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How To Advertise on Yelp: Top 10 Free and Effective Methods

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  1. 1. A Guide to Advertising Your Business on Yelp
    1. 1.1. Create Yelp Business Account 
    2. 1.2. Select Advertising Aims 
    3. 1.3. Choose Advertising Package 
    4. 1.4. Set Budget 
    5. 1.5. Design Ad Campaign 
    6. 1.6. Target Your Audience 
    7. 1.7. Monitoring and Optimization
    8. 1.8. Use Your Analysis 
    9. 1.9. Stay Responsive 
    10. 1.10. Evaluation of ROI
    11. Know Your Yelp Audience
    12. Select the Right Advertising Budget
  2. 2. Free Methods to Advertise 
    1. 2.1. Claiming and Optimization of Business Page 
    2. 2.2. Upload High-Quality Images 
    3. 2.3. Motivate for Customer Reviews 
    4. 2.4. Add Business Information 
    5. 2.5. Utilize Check-In Offers 
    6. 2.6. Keep Sharing Updates and Specials
    7. 2.7. Cross Promote on Social Media Platform 
    8. 2.8. Keep Track of Yelp Insight
    9. 2.9. Respond to Your Customers 
    10. 2.10. Utilize Yelp Requesting a Quote Feature 
    11. Enhance Yelp Presence Organically
    12. Strategic Storytelling and Data-Driven Campaigns
  3. 3. Set your Yelp Business Account 
    1. 3.1. Choose Your Business
    2. 3.2. Login to Create Account 
    3. 3.3. Confirm Your Ownership
    4. 3.4. Fill Business Information 
    5. 3.5. Upload High Standard Images
    6. 3.6. Select Category and Attribute 
    7. 3.7. Set Business Hours 
    8. 3.8. Add Additional Features
    9. 3.9. Verification of Your Contact Number 
    10. 3.10. Accessibility of Business Dashboard 
  4. 4. Define Advertising Goals 
    1. 4.1. Find Your Target Audience 
    2. 4.2. Specify Objective 
    3. 4.3. Set Measuring Goals 
    4. 4.4. Choose Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
    5. 4.5. Layout Your Strategy 
    6. 4.7. Make Measurement Plans 
    7. 4.8. Document Your Final Goal 
    8. 4.9. Competitive Factors 
    9. 4.10. Reviewing and Revising 
  5. 5. Selecting Advertising Package 
    1. 5.1. Research Packages 
    2. 5.2. Consider Your Audience
    3. 5.3. Fix Your Budget
    4. 5.4. Review Price Structure 
    5. 5.5. Evaluate Reports and Analytics 
    6. 5.6. Go through the Terms and Conditions
    7. 5.7. Reach for Suggestions and References 
    8. 5.8. Make Well Informed Decisions
    9. Understand Audience Journey and Preferences
    10. Tailor Localized Content and Authentic Visuals
  6. 6. Final Words 
  7. Authors
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  9. Certifications/Qualifications

Yelp is a very user-friendly platform that lets you discover a world of options, from top-ranking restaurants that serve tempting dishes to local boutiques providing special treasures.

  • Leave guesswork and make well-informed decisions with Yelp’s honest and authentic reviews from their loyal customer.
  • Additionally, its intuitive searching feature helps you find exactly what you are looking for, whether it is a cozy coffee shop, a trustworthy plumber, or the latest trending hair salon in a nearby place.
  • Do not miss joining millions of people who have made Yelp their go-to source for exploring, supporting businesses, and sharing their favourite local businesses. 
Screenshot taken from the official site: Yelp

You can also raise your local adventure with the help of Yelp, where each review is important it is one of the opportunities to uncover hidden gems and make long-lasting memories. In short, begin discovering today and unlock a universe of immense possibilities right near your neighbourhood. Yelp –Your trusted guide to local experiences!

1. A Guide to Advertising Your Business on Yelp

To advertise, you need to be following some steps: 

1.1. Create Yelp Business Account 

Firstly, make sure to set up a Yelp business account. This is a very important step. After that, provide all your information, such as the business listing, business location, contact details, and effective business descriptions.

1.2. Select Advertising Aims 

Secondly, be sure to define your advertising objective on the Yelp advertising campaign. Later, decide whether you want to enhance your local business visibility and, after that, more traffic to your business website or receive more loyal customer inquiries. 

1.3. Choose Advertising Package 

Thirdly, Yelp provides many advertising packages tailored to your aims and ad budget management. Thus, make sure to select the one that suits you best according to your requirements. On the whole, options sometimes involve Yelp Google Ads, Yelp Enhance Profile, and Yelp Deals. 

