Find Your Inner Peace: 15 Must-See Churches in Toronto

Churches in Toronto, in general, have a long history of formation. The city of Toronto is known for its churches, chapels, cathedrals, and Basilicas.

In Toronto, the churches mainly belong to two denominations. They are the Catholic churches and the Protestant churches. A fair number of churches also belong to the Anglican community. Most of the churches in the city are built in the 19th C or the early 20th C.

These churches not only possess great artistic quality but are also of historical relevance. Here is a guide to the fifteen best churches in Toronto.

15 Best Churches in Toronto

 1. St. Michael’s Cathedral Basilica

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St. Michael’s Cathedral Basilica is dedicated to one of the Archangels, namely, St. Michael. The cathedral was built in 1848, which makes it count among the oldest churches in Toronto. This church belongs to the Roman Catholics.

The cathedral church is constructed in a Gothic Revival style and is situated in the centre of the city. The large tower, the spires, and the domes here will amuse you for sure.

Its grandiose interior is something that will catch your eye as soon as you enter the church. The biblical stories and religious symbols are wonderfully painted on the ceiling.

It was William Thomas who designed this church. This beautiful cathedral is a famous tourist spot located in Garden district, 65 Bond Street in Toronto. Do visit this Cathedral on your trip to Toronto.

2. Metropolitan United Church

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Metropolitan United Church holds a significant position in the churches among the United Churches of Canada.

The church was originally built in 1872 in the Victorian Gothic style but was mostly damaged in 1928 due to a fire accident. It was then rebuilt in 1929.

One of the attractions inside the church is the hanging lanterns made of small stained glass pieces. The lanterns cast a golden yellow light on you during the night.

No doubt you will be mesmerized by it. The tower of the church is equipped with 53 bells, which produce soothing music when played.

The church is situated between two busy streets of Toronto- Bond Street and Church Street. Located at 56 Queen Street East, Toronto, the church is now at the centre of the city.

The church was away from the city at its time of construction, but later, as the city expanded due to developments, it became part of the city.

Have a trip to this place to witness the splendid view.

3. The Cathedral Church of St. James 

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The Cathedral Church of St. James is one of the top elegant-looking churches in Toronto. This church is the perfect place for art lovers and tourists.

It is well known for its aesthetic beauty. The pointed arches and the stone carving on its pillars and walls here are a matter of wonder.

The Neo-Gothic architecture and the glass paintings also add to the elegance of this Anglican Cathedral. The glass paintings on the altar portray the life of Jesus Christ.

You can also see Leonardo da Vinci’s popular painting ‘The Last Supper’ painted in the altar’s glass windows.

The church has been functioning for its believers since 1798 though the present renovated building was established in 1982.

The church has found its place in the list of Ontario Heritage Properties. To explore this iconic landmark, go to 106 King Street in Toronto.

4. St. Paul’s Basilica

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St. Paul’s Basilica occupies a prominent position among the best churches in Toronto. This Basilica acquires the status of the oldest congregation in the city.

It was originally constructed in 1822 in a gothic style. The church functions in the Roman Catholic denomination under the Archdiocese of Toronto.

The tall pillars and numerous domes will leave you astonished. All of the domes are painted with either incidents from the life of Jesus Christ or stories from the bible.

St. Paul’s Basilica is located at Toronto’s 83 Power Street, Ontario. The parish presently functions as a Minor Basilica. Remember to visit this place on your trip to Toronto.

5. Corpus Christi Catholic Church

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Founded in 1927, Corpus Christi Catholic Church is dedicated to Jesus Christ. ‘Corpus Christi’ in Latin refers to the body of Christ.

This Roman Catholic Church follows the Gothic Revival style of architecture. In 1927, the City of Toronto included this church in its list of ‘heritage buildings.’

The mural paintings on the walls and the stained glass works on the windows enhance the church’s elegance. The murals were painted by the artist William Kurelek.

This stunning painting portrays the resurrection of Christ on one side and the faithful community on the other side. Its inside arches are painted in pastel shades.

This iconic cathedral is also a heritage site and is worth visiting. You will find this church at The Beach Village in Toronto at 1810 Queen Street East.

6. Church of the Holy Trinity

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Here is another best church in Toronto.  The Church of the Holy Trinity is a famous iconic building in Toronto.

This Anglican Catholic Church was designed by Henry Bowyer Lane and was open to the public in 1847. It is one of the tallest churches in the city.

The church’s Neo-Gothic style and its unique design attract a large number of tourists to this spot. The attractive windows with stained glass and the arch-shaped structure in the windows and doors add to its beauty.

The church is situated at 19 Trinity Square, Toronto. The liturgy and Orchestra are popular, which encourages the believers to join the Holy Mass and worship them here.

7. Trinity- St. Paul’s United Church

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Trinity St. Paul’s United Church is a church at 427 Bloor Street West, Toronto. This protestant church belongs to the United Church of Canada.

It was called Trinity Methodist Church till 1924. The church got its present name after the union of Methodist and Presbyterian congregations of Canada in 1925.

The architectural style of this church is remarkable and excites tourists. Quite different from the previous churches, this church was designed in the Romanesque Revival tradition.

