Where Is Niagara Falls Located in Canada Where Is Niagara Falls Located in Canada

9 Interesting Facts About Niagara Falls

One of the most famous waterfalls, Niagara is known for its exceptional beauty and exceptional vibe, which gives tourists an amazing charm and freshness whenever they visit this amazing natural creation.

Niagara Falls is basically located on the Niagara River in Ontario, Canada. It connects Lake Erie to Lake Ontario.

The Falls is on the international border between the United States and Canada and is a popular tourist attraction known for its beautiful scenery, natural beauty, and powerful flow of water.

It offers visitors a wide variety of activities and naturalistic ways to enjoy just simply. If you’re looking to visit Niagara, the summer months from May to August are the best time. 

A blue waterbody of Niagara Falls. Where is Niagara falls located in Canada?
By Edward Koorey / Unsplash Copyright 2018

1. Interesting Facts about Niagara Falls  

Niagara Falls has some of the most interesting and crazy facts and things to do. Let us check out 10 most interesting facts about Niagara Falls. 

1.1. Collection of Waterfalls

Many people are unaware of the beautiful fact that Niagara Falls is actually a collection of 3 waterfalls and not just a single waterfall. All three waterfalls coincide with four of the Great Lakes.

Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, Lake Erie, and Lake Huron. What a wonderful fact to know about this beautiful waterfall.

1.2. World’s Highest Flowing Waterfall 

It is known as one of the world’s highest-flowing waterfalls. About 2,400 cubic meters of water flow over Niagara Falls per second.

Which can also significantly increase the amount of water flowing from Niagara Falls. Amazing, Isn’t it? Knowing this fact, we know that visiting here will have a huge impact on the way we see water.

1.3. Formation of Niagara Falls 

The formation of Niagara Falls was over 12,000 years ago. During the ice age, glaciers were formed. Forming the great lakes to the Niagara Falls. A waterfall from over 12,000 years ago might have some crazy things to know about.

1.4. Hydroelectric Power 

Many hydroelectric powers are produced due to the falls. The Falls are used to produce hydroelectric sources to provide electricity.

More than usual, hydroelectric power plants are situated near the falls to produce electricity from the immense water flow from the falls. This is not just a waterfall but also a source of electricity.

1.5. Seasonal Revolution of Changes 

It has waterfalls that vary throughout the year, depending on the season. The immense pressure of water flow is in spring when rainfall and snowmelt occur.

Typically, during this season, the flow occurs immensely. There are many daredevils to try and go above and beyond Niagara Falls, but some tragically lose their lives while some unimaginably survive.

Niagara falls with colourful waves during night time located in Canada.
By James Wheeler / Unsplash Copyright 2018

1.6. Tourist Attraction  

As given above, it is one of the most popular tourist attractions. Many tourists visit very often just simply to see the beauty and scenery. It attracts more than 22 million visitors every year.

It offers visitors activities like observation desks, boat rides, and many attractions from the sides of Canada and America. 

1.7. Efforts from Both Sides 

Both sides of Niagara Falls, that is, Canada and America, have preserved efforts to maintain the attraction as beautiful as it is now and will be for future visitors.

Both sides take their place and their measure to protect them. Creating many convention areas and much more around Niagara Falls and also protecting the beauty the Niagara Falls holds. 

1.8. Spectacular Lights  

At night, Niagara Falls is illuminated with many colorful lights and displays, making the water flow look as heavenly as possible. It creates illumination and offers visitors a spectacular display and wonderful lights with the waterfall. 

1.9. Origin of Niagara Falls 

The name Niagara Falls is known to be or originated from “onguiaahra”, meaning “the thunder of waters” or “the strait” from the Iroquoian word. Which is quite confusingly amazing.

One of the Biggest Attractions in the World 

All in all, the Niagara Waterfalls amaze us in every way possible. It will feel like a complete dream when looking and sightseeing the waterfalls flourish down with a beautiful mist, making us more interested in the depth of what’s beyond the waterfalls.

Being developed countries, both the Canadian side and the American side have played their part in maintaining Niagara Falls as to what it is at present.

From illuminating lights and illuminations at night to taking a boat ride or a helicopter ride. So far, we have gotten to know that the point of it is to provide beauty and natural wonder to the world, highlighting the point that there is more beyond wonders.

And wonders of nature and activities in the world and Niagara Falls being one part of it that holds the biggest attraction in the world.

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Many people from around the country and the world visit Niagara Falls just to enjoy the enchanting beauty, have fun with the activities with the thundering mist and water, and get close to the waterfall in a way much more than we can imagine.

It is truly a human fascination. Where is Niagara Falls located in Canada? Niagara Falls is a wonderful place that is offered to us with its unstoppable, captivating beauty, which is filled with millions of tourists each year.

Everything about the waterfalls and the city is filled with contentment and pleasure. Every visitor visiting is very grateful to have experienced such a beautiful moment like that when visiting Niagara Falls.

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