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Facebook Business Manager: Deep Dive into Features and Practical Insights

Facebook, in general, needs no introduction because we all know how addicted we are to it. But, for businesses looking to advertise on the platform, Facebook ads can get confusing.

As a small businessman, you should know that Facebook keeps changing or upgrading its features and icons.

Anyone who wants to use Facebook for their business needs to use the Meta business manager. It’s an excellent place for marketing and advertising your business products or services.

1. Is the Business Manager on Facebook Free?

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This is a free plan with benefits. Sign into a business manager account. You can start your work after following some basic steps.

Along with managing all advertising and marketing activities of a business, the business manager tool also offers multiple user access to your page.

In addition, you have access to your product catalogues and ad campaigns that will help you expand your business.

2. How Can You Set Up a Meta Business Manager Account?

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If you want to use a meta business manager, sign up for a business account on Facebook. You need to confirm your identity after creating your account.

Creating a personal Facebook account is easy. Once you are done setting up a personal one, it’s time to learn to create a professional Facebook page, as you can use the meta business manager tool there. Here is how you can go about it.

2.1. Fill Your Details

You have to begin by opening a business account link on Facebook, thereby creating a new account for your business.

  • Open the link on desktop mode because it will be helpful.
  • Fill in your basic details, including your business account name, product details, E-mail, etc.
  • Be careful while filling in these details. Don’t give false information regarding your product because it may affect your meta business ad account.

You can proceed to the next step once Facebook verifies the details.

2.2. Create a Facebook Page for Your Business

After filling in your details, you can move to this step. Here, you have to create a page for your business.

  • You’ll see the options of an existing page and a new page.
  • Once you finish the basic information, opt for the business assets and tap the pages option.
  • Choose the Add page.
  • Select between an existing one and a new one.
  • Go with the existing option because a new one needs some effort. 

In addition, you can run multiple pages on your business account, but only after getting access.

2.3. Switch to Facebook Ad Account

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If you are using an existing page, that means you have already added an ad to your account. So you won’t face any difficulties in adding them again.

But if you are a beginner, you have to follow certain things.

For existing ad account users, click on the ad account twice and insert the ID of your ad account. Beginners have to work a little more than the previous users. If you are one of them, click the four steps listed below.

  • Click Business Assets
  • Select Add Assets
  • Go for Advertising, then
  • And lastly, Ad Accounts

See, only a little effort and the new ad account for your business is ready. While owning a business, you also know these ads need revenue. So, you may pick the charges to pay for your business ad account.

2.4. Giving Access to Your Team

If you have a business, you must have a team with you. Not everyone can have admin access to your meta business suite on Facebook, but as an admin, you can send access to your team members.

Being an owner, you must be concerned about security or trusting your employees, which is normal. While giving employees access, you can choose how much control you want to give them.

If you want to permit full access to some people, you can choose that option while accessing. Still, you should not allow full access to everyone due to some limitations.

Select people from the business manager menu whom you want to permit full access. There, you can add your employees by providing their E-mail information. After adding them, select the page for which you want to access them if you have multiple accounts.

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Along with the Facebook page access, you can also give access to your Instagram business accounts from the drop-down menu in the business assets.

Furthermore, you can remove any of the employee access from any business manager’s accounts because privacy comes first. Therefore, it is secure, and people should use Facebook Business Manager as it is helpful in every aspect.

2.5. Optimization

If you want a graph of your company, use the Facebook meta-pixel feature. It’s necessary for Facebook’s marketing of your business. This feature will help you to assemble information regarding your business.

Furthermore, you can make suitable ads for your business.  Also, this tool will give you the best marketing efforts. Now that you know how necessary this tool is for running ad campaigns and marketing your business, you must be thinking of the process to set or enable it.

The steps to enable Meta Pixel in your business-related assets are listed below.

  • Go to Business Settings
  • Click Data Sources
  • Tap the Pixels option
  • Fill in all the details
  • And lastly, select the Setup option

2.6. Instagram Account

We already mentioned giving access to Instagram accounts in step four. After setting up everything, you can add your Instagram account to your Meta business manager on Facebook. Now, you’ll think, why connect these two accounts?

It is to increase your reach and to attract more audience or clients for your business. Connecting these two will help your business to grow. Don’t assume linking your Instagram account is hard to your Facebook page. All you have to to do is:

  • Go to Business Settings.
  • Instagram Accounts.
  • Add and fill in details about it.
  • Log in, and you have done.
Instagram Business Acoount
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Just follow the mentioned six steps, and you are ready to run ads in your business profile. Now, tell me, do you still find the setup of your business manager account hard?

3. Can You Associate Your Client Accounts with Your Business Suite Account?

A Facebook business manager is not limited to anyone. People with different business categories can take advantage of it. You must have heard of agencies that manage their client’s accounts. However, they have multiple clients. So, they need to maintain them regularly.