The church is known for making progressive decisions on various social issues such as same-sex marriage.

Recently, this peaceful church has been included in the Heritage sites of the city.

8. St. Patrick’s Church

Yet another church built in the Romanesque Revival tradition is St. Patrick’s Church. Dedicated to the Christian missionary St. Patrick, this Roman Catholic Church ranks as the fifth oldest church in Toronto.

The history of this church dates back to 1867. The architect Arthur W. Holmes was the mastermind behind its design.

It is situated on Toronto’s McCaul Street. The Canadian Catholics worship in this church, and the Germans practice their worship services here. Spend some time here on your visit to the churches in Toronto.

9. St. Peter’s Church

Next on the list of the best churches in Toronto is St. Peter’s Church. Arthur W. Holmes also designed it. The church was ready for worship in the year 1907. This parish church is under the Roman Catholic community and is dedicated to St. Peter.

In 1925 the church was rebuilt to accommodate a whole lot of catholic communities in the city. It was constructed in a simple and modest-looking design. This gives the visitors a homely feel.

Several Holy Masses are held every Sunday in the church. However, no Masses are happening currently due to COVID-19. It is located at 830 Bathurst Street in Downtown Toronto.

10. Church of the Redeemer

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The Church of the Redeemer is under the denomination of the Anglican Community. The Anglican churches are fewer in number compared to other churches in Toronto.

It is a small parish that was established in 1871. The church is dedicated to Christ the King.

The Victorian Gothic style design and the rubble stonework in the outer walls give the church a classic look. The members of the church together form an active community. They organize and conduct several musical performances for the public.

The church is always at the forefront of taking liberal decisions in various social problems. Visit this place on 162 Bloor Street W, Toronto, to get enriched with its vibrant aura.

11. Little Trinity Anglican Church

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Being one of the prominent and oldest churches in Toronto, Little Trinity Anglican church deserves to be on the list of best churches in the city.

It was founded in 1844. Thus the church gets the credit for being the oldest surviving parish structure in the city.

The church has a remarkable position in the history of Anglican Churches in Toronto. It was constructed soon after St. James Cathedral. So Little Trinity became the second church built by the Anglicans in Toronto.

The prior mission of this church is to spread the teachings of Jesus to the world. Located at Kings Street, the church will give you a vintage feel as well as a unique charm. Add this church to your list of the best churches in Toronto.

12. Grace Toronto Church 

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Grace Toronto Church functions in the old building of St. Andrews Church. It belongs to the congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America.

The actual St. Andrews Presbyterian Church was built in 1830. Later by 1876, the parish was split into two groups. The former group remained in the place, and the latter moved out to build a new church on another street.

As the church building became old and unsuitable for worship, they shifted to a new site in Jarvis Street, Toronto.

Though it joined with the United Churches for a while, it went back to Presbyterian beliefs sooner. It was only in 2015 that the church was converted into Grace Toronto Church.

This gothic-style church is dedicated to Saint Andrew. The present church’s interior structure is pretty different from the other churches in Toronto.

It gives you a pleasant, welcoming vibe. The stained glasses and the wooden designs on the altar are unique in style.

13. Hillsong Church 

Next on the list of best churches in Toronto is Hillsong Church. It is a Non-denominational church.

Such churches do not associate themselves with any of the Christian denominations. They work independently and freely without the support of congregations.

It is situated at Yonge Street, near Davenport road in Toronto. The church is known for its pleasing atmosphere. This church is well-liked by visitors for its ambiance, hymns, and worship music.

The church is one among the many branches of Hillsong Churches across the world. The church has its music band named Hillsong United which is famous for its music creations.

Justin Bieber has collaborated with the church for its different musical ventures. The Sunday Masses in the church are more like a music concert, so have a tremendous fan base.

14. Holy Name Parish

Situated at 71 Gough Avenue, Danforth, the Holy Name Parish is a church in the Roman Catholic denomination. The church was constructed between 1913 and 1926.

It is yet another architectural marvel of the talented architect Arthur W. Holmes. He had also designed several other great churches in Toronto.

Holmes designed the church in the model of a church in Rome named Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore. The parish services began in 1913, but the church building was constructed later on. The church celebrated its 100th anniversary on September 28, 2014.

It can be considered a landmark of The Danforth. You can visit this church on your journey to the best churches in Toronto.

15. St. George’s Greek Orthodox Church

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The final one on the list of best churches in Toronto is St. George’s Greek Orthodox Church.

The church is a significant building in the city as it is one of the very few Byzantine model architectural designs in the city. The church building was previously a Jewish synagogue, which is the Holy Blossom Temple.

It was the architect John Siddall who proposed the idea of the church structure. Many renovations were made in this structure with time to attain the current shape.

There are two huge domes on the tower top placed on each side of the building. They resemble the domes of Hagia Sophia, situated in Constantinople.

When it come stunning churches in canada, only some close the beautiful church to cathedrals st, Its stained glass windows depicted bible art and god are a mesmarising sight to see. The interior of the church is painted in golden and other vibrant colors. You will see biblical narratives painted on all of its walls.

The stained glasses, the wall paintings, and the dooms give the visitors a visual treat. This historical church is counted among the heritage buildings of the town.


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