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13 Amazing Vegan Restaurants in Vancouver For You to Try

Who thought vegan food was bland and not delicious? And that vegans lived only on salads, tofu, and greens?

Veganism finds itself surrounded by false assumptions and the spread of wrong information. People tend to have a false impression of those who opt for a plant-based lifestyle. A common belief is that a vegan has to give up their favourite comfort foods. But it is not so.

Veganism has plant-based food options. Vegan food is a good food option to try as it is an organic food that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. There is a vegan version of almost all foods containing animal products like meat, eggs, and dairy. There is vegan bacon, cheeseburgers, vegan hot dogs, vegan poutine, vegan pancakes, vegan pizzas, and vegan desserts. One does not have to give up anything to go on a more plant-based diet.

Of its wide variety of vegan culinary options, Vancouver is one of the greatest places in Canada to visit! Without counting the several eateries offering a large selection of vegan dishes, there are now more than 40 vegan-friendly restaurants within a five-mile radius.

Let us dive in and read more about vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Vancouver. In this post, you will find vegan delicacies in Vancouver.

Vegan Restaurants in Vancouver

Vancouver, in British Columbia, is a bustling city full of vegan-friendly, plant-based, gluten-free, and vegetarian options.

Vegan Restaurants in Vancouver are plentiful and spread all over the city. It is not hard to find a restaurant that is not entirely vegan-friendly, vegetarian, or serves vegan meals. One can find anything from comfort foods like Chickpea fries, onion rings, and Vietnamese to Indian dishes, healthy bowls, and crispy rolls.

One of the best places that did not make it in our list is The Arbor. It is the best place to get a southern fried artichoke sandwich. It is a “comfort food” restaurant with delicious vegetarian food, gluten-free, and vegan alternatives that are open for dining in and takeout. Additionally well-known are their delicious burgers.

The Naam serves only vegetarian food. The Naam is a well-liked eatery with a prime location in Kitsilano that many locals in Vancouver are familiar with.

Additionally, they provide a range of foods as part of their daily menu for the week. There are several options for food at The Naam, whether you’re craving brunch, lunch, or dinner.

The long-established quintessential vegetarian restaurant.  renowned for its extensive vegetarian menu, and late-night dining options, including miso gravy and fries. Everybody is catered to here.

Vegan Restaurants in Vancouver
By Jules, Flickr. Copyright 2022

The following list contains the best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Vancouver, British Columbia, with vegan-friendly dining options and amazing food. Even meat lovers ought to check it out.

From breakfast, brunch, and dining to late-night snacking, one will find authentic dining experiences. There may not be 100% plant-based restaurants everywhere. So, it is good to be informed about vegan options.

List of Vegan Restaurants in Vancouver, BC

1. Bandidas Taqueria

No list of vegan restaurants in Vancouver, BC, is complete without Bandidas Taqueria. Situated in East Vancouver, BC, this restaurant serves an all-day breakfast, brunch menu, and local beers. Visitors are in for an authentic and delicious Mexican experience.

Food by Bandidas Taqueria

The restaurant makes its food fresh and in-house. The restaurant is vegan-friendly with several gluten-free options. Most of the menu items provide various gluten-free options, are celiac-friendly, and are good with other allergies.

The menu consists of delicious tacos, quesadillas, burritos, nachos, salads, enchiladas, bowls. One of the must-eat foods is Eggs Benedict.


The folks there provide a good service, and portions are enormous. People can dine in, and the wait is not too long in times of rush. Those who want to grab a late-night or an after-dinner snack can come as the restaurant is open late. They also move around in a food truck, offer deliveries, and provide take-out services.

If you are searching for vegan restaurants in Vancouver, BC, be sure to check this place out.

2. Bisou Bake House

Situated in North Vancouver, BC, and 0.3 miles from downtown Vancouver, Bisou Bakehouse is a wholesale bakery. They serve a range of vegan cookies, baked goods, and crackers. The entire vegan menu is made finely and artfully with fresh ingredients.

About Bisou Bake House

Their name, “Bisou,” is a translation of the French word for “kiss,” which captures the exquisite sensual sensation that their confections offer. They think that everyone should be able to enjoy the satisfaction of eating contentedly. Their snacks aim to achieve precisely that.

Known For

They take great satisfaction in how decadent our golden confections are. Every one of their items, from the decadent cookies and baked delicacies to the delicate, nutritious crackers, is well created, a balance of flavours and textures that appeals to all palates.