1.4. Set Budget 

Finally, determine your budget for advertising on the Yelp business page. Here, you can also set a regular or monthly basis budget, and Yelp will make sure that you stay within your limitations. 

1.5. Design Ad Campaign 

Above all, make sure to design compelling and captivating ads that display your small businesses. Also, include standard quality images, ad copy, and clear calling actions. 

1.6. Target Your Audience 

In general, Yelp permits you to target your ads to reach the desirable audience. 

1.7. Monitoring and Optimization

For the most part, be sure to check the performance of your Yelp advertising platform every day through the Yelp Ads dashboard. After that, use the data to make slight adjustments to optimize your campaign for better outcomes. 

1.8. Use Your Analysis 

On the whole, Yelp analytic tools can benefit from increasing insights in the form of user behavior and choices. Also, utilize the data to refine your advertising strategies. 

1.9. Stay Responsive 

As a rule, make sure to respond instantly to your loyal customer inquiries and messages on the Yelp website. A prompt and helpful message might increase your reputation and customer contentment. 

1.10. Evaluation of ROI

Last but not least, assess the return on investment (ROI) of your Yelp advertising daily. Next, adjust our strategies as required to increase ROI accordingly. 

In short, following these steps, you can actively be available with the Yelp advertising platform to encourage business, maximize your digital presence, and attract more customers for the establishment. 

Advertising with Yelp

Know Your Yelp Audience

Dylan Cleppe - Featured
Dylan Cleppe

In navigating the complexities of advertising on Yelp, I’ve learned that intimately knowing your target market and how they interact on the platform is paramount.

Through my efforts with OneStop Northwest LLC, I’ve honed in on the importance of crafting advertisements that speak directly to the unique needs and interests of our local customer base.

For instance, successfully deploying local SEO strategies not only bolstered our presence but also ensured our Yelp advertisements were laser-focused on the demographics most likely to engage with our services.

Another critical insight from my experiences is the significance of leveraging Yelp’s analytics tools. By carefully analyzing the performance data of our ads, I was able to adjust our campaigns on the fly, aligning more closely with what our audience responded to most favorably.

This dynamic approach was crucial in optimizing our ad spend and maximizing the ROI of our advertising efforts.

Lastly, the power of a well-crafted narrative in your ads cannot be overstated. In my years leading customer service environments and through the evolution of OneStop Northwest LLC, storytelling has consistently emerged as a potent tool for connecting with an audience.

On Yelp, where potential customers are bombarded with options, those businesses that can tell a compelling story about who they are and why they matter stand out.

Incorporating elements of our uniqueness into our Yelp ads significantly increased engagement and conversion, reinforcing the value of authentic communication in this digital sphere.

Dylan Cleppe, Co-Founder and CEO, OneStop Northwest LLC

Select the Right Advertising Budget

Marc Bishop - Featured
Marc Bishop

Understanding the nuances of platforms like Yelp is crucial for our clients, aiming to enhance their visibility and engagement.

So, I’d like to share my insights on one of the key factors to consider when deciding to advertise your business on Yelp and how this factor can significantly influence the success of your advertising campaign.

Determining the right budget for Yelp advertising is a key consideration. Yelp offers various advertising packages, each with different features and price points.

It’s important to assess your marketing budget and select a package that not only fits your financial parameters but also offers the exposure needed to meet your business objectives.

The chosen budget should reflect the potential ROI based on your business size, industry, and competitiveness within the Yelp ecosystem. A well-allocated budget can maximize your visibility on Yelp without straining your overall marketing resources.

Impact on Advertising Campaign Success

  • Optimized ROI: A carefully planned budget ensures that every dollar spent on Yelp advertising works towards achieving your specific business goals, optimizing your return on investment.

By selecting the right advertising package and allocating your budget wisely, you can increase your business’s visibility and customer engagement without overspending, ensuring a healthy balance between cost and benefit.

Marc Bishop, Director, Wytlabs

2. Free Methods to Advertise 

Overall, advertising on Yelp usually includes many options, but there are various free ways to elevate your online presence and engage with target customers on the platform. Here are a few discussed below: 

2.1. Claiming and Optimization of Business Page 

First, start by claiming a business page on the Yelp site. Next, provide all complete information including your business hours, contact details, and a convincing description.

2.2. Upload High-Quality Images 

Second, make sure to display your products, services, and the whole appearance of your business by uploading very high-quality images. 

For this reason, it attracts more attention and helps in making your page more appealing.

