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Grow Your Business as a Private Landlord: Detailed Knowledge About the Advertising Platforms

Do you have a property that is useless to you and are thinking of renting it out? Finding potential tenants may be thrilling and difficult for private landlords. Effective rental property marketing is essential in today’s environment, where everything is digital.

Fortunately, there’s an array of platforms and strategies where you can reach those sought-after prospective renters.

In this guide, we will explore the websites available for Landlords seeking to advertise their rental properties, from online rental websites to specialized tools like Zillow Rental Manager.

Whether looking for free listing sites or aiming to make premium listings stand out, we have got you covered. So let’s just embark on this journey to discover where and how to advertise your rental property effectively and find the perfect tenants.

1. Online Rental Listing Platforms

Image by: Unsplash

Online rental listing platforms have become the go-to choice for landlords who want to advertise their rental to prospective tenants.

You can leverage these websites if you are also looking to promote your property to attract the best tenants. These websites offer various tools and services to help landlords effectively market their listings.

1.1. Zillow
Screenshot from Zillow’s official page

Zillow is one of the most popular rental listing sites, allowing landlords to advertise rental properties to a massive audience. Zillow Rental Manager can create detailed property listings with photos, descriptions, and pricing.

Landlords and prospective tenants can also leverage this, as they can easily search for real properties in specific neighbourhoods, view property details, and even schedule showings. Landlords can also use Zillow premium listing options to gain added visibility.


Screenshot by official page

Another reputable platform for advertising rental properties is, which offers all landlords a comprehensive listing service and allows them to showcase their rental listings with property details, photos, and pricing.

Anyone wanting to advertise their properties to rent them out can leverage this platform without difficulties, as it offers an easy-to-understand interface. Also, prospective renters can easily search for properties, find qualified tenants, and connect with landlords.

1.3. Trulia

trulia screenshot
Screenshot from Trulia’s official

Trulia is a property rental platform known in this industry for its user-friendly interface and interactive map overlays.

Which makes it easier for prospective tenants to find rental listings in specific neighbourhoods. Landlords can advertise their properties with proper details, photos, and pricing.

However, they had to make sure their pictures and descriptions were eye-catching to get the potential tenants’ attention in a flash. Also, Trulia provides information on walk scores and other neighbourhood-specific data.

VR and AI Revolutionize Tenant Targeting

Justin Turner
Justin Turner

In today’s fast-paced world, where everything is just a click away, landlords need to adapt and utilize these digital platforms to their advantage.

One of the most noticeable trends in rental property advertising is the increasing use of virtual reality (VR) technology. With VR, potential tenants can take a virtual tour of the property without physically being there.

This not only saves time for both landlords and tenants but also allows for a more immersive experience, leading to better decision-making. Another emerging trend is the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in rental property advertising.

AI can help analyze data from various sources, such as social media and search engine activity, to target potential tenants with personalized ads. This can result in a higher conversion rate and better ROI for landlords.

In addition to these technologies, there is also a growing trend towards incorporating sustainability and eco-friendliness in rental property advertising.

With increasing awareness about climate change, tenants are actively looking for properties that offer energy-efficient features and promote sustainable living.

Landlords who embrace this trend not only attract environmentally conscious tenants but also save on utility costs in the long run.

Digital platforms have made it easier for landlords to connect with potential tenants from different demographics and backgrounds.

This allows for a more diverse pool of applicants, leading to better tenant selection and a more inclusive rental community.

Justin Turner, Founder & CEO, Turner Home Team

1.4. Rentdigs

Rentdigs is another famous rental listing site in the world of property advertisement. Rentdigs also allows free listings for landlords, making it more useful if you want a platform to advertise without any charges.

It allows landlords to post property listings, reach millions of potential renters, and collect rent online. Its interface is loved by many users, making it a great option for landlords looking for free and attention-grabbing advertising services.

1.5. Hotpads

hotpads screenshot
Screenshot from Hotpads official

Do you remember we talked about Zillow? Hotpads is a part of the Zillow Group, making this platform even more trustworthy with which to share your data.

It provides a platform where genuine properties can be advertised with gorgeous images and thorough descriptions.

It allows landlords to easily reach a wide audience of potential renters so that they can rent their property out as soon as possible. Hot Pads also provides tools for tenant screening and lease management.

1.6. Apartment List

apartment list screenshot
Screenshot from Apartment Lists official

In searching for the best sites to advertise your property, the name Apartment List would have appeared in your results at least once. Tenants looking for apartments and homes frequently use this website.

Landlords can list their properties, reach qualified tenants, and use the platform’s tools for tenant screening. The sheer breadth of listings on Apartment List ensures visibility among all the potential renters.

1.7. Craigslist

Last but not least, Craigslist remains a staple for many landlords looking to advertise rental properties without any difficulties. It is one of the most used platforms offering free listing and is widely used by landlords and tenants.