As one of the vegan restaurants in Vancouver, their vegan menu has gluten-free options in sweet and savoury dishes. The restaurant makes gluten-free baked goods using gluten-free flour in clearly gluten-free kitchen stations. Customers who prefer wheat-based products should check out this place.

The vegan bread and pastries are seemingly fresh and sweet, with no preservatives, and available at reasonable prices. People can relax as they sip on a nice cup of hot chocolate or coffee. One ought to look out for the coffee cheesecake.

3. Cafe Deux Soleils

Cafe Deux Soleils
By Wendy Cutler, Flickr. Copyright 2022

This family-run café, situated on Commercial Drive in East Vancouver, British Columbia, is all about the community.

About Cafe Deux Soleils

Among the vegan restaurants in Vancouver, they are popularly known for hosting shows like live music, open mic, and slam poetry. The artistic vibe adds to the ambiance. The spacious area and the casual atmosphere add to a relaxed day or night out with the family.

Serving vegan, vegetarian, and west coast cuisine with a focus on organic plant-based ingredients is Café Du Soleil’s specialty. Excellent vegan wraps.

Although it’s not entirely plant-based, the café provides generous breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dining menu options, whenever you’re in Vancouver. They are all about comfort food.


Small, quiet, tastefully designed, and totally different from another Commercial Drive café with a confusingly similar name, this unassuming restaurant is.


The menu is intriguing and varied, and the proprietor indicated that it is progressively expanding to meet the demand for different dietary demands, including veganism and gluten-free options.

It is impressive because smaller businesses typically lack the resources to adopt this strategy. The food here is hot, tasty, beautifully seasoned, and presented. Ketchup and hot sauce were offered.


This café has excellent vegan options and gluten-free options. The prices of vegan dishes are reasonable and budget-friendly. They also have excellent coffee, and people can check out the French toast here. This restaurant has maintained a good standard, is all too frequently disregarded, and is definitely worth your time.

4. CHAU Veggie Express

This restaurant is one of the best plant-based vegan restaurants in Vancouver, and people can find it on Main St.

Aim of CHAU

CHAU Veggie Express aims to satisfy its customers with health-focused Vietnamese cuisine using fresh vegan ingredients. The Vietnamese culture inspires its vegan menu. After their dining experience, visitors are sure to leave with a sense of peace and nourishment.

About CHAU

This is how CHAU Veggie Express defines itself:

  • The eatery is entirely plant-based.
  • Inspired by family.
  • Vietnamese today.

They are a neighbourhood plant-based health restaurant that serves 100% vegan food that a Vietnamese family and cultural heritage influence.

They want to establish a place that promotes holistic health in order to improve your well-being, soothe your body, and give you peace of mind.

Food by CHAU Veggie Express

  • The vegan food menu options have fresh rolls, pho, soups, bowls, chips, vegan ice cream, and flavorful drinks.
  • The entire menu selection is fabulous, delicious, and affordable over sizeable servings.
  • The Golden Temple soup and the coconut shake are worth checking out.
  • They have gluten-free and onion and garlic-free options as well.

5. Do Chay

Do Chay is one of the best vegan restaurants in Vancouver, deriving its inspiration from Vietnamese dishes… They offer various meals, cocktails, craft beer, wine, lemonade, and happy hours. Most of their foods are gluten-free.

Food by Do Chay

  • Their Vietnamese vegan pho is one of the best, and the Satay Noodles too.
  • They make broth for their pho with dried seaweed, shiitake mushrooms, and lots of vegetables.
  • The bowl of vegan pho is then served with rice noodles and packs quite a punch.

They offer all types of comfort and street food like Spring Rolls, Daikon Cakes, Coconut Rice Cakes, wraps, and noodle bowls. Some vegan food worth trying out is coconut milk rice cakes, black truffle tofu, desert island noodles, and rolls.


With several vegan options, one can find that the menu is not too expensive. The restaurant is open daily during lunch and dining hours.

6. East is East

One of the best vegan restaurants in Vancouver, BC, East is East, is about more than food. It is about the culture- deriving their dishes from Middle-Eastern, Indian, and Afghan roots. They are not 100% vegan-friendly, but they do have gluten-free, vegan plant-based food options along with meat.

Known For

The homely and traditional ambiance is part of why a visit there makes for a lovely experience. The live music, the menu options, and the authentic and flavorful foods make it a must-visit. The atmosphere makes for a comfortable dining experience for everyone.

