face masks made in Canada face masks made in Canada

22 Amazing Face Masks Made in Canada

Today, Canada and the entire world live through a pandemic situation. Hence, it has become essential for every person to take all the necessary precautions.

But in between all this, when it comes to wearing a face mask in public places, many people face many problems. They are related to several aspects, including the face mask’s size, shape, or quality.

With various face masks ranging from medical, cloth, disposable, surgical, and several other masks being available, it often becomes challenging to find the perfect face mask that will provide the best protection.

So let’s shop Canadian and thereby support Canadian businesses. Here are some excellent quality face masks made in Canada that will rescue all the citizens of Canada in this pandemic situation.

Should Canadians be wearing N95-style masks?

Perfect quality mask made by Canadian companies:

1. ai Toronto Seoul

These face masks made in Canada come at a reasonable price and can resist several washes; thus are durable enough. They manufacture their masks using Aerosilver antibacterial yarn, which provides comfort to people.

Ai, Toronto Seoul masks are available in various sizes ranging from children’s, medium, and large to unisex. They offer great customer service and allow customers to check out various measurements on their website to select a suitable one for themselves.

2. Made For The People

This is a three-layer mask with a built-in pocket to allow people to add an extra filter outer layer for protection. In addition, it has a wire at the nose bridge so that the mask fits properly on the face.

The ‘Made For The People’ masks are available in small and regular sizes and come at an affordable price. Moreover, one can also purchase a matching pouch and a face mask to store the mask when not in use.

3. Hoi Bo

These Canadian-made face masks are relatively wide and specially made for overall and proper coverage. The ‘Hoi Bo‘ masks also come with comfortable ear straps, making them perfect masks that ensure maximum safety.

The masks are made of a hundred percent linen and can be used after several hot water washes making you feel good about your purchase.

Travelling today.
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4. Charcoal Wrap Winter Mask

Unlike the regular pattern of face masks, a unique mask specially designed for the winter season is the ‘Charcoal Wrap Winter Mask.

It is like a band around your mouth that goes right back to your head, covering your ears to protect you from the winter breeze and the spreading of infectious particles through the air.

Out of the face masks made in Canada, this is one of the best-selling masks of the Canadian company.

5. LEZÉ Copper Mask

This is a go-to mask as it aims to provide maximum comfort and protection to the users throughout the day. The ‘LEZÉ Copper Mask’ is constructed from silky beech tree fabric and antimicrobial copper yarn.

It is available at a reasonable price and is a good-quality mask.

6. Array

With the purchase of this mask, one can simultaneously contribute to a social cause. On every purchase, this brand donates one mask to local charities like the Downtown Eastside Women’s Center, a local long-term care home, the Vancouver Police Department, and many more.

Besides, the ‘Arraei’ also uses sustainable fabric to manufacture their masks. It helps to prevent any environmental harm caused by their products. Not just that, but the mask also offers a snug fit and is indeed a great quality mask.


This mask is very skin-friendly as it is made out of hundred percent cotton. It comes with adjustable ear straps to conveniently adjust the mask as per their comfort.

It also has a nose wire to prevent the mask from slipping down your nose. They claim to donate ten percent of the total sales made by UNTTLD to The Patricia Mackenzie Pavilion.

face mask
Photo by Hayley Lyla on Unsplash

8. Plus Guardian

If you are searching for a high-quality face mask, the ‘Plus Guardian‘ mask is what you will need. This mask has an impressive structure that has a total of eight layers and a very comfortable fit.

The mask has three layers of cotton and polyester and five layers of PM2.5 filter.

9. Matt & Nat

Matt & Nat is a vegan brand that manufactures simple yet good-quality masks. These masks are made from hundred percent soft cotton and are washable; thus, they can be used multiple times.

The mask has a three-ply structure and comes at a very affordable price. It also features a small print on the mask that says ‘live beautifully.’

10. Mackage

The M1 mask by the Canadian brand Mackage is manufactured from upcycled material and comes at a decent price value. The mask has adjustable ear straps, a nose strip, and extendable nose and chin coverings.

The Mackage masks are available in a wide range of colors.

11. Mike Paul Atelier

Mike Paul Atelier produces premium quality face masks without compromising on any aspects of a quality face mask. It is made from high-quality cotton and tightly woven fabric.

It ensures you get the utmost protection and comfort when wearing the mask in public places. Additionally, the Mike Paul Atelier mask permits the users to alter the top of the mask as per the size of their nose bridge to make it an ideal fit.

12. Kanuk

The Kanuk masks are made from silver thread, popularly known for their antibacterial properties and ensuring a secure fit. The mask comes at a reasonably fair price and has a unique structure of adjustable ear loops that extends to the back of your neck.