If you run an agency, you need access to maintain your clients’ pages. So, they give you the authority. But they can remove access whenever they want. It is because the pages you manage have a link to the personal profile and data of an individual.

To manage your client pages on your meta business manager account, you must have yours. Otherwise, you won’t be able to manage them. Click the options listed below to add your client pages through your business account.

  • Request access to a Page
  • Confirm your business account
  • Search the page for request access
  • Again, ask for access by selecting your role

Your work ends by completing these four steps. Once your client gives access, you may start an upcoming affair.

4. What Are the Characteristics of a Facebook Business Manager Account?

You already know that it is helpful for your business, marketing, and attracting clients or customers. But the business manager has other roles as well. Before using this tool, you must learn of its operational affairs.

While using Meta Business Manager, you must have thought at least once, “Is this tool hard to learn”? And whether it’s secure or not. Also, you have many what-ifs in your mind. Therefore, it is necessary to clear them out because you can’t undertake tasks while having so many doubts.

4.1. Easy

This is easy to set up. Only six steps to stick on, and your account is ready. Apart from creating, this tool makes it easy for you to handle business and marketing ads.

You can manage multiple pages with your one account. Whether you are using the business manager for your business or your client, it will be helpful to both. And you won’t face any hardship while managing more than one page.

4.2. Exploration

While using this tool, you may explore the business and the marketing field. Also, you’ll learn many new things, and being a manager, you have to handle various companies; therefore, using this tool will be helpful for you.

4.3. Clients

Client Meeting
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You get a chance to meet with new clients and understand their needs properly. Not every client is from the same business background. Therefore, you get an opportunity to work for different genres of business and people.

4.4. Features

The chief purpose of using this tool is advertisement and marketing in business.

But an ad should be creative to attract customers to take your service – and that’s where the tool comes in. It helps you create ads easily and target the audience you need.

4.5. Privacy

Don’t we like to keep our professional and personal life separate? This tool takes good care of it by respecting your privacy. Your business page will only have posts related to your business. No personal details of yours will be there.

You must have seen many people post business-related assets on personal accounts, but it is not safe. As in business, you may have rivals who can attack you personally.

Also, your family or friends might suffer. Therefore, you should always use a business manager for professional work.

4.6. Secured

Concerning security is not bad, but this tool is secure enough, and you can trust it. Creating an account in the business manager will only give access to the admin. No one can operate without having the admin’s access.

Being an admin, you may give access to your trusted employees, and you can also decide how many commands they should have. Whenever you want, you can restrict them. Give full access only to the loyal person because they can change anything on your page or account.

Password Security
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Therefore, you should be mindful while giving access. In addition, you may increase your security by accessing two-factor authentication in the privacy setting for everyone. It will provide the highest protection to your account.

5. Are Facebook Ads Manager and Meta Business Manager the Same?

No, these two are two different things, so don’t get confused between them. Still, you have some queries regarding it. Therefore, we’ll discuss each of them for your clarity.

5.1. Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Ads Manager has several limitations. One individual has access to a Facebook Ads Manager account, and here, you can create only one account for your different genres in business. You’ll also face audience restrictions.

The Facebook ads manager won’t allow you to create an ad campaign. Therefore, you should not use Facebook ads manager to enlarge your business by reaching new audiences. We are not saying it’s a useless feature because a small business owner who hardly needs ads can use it.

But if your business has team members or employees, you should not use Ads Manager because you can’t give access to your team members. Neither can you manage multiple client pages. Therefore, if you do not fit into this feature, you should avoid using it.

5.2. Facebook Meta Business Manager

This tool offers extensive features to its users. We have already discussed this tool. After all, the meta business manager was our center of discussion. You can easily manage multiple pages by creating ad campaigns for the contrasting public.

Meta Business does not have limitations except for giving access to certain people. Overall, it is more helpful than the Ad manager. Also, you can create a great network through this.

6. FAQs

Can We Connect to WhatsApp with Our Facebook Business Manager?

Yes, you can add your WhatsApp as well. Just like you added your Instagram account, you can add your Whatsapp number, too. But add the number that you use for business purposes only.

Providing personal numbers may have risks. People in business always keep personal and business separate.

Is Facebook Manager Too Costly?

Facebook does not take charges for creating accounts, but advertisements are necessary for business. You already know you can select the amount to pay for your business marketing. So, Facebook doesn’t charge too much that you can’t afford. Its price is low and is within the budget.

Furthermore, it takes charges per ad. While choosing the amount, you can see the audience’s reach, too. Therefore, you can select as per your requirements and preferences.

So, What Is a Business Manager on Facebook?

Now, you must know the response to this query. Indeed, you know all the necessary points related to meta-business managers. You should consider this tool for strengthening the business by targeting accurate people. Utilize Meta Business Manager because it’s very effective for marketing and advertising your business products or services.

While working on it, you may also learn several new things about digital marketing.

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