A man dressed as a bat in mask, helmet, armor and black cloak sits at the top of the building against the background of night lights and sky. Cosplay. A man dressed as a bat in mask, helmet, armor and black cloak sits at the top of the building against the background of night lights and sky. Cosplay.

10 Facts About The Batman You Probably Didn’t Know

In our opinion, Batman is the most relatable superhero, and it practically appears that he is a driven man chasing a dream in a place everything is against him! No matter how you refer to him, this superhero has captivated the attention of millions of fans worldwide for decades.

Batman has maintained his position as one of the most beloved superheroes in comic books for the better part of a century. As Batman, Wayne’s alter ego always has something to offer, whether his gadgets, crime-fighting prowess, or the gorgeous Batmobile. So we came up with these Batman facts that will make you fall in love with this superhero even more.

Here are ten facts about Batman that every Batman fan should know to appreciate his legacy.

Here are some refreshing Batman tidbits!

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1. Bruce’s Net Worth Exceeds 9 Billion Dollars

According to Forbes, Bruce Wayne has a net worth of $9.2 billion and was placed sixth among the world’s wealthiest individuals in 2015, behind Richie Rich and Charles Foster Kane (5th). 

We don’t expect to hear any grumbling from Batman anytime soon, even if he isn’t listed higher among the wealthiest people in the world.

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2. In ‘Batman Forever,’ Michael Jackson Aspired To Play The Role Of The Riddler

The Riddler is Batman’s most mysterious foe by design and is well-known to fans of the Dark Knight.  You can find out more about him and the other villains in this infographic on Batman’s villains. 

In Batman Forever, Jim Carrey played the role of Batman, although he wasn’t the only actor interested in the role. Michael Jackson lobbied tirelessly to get that job, despite his preference for singing rather than acting.

Joel Schumacher claimed in a 2003 interview that he ultimately turned Michael Jackson’s interest before casting Jim Carrey. 

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However, he didn’t go into detail as to why Carrey wasn’t the first choice. Batman Forever was initially supposed to feature Robin Williams. 

Still, he refused to discuss working on the film due to his resentment about being passed up for the Joker in 1989’s Batman (Jack Nicholson grabbed the role from him).

3. It Is Possible To Become Batman For $300 million.

Author and assistant professor Darren Hudson Hick claimed it would take $300 million to become Batman in his novel “Batman Unauthorized.” 

It will acquire a 3.500 square foot supercomputer, a bomb bunker conversion, and a 1000bhp concept automobile with a supercharged engine. 

A memorable boat, plane, helicopter, and space station are missing from the list.

4. The Demise of Martha and Thomas Wayne

Batman’s history remains one of the fascinating histories of fictional characters. What isn’t Bat-Fan familiar with the night that sparked the entire series? 

The Waynes decide to take a detour down Crime Alley after a night at the Monarch Theatre when they are ambushed by either Jack Napier or Joe Chill (depending on the timeline). 

Bruce Wayne is left alone when the mugger shoots the Waynes, steals their money, and leaves him in the cold.

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5. Batman’s Got Two Faces

Hush is one of Batman’s most exciting and personal foes. He’s on this list because of the arc “Heart of Hush,” in which he tried to impersonate Bruce Wayne. 

Hush (Dr. Thomas Elliot) used his skills in plastic surgery to try to impersonate Bruce as a child because he had a burning desire to steal Wayne’s wealth. This storyline reminds me of a fantastic movie.

6. A Majority Vote Of The People Executed Robin.

One of the most shocking deaths in comic history occurred in 1988 when Jason Todd was suffocated with a crowbar. Did you realize, though, that the fan base made the decision? 

In a call-in poll by DC Comics, 5,271 calls favored Jason’s survival, and 5,343 responses favored his death. Robin is in a terrible situation.

7. The ‘No Kill’ Principle Of Batman Is Inspiring

To this day, Batman has adhered to this principle rigorously, and he holds other superheroes to the same standard. 

On the other hand, things weren’t always like this. Bruce Wayne had already taken down countless criminals in the early Batman comics, including the notorious Joker.

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8. Wayne Enterprises Boasts A Huge Inventory

What is it about Batman that makes him so wealthy? It would be impossible for Bruce to be half the man he is today without the help of Wayne Enterprises, a family-owned business.

 Steel, food, aircraft, biotechnology, chemicals, electronics, entertainment, shipping, medicine, and even private security are just a handful of the many divisions of this $1 trillion behemoth. 

Revenue is said to be $31.3 billion annually, which is not bad. It’s no surprise that WayneCorp asserts that it constructed Gotham.

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9. Coincidentally, The Name “Batman” Is Also The Name Of A City In Turkey

When Batman first appeared in comic books in 1939, he was a relatively unknown character. 

Warner Brothers and Christopher Nolan were sued by Hüseyin Kalkan, mayor of Batman (a city in southern Turkey), for using his name without permission in 2008. 

Despite the allegation that the globe only had one Batman, there was little follow-up coverage.

10. Kevin Conroy Is The Longest-Serving Batman

Kevin, that’s a fantastic career! Kevin Conroy has been Batman for 25 years, and several actors have portrayed the role. The actor has a long history as Batman’s voice actor, including ten video games, 13 animated films, and eight television programs.

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Closing Thoughts

It’s hard to match Batman’s investigation abilities, but we’ve tried to unearth these ten super cool facts.  Do our detective senses overlook any vital information? Hope you like it! We’d love to hear from you.

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