By clicking great pictures of their property, writing an eye-catching description, and posting them on Craigslist, landlords can easily communicate with prospective renters in no time.

Virtual Tours Offer Immersive Experiences

Krixelle Sant - Featured
Krixelle Sant

The role of digital platforms in rental property advertising is only going to continue growing in the future. With the rise of technology and the internet, more and more people are turning to online platforms when searching for a place to rent.

A survey by RentCafe found that 84% of renters used an online platform during their search process. Landlords need to take note of an evolving trend: the incorporation of virtual and augmented reality into rental property advertisements.

These technologies allow potential tenants to virtually tour a property from the comfort of their own home, providing a more immersive and convenient experience.

This can save both landlords and tenants time and resources by reducing the need for physical property visits.

Krixelle Sant, Founder & CEO, Sell My House Fast For Cash

2. Free Listing Site for Property Advertising

Do you want a platform to advertise your free property so you don’t have to pay anything to anyone? This section of the article will cover 5 top free websites to promote your property without paying any fee.


Screenshot by official is a valuable platform for landlords looking to advertise their rental properties. This Canadian website offers free listings and allows landlords to reach a broad audience of prospective tenants.

Landlords can create listings with property details, monthly rent, and features. Renters searching for a place to live can easily search for properties by location and type, which makes it such a convenient platform for finding rental properties. is attention-grabbing and cost-effective for Landlords who end their search to promote their rental listings.


Screenshot by works as a search engine for rental listings and simplifies the process for landlords to advertise their rental properties. As usual, by submitting property details and rental rates, landlords can gain visibility among all the potential tenants. is a platform that offers an extensive database of rental listings, making it a popular choice for those searching for rental properties.

It provides a user-friendly platform for landlords and prospective renters and enhances the experience of finding or promoting rental listings.


Screenshot from official is a Canadian platform that serves both buyers and renters. As this platform is free, landlords can easily list their rental properties by posting eye-catching photos, descriptions, and property details.

This website is unique because it features an interactive map that allows users to explore listings in specific neighbourhoods.

For landlords, is a platform that offers a user-friendly and cost-effective option to advertise rental properties by ensuring exposure to potential tenants looking for an ideal rental home.


Screenshot by official is a specialized platform specially designed for the Canadian rental market. Landlords can easily create Comprehensive property listings with details like monthly rent, property type, and features it has. offers every landlord a “First Listing” feature, which allows you to enhance visibility for their listings.

Renters searching for a place to live can conveniently search for rental properties and connect with landlords. This platform focuses on the needs of landlords looking to make an advertisement of their property effectively in the Canadian rental market.


toronto rentals
Screenshot by is a niche platform mainly focusing on the Greater Toronto Area rental market. Here, landlords can list their properties for free and gain exposure to potential tenants.

This website allows landlords to include property details, rental rates, and contact information. If you want a place in Toronto, can solve all the problems.

3. Crafting Effective Listings

Creating compelling property listings is becoming a critical skill for landlords who want to succeed in advertising their rentals in this competitive world.

In a crowded marketplace where tons of websites compete for prospective tenants’ attention, crafting listings that stand out is essential.

The right marketing strategy will give you an upper hand against your competition. This section of the article will cover that part so you can make a compelling listing for your property.

house for sale
Image by Pexels

3.1. Creating Attention-Grabbing Property Listings

The first step you need to take in attracting prospective tenants is to create listings that grab their attention.

Start with eye-catching headlines highlighting the property’s unique features or advantages. You can use words like “spacious,” “luxurious,” or “renovated” to build up interest.

3.2. Showcasing Property Details

Being transparent is when you are providing your property details. Must provide crucial information like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the size of square feet, and any noteworthy amenities like swimming pools, gyms, or in-unit laundry.

Remember, be specific about everything, such as the property’s pet policy, rental terms, and whether utilities are included. Prospective renters prefer and appreciate comprehensive details that help them make informed decisions.

3.3. Premium Listings for Added Visibility

Most of the websites we have discussed in this article offer premium listing options for landlords willing to invest in added visibility. These paid upgrades will cost you money but can significantly enhance your property’s exposure.

Premium listings often appear at the top of search results, ensuring they are among the first properties prospective tenants have their eyes on. Increased visibility can lead to quicker rental and potentially higher rental rates for your property.

Invest in Premium Listings

Linda Chavez - Featured
Linda Chavez

When it comes to listing your rental property, there are a variety of options available. You can choose to list on free platforms such as Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace or opt for paid listings on websites like Zillow, Trulia, or

The short answer—very important. While there are certainly benefits to utilizing free listing platforms, investing in a premium option can greatly improve your chances of finding high-quality tenants quickly and effectively. 

One of the main advantages of premium listings is the increased visibility they offer. On platforms like Zillow and Trulia, premium listings are featured at the top of search results and have a higher chance of being seen by prospective tenants.

