White Water Walk- 6 Reason To Visit This Breathtaking Place

Niagara Falls

Ever wondered what it feels like to witness the raw power of one of the largest waterfalls up close? The White Water Walk allows you to do exactly that.

Covering 212 sq. km., Niagara Falls is the world’s largest waterfall in terms of volume. It was formed in the Niagara River over 12500 years back when the thick glacier in Southern Ontario receded, and water from the Great Lakes broke free to create the Niagara Gorge.

Over the years, the falls have eroded the edge of the rocks of the escarpment and presently stand 11 km from their place of origin.

Niagara Falls is between the two twin cities – Niagara Falls, Ontario, and Niagara Falls, New York. On the Canadian side, you can get the best view of the falls from the adjoining Skylon Towers, which allows one to view as far as Toronto in the other direction.

Niagara Parks

Niagara Falls and Queen Victoria Park - drone view

Vishwesh Jirgale Unsplash Copyright, 2021

The Niagara Parks Commission was founded in the year 1885 and offers a diverse range of peerless sights. The Commission was primarily established to maintain the area surrounding the Canadian Horseshoe Falls.

This area, which is the parkland around Niagara Falls and circumscribes 154 acres, is also known as Queen Victoria Park.

Currently, the Niagara Parks spans a large region of 3274 acres, extending from Fort Erie in the south to Niagara-on-the-lake, alongside the entire length of the Niagara River.

The White Water Walk

The Niagara Parks have various attractions to keep visitors entertained as they grasp the enthralling natural beauty of Niagara Falls – one of them being the White Water Walk.

The White Water Walk allows you to view North America’s largest series of spectacular white water rapids up close! The White Water Walk is also a part of the Niagara Falls Adventure Pass Classic, allowing you to explore various other stunning attractions.

The White Water Walk is a quarter-mile riverside boardwalk travel on the Niagara River’s edge near the Whirlpool Bridge, bringing visitors next to the Great Gorge Rapids from the Canadian side of the river.

By visiting the White Water Walk, you get the opportunity to witness how majestically Niagara Falls has evolved over history and be mesmerized by the sheer power of mother nature.

To start on the White Water Walk boardwalk, one has to shin down 70 meters by taking an elevator through a 73-meter long tunnel to the base of the Niagara Gorge.

Reasons you should be visiting the White Water Walk

1) Witness one of the most breathtaking natural wonders

The 305-meter boardwalk allows one to witness the 410 million-year-old geological formations of the Niagara Gorge on the edge of Niagara’s white water rapids.

Through the White Water Walk boardwalk, one can experience what it feels like to be surrounded by the thunderous sounds of roaring waters, to be fascinated by the awe-inspiring transcendent nature as the soothing roar of the rushing waters overpowers your sense of hearing.

2) A self-guided tour

The White Water Walk is an impressive quarter-mile, self-guided tour. This implies you can stand or walk on the boardwalk at your leisure, so long as you’re doing that during operating hours.

Along the path, numerous informational tablets elucidate the stories of all those brave hearts who have dared to attempt crossing Niagara Falls or the Niagara River.

3) Family-friendly and Wheelchair accessible

If you’re someone who uses a wheelchair or traveling with children or someone who uses a wheelchair, you don’t have to be worried as the boardwalk is wheelchair accessible and built to keep guests safe.

However, two viewing platforms can be reached only through and are not wheelchair accessible. Since the boardwalk is safe for everyone to walk on, you can visit here with your children and enjoy the excellent view from the several viewing platforms.

4) Stunning views from observation areas

Once you descend from the elevator and cross the tunnel, there are also stairs leading to two observation areas at the very edge of the river.

In case you’re wondering, you get to go close enough to the crashing waves of the Whirlpool Rapids to almost get your feet wet (if you wish to) through some of the many viewing platforms.

These platforms also offer some of the best photo opportunities.

5) Close up view of Whirlpool Rapids of one of the world’s wildest stretches

The Whirlpool Rapids Gorge narrows from 750 feet(228.5m) to 450 feet (137m) which causes water to speed up as it passes through the narrow corridor, creating some of the most violent and dangerous class 6 rapids in the world.

These whirlpool rapids travel at the speed of 48 km/hr, unraveling a majestic sight for visitors to feast their eyes on.

The Whirlpool Rapids comprise four kilometers of almost three to five-meter standing waves, hence making this entire spread the largest set of standing waves in North America.

6) Watch native plant and animal life

You can also capture images of some native animal life and plant species at Niagara Falls from the White Water Walk.

In short, the White Water Walk is a fantastic place to visit while exploring Niagara Falls. At Niagara Falls, every angle gives you something new to discover.

Adventure Pass Classic

If you wish to explore more of the splendid attractions at Niagara Falls, try getting your hands on the Niagara Falls Adventure Pass Classic.

Apart from the White Water Walk, this pass allows you to experience Journey Behind the Falls, Butterfly Conservatory, Whirlpool Aero Car, and Floral Showhouse. You can also get some exclusive pass benefits on your arrival.

The pricing for entrance: adults(above 13) – $17, children (6-12) – $11.25, and for anyone who’s five or less, it’s a free entry. The prices are in Canadian dollars. The pricing changes over time and can be checked here.

It is advisable to thoroughly check the operating hours and other rules and regulations regardless of the season before your visit.


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