2023 Victoria Day 2023 Victoria Day

Victoria Day Chronicles: Unraveling the History and Significance

Canada celebrated Victoria Day this year on May 22, but that is not all, Canada also celebrated  National Patriots’ Day on this date in Quebec

Victoria Day every year also marks the end of the cold winter and harbours the coming of the warm summer season for the year.

1. Importance of Victoria’s Day

Victoria Day is a federal public holiday in Canada and is celebrated every year on a Monday that falls before May 25

Moreover, Victoria Day is also known as May Two-Four or the Queen’s Birthday and has been observed since the mid-19th century!

2. Why Is Victoria’s Day Celebrated?

Originally celebrated on May 24, Queen Victoria’s actual birthday, Victoria Day (Fête de la Reine) is now celebrated on the Monday preceding May 25 to celebrate the regal monarch who reigned over the British Empire for over 60 years

Also, the day is commemorated to pay respects to Queen Victoria for her monumental and transformative influence on the history of Canada

3. How Is Victoria’s Day Celebrated?

Victoria Day celebrations consist of displays of dazzling fireworks, sporting events, and parades, in which many people participate, all over Canada.  

However, the grandest of all Victoria Day parades is revered to be the one that takes place in the city of Victoria, in British Columbia.

And rightfully so since the city was named after the Queen herself!

2023 Victoria Day
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According to the official site of the Government of Canada:  

The Royal Union Flag, commonly known as the “Union Jack” where physical arrangements allow, is flown along with the National Flag at federal buildings, airports, military bases, and other federal buildings and establishments within Canada, from sunrise to sunset, to mark this day.”

Additionally, Victoria’s Day also marks the symbolic end of the winter season and the beginning of summer and people go out to parks to admire the fireworks and grab a beer to enjoy the coming of the summer season. Even amusement parks open up for the season this weekend!

4. What Is National Patriots Day?

A statutory holiday in Quebec, National Patriots’ Day (Journée nationale des patriotes) also falls on a Monday that pre-dates May 25 every year. 

Declared a public holiday in 2003, everything including schools and offices is closed on National Patriots’ Day.

Moreover, it also happens to coincide with Victoria’s Day. 

5. Importance of National Patriots’ Day in Quebec?

Quebec celebrates National Patriots’ Day every year to honour the sacrifice of the rebels who were part of the Lower Canada Rebellion of 1837 and the rebellion was instigated against the rule of the British colonists in Quebec. 

Though the Lower Canada Rebellion was suppressed by the British military back then, it certainly played a very significant role in the history of Quebec.

The Upper and Lower Canadian Rebellions: Every Day

6. How Does Quebec Celebrate National Patriots Day?

A myriad of celebratory events takes place all over the province of Quebec on National Patriots’ Day.

These include musical concerts, public speeches, and even marches to commemorate the legacy of the Lower Canada Rebellion. 

Historic activities on the occasion help people keep alive the memory of the rebels who gave their lives in the name of freedom and self-identity. 

Victoria’s Day and Quebec’s National Patriots’ Day indeed call for a time of celebration and merry-making. Have you made your plans already? 

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