From Boosting Immunity to Clearing Skin: 19 Sea Moss Benefits

Want to find out about the fantastic sea moss benefits? Keep reading.

There’s recently been so much buzz around sea moss (Chondrus crispus1). As soon as Kim Kardashian posted about drinking a sea moss smoothie, the healthy eating community blew up.

Many are claiming that sea moss can help with everything from skin conditions to improving your overall glow.

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This nutrient-rich algae, also known as Irish sea moss, has some fantastic health advantages. It’s now being used in beauty products as well.

However, it’s essential to understand the benefits and drawbacks of sea moss before ingesting any of it.

What Is Sea Moss?

Despite its name, Chondrus Crispus is not moss: It’s’ a type of algae or seaweed packed with nutrients. 

Irish moss is made of a jelly-like material called carrageenan, which makes Irish moss so broadly applicable, making it one of the most sought-after products in health food stores.

Carrageenan2 can be used as a vegan gelatin alternative and a common emulsifier. You can find sea moss in everything from ice cream to infant formula. 

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Uses Of Sea Moss Gel

Sea moss-like red seaweeds do not taste, so you can use sea moss in various foods!

Try to use It in many healthy recipes:

  • Sea moss smoothie with powdered form.
  • Its most popular form is juice. Which is also its best supplement form.
  • Adding sea moss to fruits can be a good idea too.
  • To replace a thickening agent in cooking
  • Can be used as a Face Mask
  • As a salad dressing, hair loss prevention

The Notable Sea Moss benefits

1. May Prevent Parkinson’s Disease

May Prevent Parkinson’s disease3 is one of the most common degenerative chronic diseases found in grown-ups. Parkinson’s’ Disease impacts movement, causing quivers, immobility, and slow movement, and there is presently no cure. 

Early research shows that sea moss may delay the advancement of chronic diseases like Parkinson’s. It is still considered experimental but there is proper hope in the community.

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2. It Supports Gut Health

Research posted to BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies reports that sea moss has abundant dietary fiber and oligosaccharides4 like carrageenan. 

The sea moss appeared to support gut health and wellness by nourishing the healthy bacteria in the intestines, lowering the effect of chronic diseases in the body.

3. It Aids the Immune System

Sea moss has the potential to keep your immunity functioning properly. In one study, seaweed supplementation helped strengthen immunity. Also, another study found that sea moss multiplied immune antibodies in rats. However, we still need evidence that it works in humans

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Compounds found in sea moss-like porphyrin, carrageenan, and fucoxanthin5 might have some anti-cancer properties.

One study found that high fucoxanthin may lower your risk of colorectal cancer. Nevertheless, we lack more research to show this is legitimate.

4. It works as an Anemia Treatment

Your hemoglobin and RBC count will suffer if your blood oxygen levels are low. You must ensure you consume a diet high in nutrients to solve it.

People who suffer from anemia rely on treatments and supplements for their care. Sea moss will aid in preventing the issue from worsening and developing into anemia.

5. It Helps in Fertility

Traditional methods of treating infertility use sea moss. As a result, some assert that sea moss aids infertility issues.

Numerous individuals have posted evidence of their successful outcomes online. However, the assertion that it helps infertile people is not sufficiently supported by formal studies.

6. It Helps You Get Healthy Hair And Skin

The leading cause of hair loss, oxidative stress, is combated by essential vitamins like vitamin C. Sea moss promotes hair development since it contains a lot of vitamin E. So, you can try the gel recipes as a topical remedy to get its advantages.

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Include this seaweed in your regular diet to benefit from its many health benefits.

7. It Helps With Weight Loss

Seaweed may help support weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. In a 12-week study, those who took one gram of red seaweed extract daily had substantial weight loss and decreased weight.

Research posted to Marine Drugs also notes that a compound in many seaweeds called fucoxanthin promises to help break down and metabolize fat.

8. More Energy less Craving

Sea moss is comprised of iron, which is an incredible way to power up your energy levels. An absence of irons can make you feel exhausted and sluggish.

Sea moss is iodine-rich and can stimulate the production of thyroid hormones, which regulate your appetite and metabolism.

Moreover, sea moss contains water, suppressing cravings by making you whole. You can even use sea moss as a meal replacement if you wish to lose weight fast and effortlessly.

9. It Eases Joint Swelling

Sea moss contains amino acid and oil, potent anti-inflammatory medicines that reduce joint swelling. They can also improve flexibility, reduce joint swelling, and promote more significant movement.

10. Enhances Libido and Sexual Performance

For many years now, Caribbean natives have been using sea moss as a natural aphrodisiac. Its increased zinc content allows the human body to elicit more sex drive, crucial in stimulating libido levels.

Furthermore, the iron found in sea moss can help enhance your stamina. It’ll’ keep the oxygen flowing throughout your bloodstream by pumping blood filled with hemoglobin.

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11. It Enhances Thyroid Health

Diets rich in iodine support thyroid health6. However, excessive iodine is also terrible for your health and wellness.

The thyroid needs this mineral to generate and use crucial components in humans. It may not work appropriately without sufficient iodine and could cause metabolic problems.

Sea moss being a natural source of iodine, may enable you to prevent iodine deficiency and hair loss.

