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5 Top Canadian Hospital Specialties

Medical emergencies are no joke. Canadian hospital specialties understand the growing need for equipment that can benefit the hospitals for treating medical emergencies with utmost care. This article tells you about the 5 best companies in Canada that have been providing Canadians as well as other countries with their extraordinary healthcare products. Let’s check them out.

Top 5 Canadian Hospital Specialities 

1. Canadian Hospital Specialties Ltd.

Location:  2810 Coventry Rd, Oakville, Ontario L6H 6R1

The name suggests that Canadian Hospital Specialties Ltd. is the top national specialty distributor of medical products. It aims to be a crucial part of the Canadian healthcare market.

It has been continuously planning to provide cost-effective patient care solutions by manufacturing advanced and innovative healthcare devices. It provides biopsy trays, bladder volume instruments, vascular access kits1, dialysis kits2, gastrointestinal diagnosis supplies3, and many more.

This company has been an important medication delivery company since 1967. Its extensive network of car dealers and pharmacies is highly contributing to the fast-growing home care business.

SPECIALTIES: Radiology, Cardiology4, Anaesthesia5, Vascular, Cardiac and General Surgery, and Critical Care

PRIMARY INDUSTRIES: Distributors, Wholesale, Surgical Devices, Medical Supplies, and Diagnostic Equipment

FUNDING: The Company has raised investments from many well-known companies like Flexpoint and Inter V Medical.

REVENUE: Approximately $ 45.4M per year

NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: Over 200 employees, along with an average of 5% increase each year.

REVIEWS: This B2B Company6 has successfully brought innovative medical and surgical products into the market, thus, satisfying its suppliers and customers. You can go and check their website for further details.

Canadian Hospital Specialties
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2. CardioMed Supplies Inc.

Location: 199 St David St, Lindsay, Ontario K9V 5K7

CardioMed Supplies Inc., Canada is a growing manufacturer and distributor of innovative and high-quality disposable medical equipment in specialized areas. They have built a strong reputation in the market by providing a large range of products and have partnered with leading European and American companies.

They aim to supply safety-engineered devices7 (SED) to their customers. They are meticulously trying to adjust to the changing needs of nurses, physicians, and patients.

Their latest products such as ‘Exoflex,’ ‘Qlinch,’ ‘Fingertip Pulse Oximeter MD300C29’ and ‘Neonatal Clear Sterile Fenestrated Drapes’ have been raising more and more demand among customers.

SPECIALTIES: Open heart surgery, oncology8, dialysis, critical care, and other specialized areas

PRIMARY INDUSTRIES: Medical Equipment and Devices, Manufacturing, Healthcare General, and Retail.

FUNDING: The Company has partnered with ‘Nipro Canada,’ ‘Retractable Technology Inc.’ and many more and has been successfully getting a great number of funds from them.

REVENUE: Approximately $24M per year

NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: Over 150 employees

REVIEWS: CardioMed Supplies Inc. promises to bring advancement in the health care sector and so far has been quite successful in doing so. If you want to gather more information about the company and its reach, visit their site for further details.

Canadian Hospital Specialties
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3. Baylis Medical Company Inc.

Location: 5959, Trans-Canada Highway, Montreal, Quebec H4T 1A1

Baylis Medical Company Inc. is one of the Canadian hospital specialties that is a leading manufacturer, developer, and supplier of innovative and high-technology products. The company offers a unique set of surgical products like diagnostic catheters that help physiologists treat coronary sinus and other respiratory problems.

They develop their products according to the individual needs of patients as well as physicians. They focus on producing more predictable and smoother functioning equipment for the physicians to operate properly and deliver life-changing therapies to the patients.

SPECIALTIES: Spinal, Respiratory, Endovascular, oncology, interventional cardiology, and radiology products

PRIMARY INDUSTRIES: Healthcare, Medical devices

FUNDING: Suncayr Company is the major investor that provides the company with huge amounts of funds.

REVENUE: Approximately $147.3M per year is the company’s revenue, and $251,000 is the estimated revenue per employee.

NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: About 590 employees with an average of 13% of employment growth each year

REVIEWS: The Company’s supportive staff, smart work environment, and rapid changing pace in learning opportunities have successfully satisfied its customers. Many have said that they have some of the smartest people in the Canadian med-tech industry.

4. Clearwater Clinical

Location: 80 Aberdeen St Suite 301, Ottawa, Ontario K1S 5R5

Clearwater Clinical is one of the Canadian hospital specialties that are a well-funded start-up focusing on the evolution of the hearing healthcare market. They understand the demand for hearing health care is growing, but the resources and professionals are far behind in meeting those demands.

They provide conventional audiometric equipment for a diagnostic threshold-seeking hearing test and making hearing testing easy. The company is the maker of SHOEBOX Audiometry.

ENT physicians use their products and equipment, audiologists, hearing instrument specialists, occupational hearing conservationists, and hearing aid dispensers in over 40 countries.

SPECIALTIES: Innovative medical-grade devices and surgical equipment for hearing healthcare

PRIMARY INDUSTRIES: Medical Devices, Biotechnology, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, and Information Security

FUNDING: Clearwater Clinical’s total funding is $8.7M from 6 investors like Whitecap Venture Partners, Furneaux Capital, and many more.

REVENUE: Approximately $36.6M per year is the company’s revenue, and $251,000 is the estimated revenue per employee

NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: About 146 employees with 14% employee growth almost every year

REVIEWS: Their customers like Wellspring, Case Farms, Vital Strategies, and many more are relying on this company for extending their hearing healthcare sector and contribute to the market. Their active website can give all the details about their products and customers.

Canadian Hospital Specialties
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5.   Southmedic Inc.

Location: 50 Alliance Blvd, Barrie, ON L4M 5K3

Southmedic Inc. has been manufacturing medical and surgical products and distributing in over 80 countries around the globe. They have over 10,000 cleanroom modern injecting machines weighing from 30 to 300 tons.

Their insights on Integrated Viral Protection (IVP) distribution in Canada have widely spread globally and have given them quite exposure.

SPECIALTIES: Certified cleanroom injection molding and clean room assembly

REVENUE: Approximately $79.6M per year

NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: Over 317 employees

REVIEWS: The staffs are passionate, and their flexible works have profitably attracted many people. To get more information about their products, you can visit their site to give all the details.

Canadian Hospital Specialties
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Hospitals rely on these ‘specialties’ for treating their patients with high-quality devices. These Canadian hospital specialties have been, and other similar companies provide essential medical products for the citizens of Canada. Doctors and physicians widely use their technically advanced and innovative equipment in many hospitals.

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