2.3. Motivate for Customer Reviews 

Besides, make sure to motivate your customers not to forget to leave their reviews on the Yelp site. After that, a positive review helps boost your great local business’s reputation and presence. 

That’s why you would want to engage with customers who display that you value their assessment and can improve your image. 

2.4. Add Business Information 

Keep all your business information updated. This involves changes in operating hours, the latest menu items, or special promotion deals. 

2.5. Utilize Check-In Offers 

If applicable, make sure to create check-in offers to encourage target customers to visit your business and check in on the Yelp site. This might help to increase foot trafficking.

2.6. Keep Sharing Updates and Specials

Let your customers know about special offers, affairs, or news associated with it.

2.7. Cross Promote on Social Media Platform 

In general, make sure to share your Yelp review on your social media profiles to compel more attention to your small business and motivate customers to leave reviews. 

2.8. Keep Track of Yelp Insight

Remember to keep track of Yelp insights that provide for your business. This data helps understand customer behavior and choices.

2.9. Respond to Your Customers 

If you find your loyal customers reaching out to you through the Yelp messaging feature, make sure to respond to them as soon as possible through the Yelp messaging feature.

2.10. Utilize Yelp Requesting a Quote Feature 

If you find your business provides services that enable the “Request a quote ” feature to permit potential customers to inquire about prices and services.

By using the above free methods on Yelp, you can increase your business presence, reputation, and involvement with loyal customers without incurring advertising prices.

A group of people analyzing data on papers.
Image by Vlada-Karpovich from Pexels/copyright2021

Enhance Yelp Presence Organically

Gary Gilkison - Featured
Gary Gilkison

Exploring cost-effective Yelp advertising strategies, I’ve drawn from my varied experiences in marketing and business development. A notable strategy is organically enhancing your Yelp presence through active management and quality content creation.

Leveraging the compelling, authentic stories from satisfied customers can significantly enhance your profile’s visibility and appeal.

Encouraging customers to share their positive experiences through reviews not only boosts your organic reach but also strengthens your brand’s credibility without incurring additional costs.

Optimizing your Yelp business profile, focusing on accuracy and completeness, is another area where I’ve seen significant impact without extensive investment.

Ensuring that all business information is current, uploading high-quality images, and actively engaging with customer reviews are crucial steps. This approach not only improves the user experience but also positively influences your search rankings within the platform.

Furthermore, tactically responding to reviews, whether positive or negative, demonstrates a commitment to customer satisfaction, further enhancing your brand perception.

Finally, leveraging Yelp’s analytics tools to understand customer behavior and preferences has allowed for more targeted advertising efforts.

By analyzing which features or services attract the most interest or generate positive reviews, businesses can create more effective, tailored advertising campaigns.

Focusing ad spending on demographics or customer segments that have shown a genuine interest in similar services enhances the likelihood of conversion, ensuring a better return on investment.

This data-driven approach to Yelp advertising ensures that limited budgets are utilized in the most efficient manner possible, maximizing impact.

Gary Gilkison, Principal Analyst, Riverbase Cloud

Strategic Storytelling and Data-Driven Campaigns

Victor Santoro - Featured
Victor Santoro

From my experience in transforming small businesses into profit machines through Profit Leap, I’ve found that strategic storytelling and community engagement can considerably enhance the effectiveness of Yelp advertising for businesses operating on a tight budget.

By cultivating an authentic brand story that resonates with your target audience, you can amplify the impact of your Yelp presence. Incorporate this narrative into your Yelp profile, responses to reviews, and even your ad copy to forge a deeper connection with potential customers.

Utilizing data analytics and AI, similar to how we developed HUXLEY, our AI business advisor chatbot, can also significantly optimize Yelp advertising strategies.

For instance, analyzing patterns in customer feedback on Yelp can reveal insights into consumer behavior and preferences, allowing for more targeted and compelling ad campaigns.

This precision targeting ensures that your advertising budget is allocated toward the prospects most likely to convert, maximizing ROI.

Moreover, a principle I advocate for in my 8 Gears of Success framework is leveraging technology to automate and refine business processes, which applies to Yelp advertising as well.

Automation tools can help identify the best times to post ads based on user engagement and activity, ensuring your ads reach potential customers when they’re most attentive.

Additionally, these tools can track the performance of your ads in real-time, facilitating rapid adjustments to enhance their impact without inflating your budget.

By strategically integrating these practices, businesses can achieve significant returns on their Yelp advertising investments, even with limited financial resources.

