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6 Must-Visit Toronto Casinos

A casino is a perfect place to go if you are looking to let off some steam. Gambling, drinking, and excitement can be found in spades in any good casino.

While you may think of cities like Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or Macau as your go-to gambling hubs, there are plenty of Toronto casinos that are equally as fun!

Casinos are more than just dens of debauchery, however! Toronto casinos are hotels, restaurants, bars and game hubs all rolled into one.

Toronto casinos can be the perfect backdrop for birthday celebrations, weekend trips, romantic getaways, and much more! You can enjoy your time in one of Toronto’s spectacular casinos without gambling your life away!

Toronto is bursting with these gambling houses. With so many casinos in and around the greater Toronto area, you can be spoiled for choice! 

The Best Toronto Casino

To help you decide on the perfect Toronto casino for you, we have compiled a list of ‘the best Toronto casinos in 2020.

1) Casino Woodbine

Location: 555 Rexdale Blvd, Etobicoke, ON M9W 5L1, Canada.

Casino Woodbine is a great Toronto casino for everyone. The establishment is popular for horse race betting and is one of the few places in Toronto where you can gamble on the majestic animal.

The casino also offers over 100 table games, 2900 slots, and over 250 enables (where you can play online card and roulette games).

As a bonus, the casino provides non-alcoholic drinks on the house for all its guests!

Take a trip down to this Toronto casino today!

2) Casino Rama Resort 

Location: 5899 Rama Rd, Rama, Ontario L3V 6H6 Canada.

Casino Rama Resort is a luxurious all-suite hotel in the beautiful area of Orilla.

Besides the 2200 slot machines and 60 table games, Casino Rama Resort boasts all the amenities of a traditional resort.

The indoor saltwater pool, hot tub, eucalyptus steam room, sauna, and eight restaurants are sure to enhance your casino experience!

Some facilities unique to Casino Rama Resort include live music performances, three shopping boutiques, and a stellar 5,000-seat Entertainment Centre.

Visit Casino Rama Resort today!

3) Fallsview Casino Resort

Location: 6380 Fallsview Blvd, Niagara Falls, ON L2G 7X5, Canada.

This magnificent Toronto Casino has a stunning view of the world-famous Horseshoe Falls.

Fallsview Casino Resort is the largest Casino in Canada, boasting a whopping 3,000 slot machines and 100 gaming tables.

This massive resort offers 374 luxury hotel rooms, a full-service spa and fitness center, and an array of different shops and restaurants.

One unique feature of the Fallsview Casino Resort is state of the art Avalon Theatre (which seats over 1500 people in a 30,000-square-foot area). 

Visit Fallsview Casino Resort today!

4) Casino Niagara

Location: 5705 Falls Ave, Niagara Falls, ON, Canada.

Casino Niagara is a fun-filled romp for anyone in and around Niagra. The casino is smaller than some of the Toronto casinos on this list, offering a humble 1,300 slot machines, 40 gaming tables, and a Poker Room.

However, this fun-sized Toronto casino still packs a punch despite its size. Casino Niagara also provides three restaurants with mouth-watering plates and weekly live entertainment.

The fun never stops at Casino Niagra as they have promotions year-round.

Visit Casino Niagara today!

5) Great Blue Heron Casino 

Location: 21777 Island Rd, Port Perry, ON L9L 1B6, Canada.

Great Blue Heron Casino is an amazing Toronto Casino, perfect for all the card players out there.

The casino’s gambling facilities include 50 of every one’s all-time favorite table games, played in a vibrant floor space of over 15000 square feet.

They also offer over 600 slot machines, featuring the newest hits and classic games. The casino’s dining experience includes a noodle bar, a quick-bite snack cafe, and tantalizing all-you-can-eat buffets.

Visit Great Blue Heron Casino today!

6) D & D Casino Events

Why go to a casino when you could bring the casino to you? D & D Casino Events offer the perfect solution for people who love the fun of gambling and partying but hate crowded casinos.

These Toronto casino event planners will turn any event into a Vegas-worthy casino party.

This husband and wife duo has 13 years of experience in the party planning industry and knows exactly how to give you the private casino experience you have always wanted.