This can be especially beneficial in highly competitive rental markets where it can be difficult to stand out among countless other listings. 

In addition to increased visibility, premium listings also often come with additional features that can attract more qualified tenants. These features may include professional photography, 3D virtual tours, and detailed property descriptions.

By providing a more comprehensive view of your rental property, you are more likely to receive inquiries from potential tenants who are genuinely interested and serious about renting. 

Furthermore, premium listings often offer better-targeting options for your desired tenant demographic. For example, some platforms allow you to set specific criteria for your target audience, such as income level or desired neighbourhood.

This can help filter out unqualified tenants and save you time in the screening process.

Linda Chavez, CMO, Eazy House Sale

3.4. Crafting Great Photos

The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” may be familiar, especially in internet property listings; this adage is even more accurate.

High-quality photos are a must, the end of the debate. If you have a budget, you can invest in professional photography or take the time to capture well-lit, clear images of every room.

Don’t forget to highlight the property’s best features: a spacious kitchen, a cozy living room, or a beautiful outdoor space. If you can do this, your advertisement will get more clicks than a normal one.

Invest in Professional Photography

Dino DiNenna - Featured
Dino DiNenna

Invest in professional photography to showcase the property in its best light. Highlight unique features and amenities through vivid images and detailed descriptions.

Emphasize key selling points such as location, nearby attractions, and accessibility to amenities like schools or public transportation.

A well-curated listing with enticing visuals and comprehensive information captures the attention of potential tenants and sets the property apart from competitors.

Dino DiNenna, Real Estate Broker, Hilton Head Realty Sales

3.5. Writing Compelling Property Descriptions

9 Jaw-Dropping AI Tools for Real Estate Agents | This Week in Marketing

The property description is your opportunity to paint a vivid picture of what it will be like to live in your rental house. Use descriptive language to convey the property’s unique qualities, or you can use AI tools to help you write the perfect description.

Make a prompt to write the features of your property and make a description that will be eye-catching. Remember to highlight any amenities, parks, schools, or public transportation choices that are close by.

You can highlight recent renovations or upgrades that make your property stand out. Ultimately, the goal is to make prospective renters feel like they’ve already stepped inside your rental through the words.

Prioritize Honesty in Property Listings

Marty Zankich - Featured
Marty Zankich

Being a teacher and mentor to keen learners in the real estate industry, I have to be in line with the trends and the tactics used in selling properties and, in the case of your question, letting strategies.

The real estate industry can be seen as cloak-and-dagger; therein lies your key strategy for making more attractive listings than your peers.

The importance of honesty and transparency in rental property listings is imperative, where one slight exaggeration or misleading can taint your authenticity. Landlords should prioritize brutal honesty in their listings.

It’s tempting to use euphemisms or embellishments to make a property seem more appealing, but ultimately, honesty builds trust with potential tenants and sets realistic expectations. They have eyes and will ‘see’ straight through the sales pattern.

For instance, instead of describing a small space as ‘cozy,’ just say it’s a small room or property so any viewings will know the size before they walk through the door, not 30 seconds after entering, and then just as likely to walk straight back out in less time.

Renters always appreciate the facts and may be more likely to consider a property when they feel the landlord is being upfront about its features.

Smokescreening the listings will attract more attention, but save yourself crucial time and stop wasting theirs, as 50% or more of those viewing won’t be interested.

This is doubly important for landlords with multiple properties because being perceived as dishonest can taint the customers’ views of any other properties in your portfolio.

Marty Zankich, Owner, Chamberlin Real Estate School

Take Away

In summary, the realm of landlords’ rental property has significantly evolved. From the day this digital era started, everything worldwide changed.

Landlords can now use this era by advertising their property on free listing sites to premium options like Zillow Rental Manager.

These rental websites give the power to landlords with tools for detailed property listings for added visibility. Prospective tenants can benefit from user-friendly interfaces, interactive maps, and specific neighbourhood information.

In this dynamic landscape, landlords have access to resources to effectively promote their rental properties, connect with prospective tenants, and enhance their rental property experience.

By using the sites and tips mentioned in this article, landlords can leverage these tools and efficiently reach broad and create attention-grabbing listings that potentially lead to successful rentals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What distinguishes a tenant from a landowner?

A person who rents a property from a landlord is known as a renter. On the other hand, a landlord is the property owner who leases the property to the tenant.

Q2. What is the meaning of rent owner?

Rent owner is not a common term in English, but it may refer to the person or entity that owns a property and collects rent from tenants.

Q3. Is it safe to rent from them?

It can be safe to rent from a private landlord; however, this depends on the circumstances. As a tenant, it is important to research the landlord, review the lease agreement carefully, and ensure that the property meets all safety standards.

Background checks, references, and clear communication can help you make the best decision.

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