6 Amazing Fredericton Restaurants Worth-Visiting

Can you visit 9 Fredericton restaurants in a week? If you’re in Fredricton, these restaurants are among the best out of more than 25 restaurants in the capital of New Brunswick. 

And it can be fun to know about what all these restaurants have to offer. Wondering what makes these 9 Fredericton restaurants and cafes worth visiting? Here’s a list of the nine best Fredericton restaurants that you should visit once in your lifetime.


Visit 9 Most Dazzling Fredericton Restaurants


Here are 9 most amazing Fredericton restaurants you need to check out!


1. MOCO Downtown

Fredericton restaurants
Image Source: MOCO Downtown Facebook page
 MOCO Downtown is a modern Italian Restaurant in Fredericton. From the inside, the restaurant has a very cozy and warm atmosphere. 

It is suitable for occasions like having lunch with family or romantic dates. They offer a wide variety of Italian pasta, grilled steaks, seafood items, and much more.


A lovely evening in an Italian restaurant is incomplete without a glass of wine. Luckily,  in MOCO Downtown, there is an affordable yet interesting cocktails list. Wines are available every evening.


They are known for:

Their Gluten-Free Options, Vegetarian-Friendly food items, and Vegan Options. The unique menu makes it one of the best restaurants in Fredericton.


2. Sam Snead’s Oak Grill & Tavern

Fredericton restaurants

Sam Snead’s Oak Grill & Tavern is currently the only Sam Snead’s Restaurant in Canada. You can enjoy Kingswood Golf here. They are located at the beautiful Kingswood Park’s Lodge.


They are open for free parking all around the year. Yes! Free Parking, which is 4-5 mins from downtown Fredericton on Hanwell Road.


Once you get there, we recommend you start with some appetizers. Then make your selection from seafood, certified Angus-aged beef, chicken, or ribs.


Sam Snead is famous for fish and chips. Fish and chips include fresh white Haddock. It is beer-battered and fried. They serve the fish and chips with coleslaw and tartar sauce. Fish and chips are a fancy dish for them.


 Sometimes they serve it with lettuce on the side. You can select from a vast selection of grilled food items cooked on the open-flame grill. They use locally-cured oak. It creates the most refreshing flavors. 


Compliment all of this with your favorite liqueur cocktail and fine wine.

Craving something light? They offer a wide range of light appetites like sandwiches selection and salad. You can savor these at Sam Snead’s Tavern.


Don’t forget to top your meal with some of Sam’s homemade desserts! The desserts make it one of the best restaurants in Fredricton.


You can roam from room to room and appreciate the rich wood décor. You can see the souvenirs collected by Sam himself as his journey into golf history.


Sam Snead’s Oak Grill & Tavern offers special diets. They have Vegan Options, Gluten-Free Options, and Vegetarian-Friendly food items. It is suitable for American, Canadian, and bar cuisines.


They offer Private Dining, Digital Payments, and Outdoor Seating. You have Free Wifi and Free off-street parking.


3. Caribbean Flavas Restaurant & Catering


Caribbean Flavas Restaurant & Catering is one of its kind. It is known as a casual dining fusion restaurant in Atlantic, Canada. More than ten different cultures influence it.


For about 500 years, Caribbean Flavas Restaurant has passed its “secret family” recipe. They provide and maintain their authentic Caribbean flavored dishes.


They have which have been marinated & cooked with spices and fresh herbs.

They have served celebrities like Akon, Justin Bieber, Hedley, and Leonard cohen.


Caribbean Flavas Restaurant & Catering has many awards for its name. They got the Tourism Excellence and Best Restaurant in NB awards.


They have zero trans fats, low sodium, additives & preservatives meals. Vegetarian and Gluten-Free Options available. All their meals are sanctioned through the Canadian healthy eating program.


Caribbean Flavas Restaurant & Catering is open for Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch & Dinner. It offers Seafood, the Caribbean,  Indian, Healthy & Canadian cuisines. You get free off-street parking, free Wifi. 


It accepts American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Credit Card, and Cash Only.


4. Cinnamon Cafe

 In 2020, Vegan food dishes will be the new trend all around the globe. The purpose of creating Cinnamon Cafe Restaurant was to serve vegan food. 

