An empty billboard for showing ads. An empty billboard for showing ads.

Responsive Display Ads: Unlocking the Benefits for Advertisers

A responsive display ad runs in search engines. They are very useful. They adjust their size automatically. Besides, they adjust their ad formats. It perfectly fits the ad spaces. But why should an advertiser consider using responsive display ads?

Responsive display ad campaigns add value to the business. They are capable of promoting the brand. Also, they increase the total revenue of the display campaign. Responsive display ads are one of the most popular advertising methods. Advertisers and campaigns use them.

They also run with Google ads. It helps websites to advertise their products. Normally, these ads appear as same as any other display ads. But, responsive display ads have unique talents. They automatically adjust themselves according to a website. They depend on machine learning or ML.

Let’s understand the term in detail!

1. What Is a Responsive Display Advertisement

Responsive display advertising is a popular advertisement type. Its features allow it to fit the web browser’s dimensions. It does not depend on the ad space. There are plenty of responsive display ads benefits. There is a drastic shift from traditional display ads to responsive display ads.

Marketers and businessmen are using this advertising method. It’s been in the online advertising market more than ever. It has a workable and dynamic format. Let’s explore everything about responsive Google display ads.

2. Working of Responsive Display Advertisement

Responsive display ads can detect the size of a website. They can also detect the format. Then, responsive display ads adapt the website’s features. They can also change appearances. Responsive ads set size and layouts.

Thus, people do not need to create advertisements. They also drop manual change requirements. Responsive display ads can automatically create ads themselves. They use algorithms of machine learning. The advertisers update them regularly.

This is a popular technology to use them. It showcases the appealing elements of a website. Many factors are involved in responsive display ads. It includes short headlines. They should have the utmost 30 characters.

It also includes long headlines. They should be the utmost of 90 characters. It is necessary to have the business name. Responsive display ads also have call-to-action text or CTA. There are logos, product descriptions, and URLs.

These links go to video assets. Images that display have different dimensions. These include square format, landscape format, and portrait format. Google takes care of responsive display ad requirements for the right audience. It converts videos into fully responsive display ads.

They fit any screen and format. They are user-friendly. It also uses the Google Display network to create responsive display ads. There are many visuals and resolutions available. But how can advertisers use responsive display ads? Here is everything you wanna know!

An illustration for using responsive display ads. A man with a plain white TV
Image by Mohamed_hassan from Pixabay

3. A Comprehensive How-To Guide

Now you know all the benefits of responsive display ads. But it is more important to present these ads effectively. Various choices lead to the success of responsive ads.

Here are the best practices for responsive display ads. Keep them in mind while using ads. They help to make a better choice. Let’s take a look at them!

3.01 Image Scaling Optimisation

There are many features of this type. But the main feature is to include various images. Responsive display ads allow the uploading of many images. You can upload images in landscape, portrait, and square formats. It is not necessary to crop images.

Additionally, it is easier to upload images directly. Though, the screen shows large image dimensions. But this is not the case in reality. The image will be uploaded and published in the perfect size. They scale down and fit the right space. Let’s understand this with an example.

There is a travel company which plans amazing travel trips. Popular trips include safaris over the globe. So, they have advertisements through responsive display ads. It helps to target the market and generate more interest. During their research, they found zebra as their favourite animal.

So, advertisers have zebra in their images. There were dynamic ads with two different dimensions of zebra. The first image was large. The second image was small but eye-catching. Thus, the responsive display ads resize and scale down the image. So, the companies can know the best image with responsive display ads.

Logos have great importance for brands and businesses. They are sacred! Hence, it is important to handle logos wisely in ads. The necessary adjustments in the logo ensure the brand’s success. The resolutions and formats of the logo are as same as the images.

Yet, there is a slight problem. Some logos are designed specially. They have a specific dimension and format. That can cause a problem. Here the auto-adjustment of responsive display ads does not work. But make yourself free to adjust the logo yourself.

Make all the necessary changes to the logo. It helps to fit it into the website. You can either use the logo or the name of the brand. Use them both if they fit together. Spend more time fixing the logo position. Otherwise, you might remorse it in the future.

3.03 Check Previews

Although there is nothing to worry about in responsive display ads. They have real-time features. There are infinite combinations for every ad. There are various versions of ads that you see roughly. But the final result displays after completing it.

Still, it is always best to preview the ad before uploading it. It is better when you use the Google ads interface. They allow you to click on an ad to check the preview. It also displays a link. When you click this link, it shows extra options for the ad.

For example, text placement, image, logo, and native. It offers you diversified options. You can also share assets through this link. Share this link with managers and marketers. They can assist with better ideas and give feedback.

3.04 Size Settings

There are many sections in responsive display ads. Some of these sections are optional. But it is safe to consider them. It ensures that the resulting responsive ad still has the best results.

They will also fill out native ads in all the required spaces. You can use the image to crop. After cropping, fill it in a specific layout. It brings out the best possible ad display.

A person presenting the ads on a huge screen.
Image by Teemu Paananen from Unsplash/ Copyright2017

3.05 Text Combinations that Boost Display Ad Effectiveness

There are several requirements to fulfill for responsive display ads. These requirements are also mentioned above. These are the final URL, business name, description, long headline, and short headline. There are particular characters in these details.

It is necessary to fulfill these character requirements. There is a large text space. However, the full text is not displayed on the screen. The customer or the viewer sees only a few parts at first. That’s why it is important to write the text carefully. It helps to keep the best advertisement impressions.

3.06 Headlines

Headlines always appear differently. You can describe a message through a headline in different ways. And yet, there are many ways to make a headline. So, do not repeat the message in the headline. Descriptions and headlines shouldn’t be long.

It will mix up the spaces. It’s necessary to create ads that fit space with deal descriptions and headlines. The ad only displays the front text. It should be perfect enough.

It makes sure that the target audience gets the necessary information at once. So, draft texts that are consistent, non-repetitive, and informative.

3.07 Descriptions

Descriptions describe the headline. They can be longer texts. But, you can also make short descriptions. The headline is necessary to display the descriptions. Also, the headlines can be long or short. So, do not write the same context in headlines and descriptions.

Sometimes, headlines appear without descriptions. Sometimes, the ads do not need descriptions. The headlines are attractive enough to captivate audiences. Longer headlines help to put them in place. Also, you can mention a call to action.

3.08 Regulations of Brand Safety

But, responsive ads are not ideal for every company. And that’s no problem! There are some concerns that brands have. They do not feel safe with the automatic combinations. They are unaware of the images and combinations that responsive ads would display.

Thus, companies like to control every aspect of ads. They do not like automatic settings. That’s why banner ads work best for them. Responsive display ads also face regulation concerns. Some digital advertising infrastructures need legal information.

They need to disclose these details. So all the space fills in responsive ads with legal details. Thus, there is no space to display campaigns that cover actual advertisement details. But, the main focus is to display brand details, not legal details.

Thus, it is important to consider these smallest problems. They are the least but can cause maximum damage. They determine combinations and images in ads.

Photo by Leone Venter on Unsplash

4. Key Note

Responsive display ads offer security and convenience. It does not need any degree and effort to publish. As you know, it adjusts and scales automatically. It requires text combinations. And these text combinations are also available. It also shows a preview of the ad.

Some requirements include image, headline, description, and context. But there are some practices you can learn. These practices ensure that you step up the game. Also, covering all regulatory bases is necessary. And there you have it! Now you know why should an advertiser consider using responsive display ads.

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