Victor Santoro, Founder/CEO, Profit Leap

3. Set your Yelp Business Account 

Setting up your Yelp business account is a straightforward procedure. Here are some of the following steps.  

3.1. Choose Your Business

Next, find your business in your search outcomes and click on it to claim it is your small business.

3.2. Login to Create Account 

After you have your Yelp business account, first log in using your credentials.

If you must create one, secondly, provide your email address, make your password, and fill in the important pieces of information. 

3.3. Confirm Your Ownership

On the other hand, Yelp asks you to confirm your ownership of the business.

So, you need to give additional details or essential documents for verification of your ownership. 

3.4. Fill Business Information 

After ownership is confirmed, fill out your business profile. Ensure that you complete your business name, address update, and products or services offered on the website, as well as precise, convincing description details. 

3.5. Upload High Standard Images

Enhance your profile by uploading high-standard quality photos of your local business, contact details, website, and compelling descriptions. 

3.6. Select Category and Attribute 

Later, choose the right category and attribute that correctly shows your business. 

This will help you find your business when searching on the Yelp site. 

3.7. Set Business Hours 

After that, specify your operation hours and make sure they are fully updated to prevent customer confusion.

3.8. Add Additional Features

If your local business provides unique features like outdoor seating, free Wi-Fi setup, or pet-friendly accommodation, highlight them in related situations. 

3.9. Verification of Your Contact Number 

Therefore, you must verify your contact number either by calling or texting a message with verification codes.

3.10. Accessibility of Business Dashboard 

After confirming your email address, you will gain accessibility to your business dashboard, where you can handle your Yelp business account and elevate your digital presence. 

How to create a Yelp business page 2022

4. Define Advertising Goals 

Defining business advertising goals is a vital step in any marketing campaign. Here are the steps on how to perform it: 

4.1. Find Your Target Audience 

First, start by understanding your audience. Determine your ideal customer-based demography, interval, and behaviors. 

4.2. Specify Objective 

After that, specify your business objective. Ask yourself what you desire to accomplish with the campaign. Are you focusing on maximizing brand awareness, driving website trafficking, generating more leads, boosting sales, or anything else? 

4.3. Set Measuring Goals 

Ensure your goals are measurable enough. Secondly, define how you will measure success. For example, if you aim to maximize sales, make sure to specify a percentage or dollar price that increases your focus on accomplishing. 

4.4. Choose Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Furthermore, select the key metrics or the KPI you will be utilizing to check the progress toward your aim. These include click-through prices, conversion rates, or return on investment.

4.5. Layout Your Strategy 

As a result, develop a strategy for accomplishing your goals. Next, decide which type of advertising channel and tactic you will be using to preach to your audience effectively. 

4.7. Make Measurement Plans 

Later, make a plan to measure the performance of your advertising campaign. Determine how much you will be analyzing data and make adjustments based on the outcome. 

4.8. Document Your Final Goal 

With this in mind, write down your business advertising goal to assess its progression. Besides, be well prepared to revise them if mandatory based on the transforming landscape or new advanced insights. 

4.9. Competitive Factors 

After that, you must analyze your competitors and business advertising efforts. Apart from that, understand and read well how your goal compares with the industry benchmark. 

4.10. Reviewing and Revising 

Without a doubt, doubt ensures reviewing your goals and being able to assess your progression. Next, be well prepared to revise them if they are important to the changing landscape or the latest insight. 

A discount coupon is kept on a table for a business deal.
Image by Cottonbro-Studio from Pexels/copyright2020

5. Selecting Advertising Package 

Selecting the appropriate advertising package is an important decision in a business marketing campaign. Here are the steps to follow: 

5.1. Research Packages 

Start by researching business advertising packages provided by your favorite advertising platform or agencies. Next, understand what every package holds and how it aligns with marketing goals. 

5.2. Consider Your Audience

Evaluate whether the advertisement package is about your campaign objective. Also, make sure to reach out to the right individual with your campaign ideas. 

5.3. Fix Your Budget

Fix your advertisement budget and make sure you have an appropriate understanding of how much you can invest and desire to. 

5.4. Review Price Structure 

Inspect the costing structure of every advertisement package.

Many might be based on fixed price while others can be based on impression, click, or conversion. Select the one that fits your whole budget and anticipated ROI.

5.5. Evaluate Reports and Analytics 

Investigate the reports and analytic capability of the package. Make sure it offers the data information you require to measure the campaign performance and make data-driven decisions.

