6 Remarkable Moving Companies Toronto

moving companies in toronto

Moving from one area to another is one of the most stressful things in life. But in Toronto, many moving companies Toronto offer the best service in packing, unloading, arranging, and shifting goods. As we prepare ourselves for a residential move, many moving companies Toronto are considered the best movers in Canada.

Moving companiesToronto deal with safety and always treat belongings with respect and care. People over the internet always want a good and respectable moving company which offers a fair price which is very attractive to every mover.

Many moving companies Toronto also provide nationwide moving services, long-distance moving, and also local moving. This type of flexible service provided by the moving companies always makes the customers satisfied.

To gain more information, listed below are some of Toronto’s best moving companies.

moving companies toronto

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1. Let’s Get Moving Company 

This moving company was awarded for its best moving service in Toronto and also other parts of Quebec and Ontario in Canada. The Let’s Get Moving company always provides various moving services, such as residential move, long-distance moving, office move, and many more.

The professional movers of this company have always full filled every customer’s need for almost 10 years. This is why Toronto’s Let’s Get Moving company has gained an outstanding review all over the nation. This moving company carries out its duty which is reliable, speedy and with affordable price.

General Information

1. Price- $109 per hour and charge with travel time (approx)

2. Area covered- Toronto area and parts of Quebec and Ontario.

3. In-service- Since 2010.

Services Offered by Let’s Get Moving Company

1. Residential Move:

In residential moving service, the company allows the customer to choose packing, unpacking, loading, shifting, and unloading.

2. Commercial and Office Move:

This moving service allows moving from our office or apartments.

3. Storage Service:

The goods that are being packed are stored in a temperature-controlled warehouse so that they don’t ruin in the process.

4. Packing Service:

Packing all the goods and belongings are in the hands of this company, and they make sure that the packaging of the customer’s belongings is done in the right way.

5. Professional Cleaning Service:

The Let’s Get Moving company with prima cleaners takes deep care of the cleaning services required for long-distance moving.

6. Dust Removal Service:

This service allows the furniture or any type of customer’s belongings to get rid of any unwanted junk and hence are disposed of.

7. Relocation service:

This service allows to relocate any goods to any part of Toronto, Ontario, and all over the nation.

2. Cargo Cabbie Company

moving companies toronto

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This company is a prominent moving company in Toronto that is owned locally. All moving companies Toronto offer professional moving and packing skills for all types of services, including commercial, residential, and office moving services.

The Cargo Cabbie company supplies every possible service to fulfill the 100% need of every customer or client. Cargo Cabbie is considered one of the best moving companies for 11 years, and it does not disappoint its clients. Customers always have decent communication with the crews and their office as well.

For the best service systems, Cargo Cabbie has been awarded multiple times. For example- The Best Business of 2021, The Best Movers in Toronto award, and many more. People all over Canada always find Cargo Cabbie a suitable moving company because of its storage facilities, home, and business services, the plastic wraps they use, which are environmentally friendly, and other variety of moving services.

General Information

  1. Price- $280 in the first hour and after every 30 minutes it costs $40 (approx)
  2. Area covered- All over Ontario, GTA, and Toronto.
  3.  In-service- Since 2010

Services Offered by Cargo Cabbie in Toronto Area

  1. Residential Move:

Cargo Cabbie moving company is always ready for their residential move services from one place to another. They make sure that every belonging is neatly packed to avoid breakages during a residential move.

    2. Packing Service:

Packaging supply is very common in moving companies Toronto. Packing service includes packaging of furniture and all types of customers’ belongings.

    3. Furniture Removal:

During a move from a residential place to an office place, furniture which belongs to the customer gets loaded with the help of professional movers and trucks.

    4. Office Move:

In any office moving, the Cargo Cabbie help to relocation services and move from our office to another one.

3. Rent-a-Son Company

Rent-a-Son is one of the most efficient and respectable moving companies. Customers who contact Rent-a-Son for long-distance moving, storage services, etc., find it reliable and trustworthy.