12. Better mood

Sea moss has nearly two times more potassium chloride than a very average-sized banana. Potassium is a very crucial mineral that enables you to support cognitive and emotional health.

If you are feeling down, Sea moss significantly boosts your mood and relaxation after a bad day.

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13. Fight against cancer

Researchers note that fucoxanthin found abundantly in some algae, may help combat specific colorectal cancers or lower risk factors.

The research concentrated heavily on high concentrations and extracts of fucoxanthin. More studies into the benefits of sea moss show this hope.

14. Increase the Health of your Heart

However, this has not been confirmed and requires further research. In most cases, the outcome speaks for itself. Surveys conducted till now suggest that sea moss can reduce cholesterol and help blood thin.

15, It Help in Blood Management

Studies have shown that fucoxanthin from the dried form of sea moss may have substantial benefits for regulating blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

It seems to help the human body respond to insulin7, meaning you can regulate sugar with little work.

For people with diabetes, eating Irish sea moss may help stave off blood sugar spikes. Try it now if you suffer from high blood pressure or blood sugar issues.

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16, It Improves Overall Health

Gut health is associated with the immune system. A diet with fiber-rich, prebiotic foods such as sea moss may help stimulate a healthy body.

BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies featured a research paper that found more antibodies in rats who had consumed sea moss. A large bowl of Irish moss is a potent superfood filled with various nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

It’s loaded with antiviral, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory agents to keep your body running in the best condition.

17, Soothes Skin Complications

You can utilize Irish sea moss’s antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory goodness to assist in alleviating several skin conditions like burns, psoriasis, dermatitis, edema, and eczema.

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18, Improves Blood Circulation

It can help increase blood circulation by alleviating inflammation and creating a course for your blood to flow through. Good blood circulation can lead to better concentration, high energy levels, and a powerful libido.

19, Supporting muscle building and Energy Recovery

One of the significant benefits of sea moss is that it helps you build muscle fast.

Research in the Asian Journal of Medical Sciences involved 80 grown-ups with musculoskeletal signs over 40. The study found that people given particular sea moss had less exhaustion, weariness, and pain. 

So, sea moss plays an essential role in enabling the body to recover from workouts or help reduce the feeling of exhaustion.

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Risks and potential side effects of using sea moss

Sea moss is usually supposed to be safe to eat. However, there are some possible side effects to keep in mind.

  • You should not eat sea moss-like Irish moss if you are breastfeeding. 
  • Nutrient levels rely on the climate and vitamins and minerals found in the growing area.
  • Seaweed can assimilate high levels of heavy metals. If you consume sea moss that has harmful chemicals, it could impair your immunity.
  • Getting sufficient iodine to help combat iodine deficiency is essential for your thyroid function. However, getting excessive iodine (or too little) can heighten your risk of thyroid conditions like hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism8. Nonetheless, it has varying nutritional properties and health benefits.

When eating it in your diet in significant amounts, you may absorb high levels of iodine or heavy metals.

Scientists need to do more studies on the health impacts of Irish sea moss on humans to define its potency in consumer health products. However, some of the advantages do appear to be promising based on seaweed and sea algae research.

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Frequently asked questions

1, Does sea moss detox your body?

The raw sea moss can detoxify the body generally. Its nutritional richness and alkaline qualities include the advantages of sea moss-like Irish moss.

When taken internally, it supplies trace minerals, alkalizes the blood, adds healthy fibre to encourage bowel movements, and eliminates toxins from the gut. Still, other factors would need to be considered if you need to be more particular about the kind of health benefits detox you want.

The simple answer is that it depends on your current health and how much detox you need daily.

2, Can You Eat A Lot Of Prepared Sea Moss Gel?

Sea moss is an excellent source of iodine, an essential part of your body that helps facilitate proper thyroid function. 

However, having too much sea moss in your diet can cause health issues due to too much iodine.

Always be conscious of how much sea moss and vegetables you consume daily and stick to the approved amount of 1 to 2 tablespoons or 4 to 8 grams.

According to a study published in Environmental Science and Pollution Research Journal, this does not pose a health risk.

3, How To Prepare Sea moss Gel

  1. First, add the dried sea moss to a blender with some water. Use one cup of water initially and add more depending on your desired consistency.
  2. For about 1-3 minutes, blend until it is smooth. Transfer the sea moss into an airtight container and refrigerate. The seamoss gel should thicken in the fridge after a few hours.
  3. It can last in the fridge for a month and the freezer for up to three months. 
  4. One option is to put it in an ice-cube tray and freeze the sea moss. It is perfect for taking the cubes and throwing them into your smoothies, relishing the sea moss benefits in a cool beverage.
  5. Dried sea moss can be stocked for up to twelve months in an airtight container in a dark, cool place and can be used to prepare all types of stuff.

4, Can sea moss help prevent Alzheimer’s9?

It is generally known that for hundreds of years, ancient plant medicine systems like Chinese herbal medicine and Indian Ayurveda have used sea moss in their practices.

 The moss-derived chemical has the potential to not only slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease but also treat its symptoms, including confusion and memory loss.

You can buy sea moss if your healthcare professional approves it. It is available in sea moss capsules, and other nutrients tablets form.

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