If you are having a party in Toronto, you need to call D & D Casino Events.

Contact D & D Toronto Casino Events today!

Things To Remember About Toronto Casinos

Some form of gambling is legal all across Canada. However, like all of Canada’s laws, the rules and regulations regarding gambling vary significantly from province to province.

This is why you must know all the restrictions in place before you plan a night out in a Toronto casino.

All Toronto casinos require you to be at least 19 years old to enter or engage in gambling of any kind.

However, the legal drinking age in Toronto is 21 years old. So, you can gamble at a casino if you are under 21 years old, but you cannot drink while you play!

Online gambling has slightly stricter laws in place. Technically, all internet betting is legal all across Canada, but the gambling website has to be owned by a service licensed or owned by a provincial government.

If you are thinking of partaking in online gambling in Toronto, make sure the website is owned by a Toronto casino or, at the very least, a Canadian company with a gambling license.

Ways To Gamble in Toronto Casinos 

There are several different ways to gamble in a Toronto casino.

Whether you play cards, online gambling, roulette, dice, or even bingo, there will always be a Toronto Casino for you! Let us take a look at some of the different ways you can gamble in a Toronto casino.

1) Card And Table Games

You have most definitely watched a suave movie star playing poker on the big screen. Card game gambling has always been fashionable and even seductive.

There have been countless movies about mobsters, businessmen, and powerful socialites betting on table games.

Poker, Texas Hold ’em, and rummy are all popular card games people use to spin gold out of their silver. You need not worry if cards are not your vice!

There are plenty of other table games to play at a casino like dominoes or Mahjong.

2) Casino Specials

There are some games you can only really play at a casino. Games where you bet against the house, play with an experienced dealer, or play with specialty equipment, are all Casino specials.

Blackjack, Baccarat, roulette, and craps are all good ways to try your luck and stick it to the man at the same time. If you are going to play a casino classic, remember to be careful – after all, the house always wins!

3) Sports Betting

If you don’t trust your skills as a card or table game player, why not bet on someone else’s proficiency? Sports betting can be a fun way to measure your powers of prophecy, all while staying safely on the sidelines.

Bet on the outcome of a game or race, bet on how much a player is going to score, or bet on something else entirely – it’s all up to you!

Your bets can be super specific (like betting on which player will score the first point) or super vague (who will qualify for the semi-finals).

You do not even have to place your bets against the house! You could have your bet going with a group of friends. It may be lower stakes, but it is doubly fun!

4) Online Gambling 

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

‘Ours is a digital age as they say. With this rise of all things modern comes the assurance that all the activities you enjoy doing in the real world will soon be available as virtual experiences.

Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Dice, and Dominoes are just a few casino games that have gotten their very own virtual counterparts.

Also, you don’t need to make a substantial commitment to start playing these casino games online.

That’s because you can find a $1 minimum deposit casino in Canada where you can play for real money just by making a $1 deposit. This is great when trying out a new online gambling site to see if you like it.

Some physical Toronto casinos have even started offering ‘e-tables’ where you can play online with other e-gamers and also experience the vibrancy of a real-life casino.

You can even place your sports bets online. Everything from horse races, sports, and even chess has some way to bet online!

5) Slot Machines

Photo by Lee Thomas on Unsplash

Slot Machines are addictingly fun, arcade-style games, available in most casinos worldwide.

The objective of the game is to insert a coin or chip, then pull a lever (or push a button), and hope that the screen shows three matching symbols.

If you do get three matching symbols, then congratulations! You win a cash prize. Each set of matching symbols yields a different value prize.

6) Charitable Betting

by RobStark / unlimphotos

Do you ever want to game away from the stress of your life but don’t want to line the pockets of the house? Never fear, because charitable betting is the solution for you!

Pick a game of your choice: bingo, jackpot, poker, or anything else, and place your bets.

All the money you win, you get to keep, and all the money you ‘lose’ goes to the charity hosting the event. It is a win-win situation either way!

The Best Toronto Casinos – Final Verdict!

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Toronto has plenty of casinos for every type of gamer. Online or physical, cards or dice, bets, or charity – there is a fabulous Toronto Casino out there just for you!

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