It’s the only restaurant that offers a wide range of vegan and vegetarian food. Exclusively to their customers. They have entrees and desserts.


They have vegan burgers and falafel wraps. Coconut cream pies are a popular favorite. All the items on the menu fulfill the craving for vegan and vegetarian delicacies.


This restaurant is the must-try for those who wish for more vegan options out there. Cinnamon café has vegan wines and cocktails, inspired by the menus from all around the globe.


It is sponsored by Moosehead Breweries so that you can enjoy an ice-cold beer for 5$ every day. The diverse cuisine makes it one of the best restaurants in Fredericton.


For Lunch, Dinner, Brunch, Breakfast, Drinks, they offer varied cuisines. They serve Middle Eastern, Asian, and Persian food. They have gluten-free options, vegetarian-friendly food items, and vegan options only.


5. STUFT Burger Bar and Poutinerie


We all love trying new flavors in burgers! And imagine a place just for that, dream place, right? Exactly, STUFT Burger Bar and Poutinerie create the most sensational poutinerie and burgers.


They will leave you feeling satisfied and happy with each mouth-watering bite.


You can relish one of their chef-inspired burgers. Or even better, you can customize one of your burgers with fresh toppings and sauces.


There was a time when you had to go to Montreal to savor in the delights of authentic Canadian poutinerie. But not anymore! You can have all of that right here at Stuft Burger Bar & Poutinerie.


So, how do they create the most sensational burgers? Well, don’t tell anyone! But I know how they make their burger.


They begin with fresh-cut fries and Quebec cheese curds, and well rest is up to you! The unique ingredients make it one of the best restaurants in Fredericton.


Bring your family and friends to the most relaxed burger joint. Have them taste the juiciest burger that you have created.


Visit them for more details regarding the full menu, upcoming events & daily specials. Their address is 1216 Regent Street, Fredericton, in the iconic City Motel.


6. The Palate


The Palatewebsite


The palate is one of the best places for casual dining. All the food is prepared fresh in their open kitchen atmosphere. Calm, relaxed atmosphere and experience meet dinning.


Their special diets include Gluten-Free Options, Vegetarian-Friendly food items, and vegan options. They are available for lunch, dinner, and brunch.


They offer their customers free Wifi, wine, and beer.  The quality of beverages makes it one of the best restaurants in Fredericton. They accept Visa, Mastercard, and Credit Cards.


7. Red Oven Eatery

 Red Oven Eatery is known for its gourmet calzones. This specialty dish makes them one of the best restaurants in Fredericton. Their soups and their salads are not only gluten-free but also wholly vegan. 


8. Wolastoq Wharf


Wolastoq Wharf is known for seafood and vegetarian dishes.


The caesar salad and pan-fried Halibut are specialties at Wolastoq Wharf. You can order takeout or reserve your seats in advance.


9. 540 Kitchen and Bar

540 Kitchen and Bar is a restaurant in New Brunswick. It offers a combination of traditional fine dining and modern comfort food.


If you like the idea of locally sourced ingredients, 540 Kitchen is an excellent choice for you.


Pork dishes, salads, and beef capriccio are popular favorites among snacks.

The lunch menu has many varieties of wraps, noodles, tacos, and burgers.


Visit 9 Most Dazzling Fredericton Restaurants: a Recap


  1. MOCO Downtown
  2. Sam Snead’s Oak Grill & Tavern
  3. Caribbean Flavas Restaurant & Catering
  4. Cinnamon Cafe
  5. STUFT Burger Bar and Poutinerie
  6. The Palate
  7. Red Oven Eatery
  8. Wolastoq Wharf
  9. 540 Kitchen and Bar


Here, you can find the juiciest burgers and the most outstanding Canadian cuisine.


Pasta and grilled food are popular favorites. It is the best place for casual dining among restaurants downtown Fredericton.


Fredericton is the prime location for craft brews. Fredericton restaurants are known for their collection of craft cocktail varieties and craft brews.

Devil’s Keep Vodka and gin, Mead, and Pollen Angles are on top of the craft cocktail list.


Black Galley’s distillery and Maritime Moonshine are very famous for their craft cocktail varieties.


Breweries and Bites is another excellent location for craft brews. Now you know which ones are the best restaurants in Fredericton.

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