The Kanuk masks also feature a metal nose clip to help you adjust the mask properly over your nose.

face masks made in Canada
By: Oasisamuel on shutterstock

13. Kaela Kay

This stunning mask from Kaela Kay, produced in Toronto, is wholly made from hundred percent cotton. It has an extra cover you can put in your filter for more protection. This mask comfortably casts around the outline of your face making it an eye-catching and stylish face mask.

However, it also serves best the purpose of a face mask protecting you from the infectious particles in the air. One can select the Kaela Kay mask from various patterns and bright colors available.

14. The Wild Woven Collection

Wild Woven Collection, based in Toronto, manufactures distinctive masks made from natural textiles dyed with botanicals (like avocado pits) to construct beautiful tie-dye effects.

These masks feature creative designs and come at affordable prices. Each mask has a unique design and comes with your choice of elastics that loop around the ears or the head.

Nowadays, as wearing a mask has become an accessory, people also tend to focus on the look of the mask—many people look out for the best masks that will match or suit their attire.

Canadian brands have designed various stylish masks to keep up with the trend and consider the fashion perspective.

These canadian owned  masks are stylish and ensure quality control of the face masks.

15. Good Reason Apparel

As the name suggests, there is an excellent reason to wear the ‘Good Reason Apparel’ mask. These black-colored masks go on with any outfit, are washable, and come at a great price.

One can also alter the ear loop according to their comfort. They offer an excellent service, and their profits are indeed donated to @justice4blackliveswinnipeg, an organization that looks after better and proper public safety for the BIPOC community.

16. Noble Authority

After the “If you’re reading this, you’re too close” masks that became quite popular last year, Noble Authority is back with another line of Drake-Esque face jawn.

This new line of masks is inspired by an album that reminds us that the pandemic isn’t over yet, and we all are still to wear masks.

Additionally, a hundred percent of the proceeds from every mask will be utilized to purchase a warm meal from a restaurant for a frontline worker.

17. Tentree

You may not be able to make that epic road trip you’d planned for the summer again this year, thanks to COVID, but you can still show your love for Moms Nature by wearing a mask that supports her.

Tentree donates ten trees for every purchase, including reusable masks made from recycled and repurposed materials.

18. Ramriddlz

Mississauga, Ontario rapper Ramriddlz made a name for himself with his Drake-approved debut single “Sweeterman.” His symbol is the pineapple (which makes sense if you get the song’s gratuitously seedy connotations).

The fruit comes embroidered on these masks, which the rapper’s site notes are “bad breath proof” and “fucked up teeth proof.” Oh, Ramrico.

19. Ki Collection

Ki Collection has garnered attention during the pandemic for upcycling designer dust bags into face masks.

They caught the attention of Toronto R&B duo Dvsn, who commissioned the company to craft these custom reflective masks to sell at their drive-in shows over the summer. If you missed out, don’t sweat it—they’re playing more shows this weekend.

20. Canada Goose

Known for its health Canada approved medical masks and robust supply chain, Canada Goose, a Canadian company purveyor of down-filled power parkas, sells highly convertible face masks. The lightweight masks come in various styles and feature adjustable straps.

One of them comes with an adjustable headband for added comfort, but it’ll cost you $95. Still cheaper than a Canada Goose parka!

21. Myant

A Toronto-based Canadian compy connected with textile company Myant pivoted early in 2020 to service the country’s growing need for PPE. often comparable on dent x canada. The Strata Mask uses copper and silver yarn for its natural antiviral properties and disposable filters.

More importantly, it fits well and doesn’t fog up the glasses.

22. Anian

This Canadian product Anian removes the plastic length adjusters and puts their made-in-Canada, antibacterial, and moisture-wicking mask’s tightening point at the bottom of the face.

Not just these, but many other masks of various styles and designs are manufactured in Canada daily.

Closing Thoughts

Whether you are looking for personal protective equipment like; cloth mask, disposable masks, reusable cloth masks, surgical masks, cloth face mask, or medical procedure masks, these 22 superior quality disposable face masks with clear manufacturing process have everything you need.

All the above-mentioned Canadian-made masks are readily available on their respective brand’s websites. Ordering masks online has become very convenient, and one can place an order through their mobile device and get their desired masks delivered quickly to their doorstep.

Perfect for disease control, they also provide along side the masks and respirators, premium surgical mask with multiple layers, barrier face coverings, filtering facepiece respirators, and other premium cloth face coverings made of quality fabric layers, These Canadian brands provide excellent customer service. Some also offer quick shipping, fast service, and the fastest delivery options, as today’s demand for canada masks is at an all-time high.

Everyone must take all the necessary safety precautions in such pandemic times to keep others and their family safe. We must do our bit and support Canadian mask makers businesses that aim to improve their citizens.


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