This company only hires an employee who already has moving experience. The Rent-a-Son moving company in Toronto offers their customers stress-free services to move any type of their belongings. If you plan to move from an apartment, office, or town, Rent-a-Son will help with a smooth service.

Rent-a-Son is considered to be one of the handiest movers in Toronto. On a moving day, their trained professional movers take the responsibility of handling the client’s belongings and varieties of furniture with the highest level of guidance.

General Information

  •  Price- $109 with the free move (approx)
  •  Area covered- parts of Toronto and Ontario
  •  In service- since 2000

Services offered by Rent-a-Son

     1. Apartment and Condo Moves:

Rent-a-Son movers know exactly how to deal with this move. So if you are planning to move out from any condo or apartment, you must contact the Rent-a-Son moving company to deal with it.

      2. Small Moves:

The Rent-a-Son company assures every client to move any furniture from an artwork piece to a heavy sofa, and everything is safely loaded.

4. Metropolitan Movers Company

Metropolitan Movers are considered to be one of the most well-known moving companies Toronto. This moving company provides a variety of different services to fulfill the needs of different kinds of customers.

The Metropolitan Mover’s company was established in 2010 and offers a reliable and free moving service all over Toronto. The different services which the metropolitan mover’s company offers are business moving, different storage facilities, packing services, etc.

General Information

  •  Price- depends on the demand for different moves
  • Area covered- all over Canada-Toronto, Quebec, and every other place
  •  In service- since 2010

Services Offered by Metropolitan Movers

1. Delivery and Moving:

This service includes moving and delivering different belongings of the customers or clients from one part of the area to another part.

2. Packing and Unpacking:

Packaging of goods and delivering to the right place, and unpacking those particular goods is one of the services provided by Metropolitan Movers company in Toronto.

3. Storage of Different Sizes:

The Metropolitan Mover’s company offers storage of various furniture or belongings of the customer and delivers to the right place with care.

5. Miracle Movers Company 

moving companies toronto

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Miracle Movers are one of the best moving companies Toronto. This company fulfills the demands of its customers and offers various services such as packing, moving, and storage services.

General Information

  • Price- Ranging from $98 to $128 per hour with free move delivery. (approx)
  • Area covered- Larger part of Toronto to Ontario
  • In-service- Since 2008

Services Offered by Miracle movers in Toronto

1. Plastic bins

2. Storage services

3. Long-distance moving

4. Furniture moves

5. Office or residential moves

6. Packing and Unpacking of goods

6. High-level Movers Company 

High-level Movers have been providing their services for almost 10 years. They understand and fulfill the demands and needs of different kinds of customers. They offer many services such as cleaning up goods, packaging, unpacking, storage services, transportation services, etc.

General Information

  • Price- Depends on demand.
  • Area covered- All over Canada- Toronto, Ottawa, etc.
  • In-service- Since 2009

Services offered by High-level Movers company 

1. Cleaning

2. Packing of goods

3. Local moving

4. Long-distance moving

5. Garbage disposal

moving companies toronto

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Prices and ratings for all the above-mentioned moving companies Toronto may vary from time to time. But these moving companies provide the best quality services at an affordable price for the customers.

Generally, each company will provide 3 movers. This depends on the moving industry. You can also choose a professional mover if you are moving for long distances because professional movers are trustworthy.

Moving companies in Toronto contain a high rating depending on the number of reviews they get. If you hire a professional mover over a short distance, it will cost more than the normal ranging costs from $200 to $1600.

So, it would be best if you were very informative in moving services because, in some companies, the price rate depends on the distance to be traveled to move from one area to another. While choosing a specific moving company, you need to be aware of its reviews and rating. It would be best to make sure that the company is a reliable moving company in Toronto.

There are many ways to contact the above-mentioned moving companies Toronto. You can go with online bookings because while checking different companies’ sites, you will come across their experience, information, and customer service.

Most of the moving companies in Toronto have over 80 to 90 years of experience and provide a stress-free experience at an affordable price. For example, The Two Men And A Truck moving company in Toronto offers a comprehensive supply of moving services.

These moving companies in Toronto provide effective commercial, residential, and office moving services at an effective cost price.

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