gods and Goddesses such as Apollo and Athena.

You can find them in souvenir or museum gift shops. They are structured with variations of materials such as clay, resin, bronze, and alabaster.

1.18. Traditional Greek Costumes

Greek fashion is one of its kind and defines the powerful and historic moments of Greece. You can surely add some Traditional Greek Clothing to your closet as a memorable piece. If you want to go for the ancient fashion sense, you can go for a tunic or a dress in an archaic style and pair them up with matching accessories.

You can get a Greek fez or a gold embroidered jacket with wide sleeves. You can give the beautiful traditional flowy skirts and embroidered aprons a try. Traditional shoes were usually made of heavy leather, with sandals and pompoms on them.

1.19. Greek Carpets

Synthetic carpets or rugs are needed to complete the list of what to buy in Greece. You will be amazed by the collection of traditional carpets available in the city. If you want to add an authentic touch or a character to your living room or bedroom, you should surely check out the collection.

You can choose either the traditional Flokati rugs or Kilimia. They are made of heavy and thick woollen material and look really unique and pretty. Make sure to visit Adrianou Street for a good collection of Greek rugs and other homeware products.

1.20. Leather Accessories

We have already mentioned Greek Leather Sandals. However, there are a lot more leather products that can only be found in Greece.

You can find leather bags that are made using a traditional method involving burning and stamping. It is used for the decoration of bags, tobacco pouches, and wallets. If you are into leather jackets, fur coats, or hats, you can explore the markets of the North. They’ll be a great addition to your souvenir collection.


Greece is known for its diversity. Most visitors fall in love with the place from the get-go. This is because of the delicious Greek recipes, beautiful beaches, traditional culture, and the relaxed pace of life.

If you are thinking of visiting, make sure to prepare a list of items that you can buy in Greece and keep them as a reminder of the beautiful memories you created. Getting tokens will bring with you a small touch of the place that you visited and probably even allure you into visiting it again.


1. What are the most popular souvenirs to buy in Greece?

There are a lot of things that make perfect souvenirs. However, the most popular are olives, leather sandals, backgammon board games, and gold or silver-plated jewelry. You can also get the evil eye charm that is known internationally.

2. What Greek souvenirs are good to buy for kids?

Playmobil figurines, statues, and board games can be amazing souvenirs for kids. You can also purchase books that are based on Greek mythology. If your kid happens to be a music lover, you can go for a bouzouki or CDs of Greek musicians.

3. Which kind of jewellery is Greece mostly known for?

Greece is mostly known for its silver jewellery. It has designs that are equally unique and intricate.

4. Is shopping cheaper in Greece?

You will be surprised to know that shopping in Greece is a lot cheaper than you think. The Greek markets have fashion products at the cheapest rates possible. If you are into luxury shopping, you should definitely check out the luxury bags collection.

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