5.6. Go through the Terms and Conditions

Go through the terms and conditions properly related to the advertisement package. Be attentive regarding contract durations, cancellations, and any fine points that affect the campaign.

5.7. Reach for Suggestions and References 

Also, if you are present, reach out for suggestions and recommendations from other local businesses that have utilized the same advertisement packages. 

With this in mind, this can give insight into effectiveness and suitability. 

5.8. Make Well Informed Decisions

Based on deep research and assessment, make a well-informed decision to find the best advertisement package for your business according to your objective plans. 

Yelp Ads: Get More Leads and More Customers

Understand Audience Journey and Preferences

Timothy J Williams - Featured
Timothy J Williams

From my experience in marketing strategy and brand activation, one of the pivotal elements for designing effective ad campaigns on platforms like Yelp centers around deeply understanding your audience’s journey and preferences.

This insight comes from rigorous market analysis and insights, which are cornerstones of our approach at Thinksia. For instance, adapting our strategy for a client in the hospitality sector involved identifying specific customer pain points and preferences through data analytics.

We crafted ad copies that directly addressed these areas, altering the narrative to emphasize the unique solutions our client offered, making them more compelling and relatable to the Yelp audience.

Visual storytelling played a critical role in enhancing campaign effectiveness. Utilizing real-life images and visuals that depicted the actual experiences customers had with our client’s offerings proved significantly more impactful than generic visuals.

This approach is rooted in our brand strategy and activation process, where we prioritize real-time analytics and performance metrics to adjust and optimize visuals in a way that they resonate deeply with the target audience.

Tailoring visuals to echo the sentiments and expectations of your audience can dramatically improve engagement and conversion.

Moreover, incorporating a continuous improvement mindset, as emphasized in our precision monitoring efforts, is vital for Yelp ad campaigns.

It involves regularly reviewing ad performance, gathering customer feedback, and leveraging real-time analytics to refine ad copy and visuals.

This iterative process ensures that the campaigns remain dynamic and responsive to changing consumer behaviors and preferences, maximizing their effectiveness.

Emphasizing personalized and data-informed ad modifications has consistently led to improved campaign performance and higher ROI for our clients.

Timothy J Williams, Principal Consultant, Thinksia

Tailor Localized Content and Authentic Visuals

Steven Morse - Featured
Steven Morse

Through my experience in local SEO, reputation management, and paid advertising, I’ve honed a deep understanding of how to create compelling ad campaigns that resonate with specific audiences, applicable to platforms like Yelp.

From strategies we’ve developed at SEM by Design, one pivotal best practice is to tailor ad copy to speak directly to local concerns and preferences.

For instance, emphasizing how your service solves a local problem or enhances the community experience can significantly increase engagement.

In one campaign for a local bakery, we highlighted their involvement in community events and their commitment to using locally sourced ingredients, which not only improved ad performance but also bolstered their local reputation.

Visuals play an equally critical role in making Yelp ads stand out. A principle we’ve found effective is authenticity—showcasing real customers enjoying your product or service.

This tactic was instrumental in a campaign for a lawn care business, where before-and-after photos of local properties they serviced drew tremendous local interest.

Such visuals provide tangible proof of your business’s value, making the ad more persuasive and relatable to your target audience. Importantly, these visuals must be high-quality and reflective of the brand’s ethos to build trust and authority at a glance.

Lastly, leveraging data-driven insights to refine your campaigns continuously is crucial. By analyzing which ad copy and visuals resonate most with your target Yelp audience, you can iteratively improve your campaigns for better performance.

In practice, this meant reviewing the click-through and conversion rates for different ad variants and then refining our approach based on what the data told us.

This iterative, data-informed strategy ensures your Yelp campaigns remain effective and increasingly resonate with your target audience over time, driving meaningful engagement and, ultimately, growth for your business.

Steven Morse, Owner, SEM by Design

6. Final Words 

Yelp advertising provides a business with a very strong platform to reach their target audience and effectively engage with them. 

By actively using Yelp advertising options, you can grow your business by enhancing your visibility on a digital platform, convincing new customers, and having the capability to campaign to particular goals and budgeting.

Additionally, the inclusion of user-generated reviews and ratings adds a layer of originality to your business, instilling trust and confidence in loyal customers.

Overall, Yelp advertising not only enhances your online presence but also strengthens your brand’s value, making it a meaningful addition to any marketing strategy.

Yelp’s advanced focusing options enable you to efficiently adjust your advertising budget, making sure that your message reaches the right audience.

Last but not least, Yelp advertising is one of the smartest and most rewarding choices. 

Guest Author: Saket Kumar

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