One should try out the chai platter, the hummus plates, and the dhal soup with Rotis.


The restaurant also provides food truck services in and around the city. The spice caravan bowl from the food truck is a bestseller among the regulars.

7. Heirloom Juice Co.

Situated on South Granville Street, West Vancouver, Heirloom Juice & Co. is located just around the street from Heirloom. Heirloom is one of the most popular vegan restaurants in Vancouver, BC. Its sister joint, Heirloom Juice Co., is as famous.

About Heirloom Juice Co.

In the centre of South Granville, Heirloom on 12th Ave first opened its doors in 2012. Heirloom, a modern dining establishment with a modern menu, is housed in a stunning historical structure.

Gus and Yogi, the owners, had the idea to develop a concept that serves vegan and vegetarian food while being socially conscious. When feasible, all items are obtained locally and are organic.

A comprehensive list of carefully prepared cocktails, a reasonable wine list, and a variety of regional craft beers are also available. The room’s distinctive charm creates the ideal atmosphere for relaxing all day.

It is 1one of Vancouver’s fancier vegetarian restaurants.

Juice by Heirloom Juice Co.

The juice bar and eatery serve a menu full of organic, vegan, and gluten-free options. They make their baked goods using maple syrup.

This juice bar serves cold-pressed juices, vegan smoothies, coffee, teas, salads, and plant-based food. They also offer Juice cleanses on a 1, 3, or 5-day basis. Those who need a reset in their daily lives can buy these.


Juices and smoothies are made and offered freshly on the go as take-out. People can start their day with a refreshing drink. And those who need some refuelling can quench their thirst here and grab a bite.

Their salads, soups, and vegan snacks are readily available for take-out.

8. Hey Kokomo

Vegan Restaurants in Vancouver
Photo by Mariana Medvedeva on Unsplash. Copyright 2022

Hey Kokomo, or Kokomo, is a small plant-based vegan café located in Chinatown, North Vancouver, BC. They make nourishing and healthy, vegan plant-based bowls. Their menu consists of 100% plant-focused bowls, smoothies, and fresh and nutritious salads.

Food by Hey Kokomo

Their plant-based bowls like the Hemp Caesar salad and the Coastal Macro bowl are worth checking out. One should also try out their Kokomo acai, sunflower acai, and smoothies. One should also try out the Cocowhip, an Australian vegan soft serve.

Just as colourful as vegan dishes are, they are as flavorful. The menu has several allergen-free, nut-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free options.

Best known For

The All-Day Brekkie Macro Bowl and Golden Laksa Noodles Bowl from this restaurant, which specializes in tasty and vibrant bowls of deliciousness, are both winners. They also sell coconut yoghurt, smoothies, cold coffee, and wonderful vegan soft serve with a variety of toppings. It is among Vancouver’s top comfort food vegan restaurants.

Kokomo is one of the best vegan restaurants in Vancouver, is famous on Instagram, and is a local favourite. The café aims for zero waste and has compostable take-out packages that make take-away all the way easier.

9. MeeT on Main

Meet is a vegan restaurant chain on a plant-based mission. It aims to bring the mainstream population to have more plant-based foods in its venues.

About MeeT on Main

They have opened several Vancouver locations of their vegan restaurants. The one on Main St Vancouver is listed here.

One of the most sociable things we can do these days is spend time with friends, family, and acquaintances over food and drink. MeeT wants to demonstrate to people that comfort food can be vegetarian, homemade from scratch, delicious, and reasonably priced. MeeT is a place where everyone is welcome, and there is seating.

Food By MeeT

MeeT on Main is one of the best vegan restaurants in Vancouver, BC. They serve innovative vegan dishes and all kinds of plant-based comfort food.

Also, they have a mouth-watering selection of vegan fries, poutine, burgers, tacos, yummy bowls, and desserts. They have a vegan option for almost every comfort food.

Some of the people’s favourites are the Double-Double burger, Sweet Chili Cauliflower, taco salad, Oyster Mushroom Kalamari, and Them Apples.


The incredible food combined with vegetarian and vegan-friendly options, a welcoming staff, and excellent service makes it a memorable experience for everyone.

The menu items have been listed and specified as having nuts and gluten. Unless otherwise stated, most desserts are gluten-free.

10. The Workshop Vegetarian Cafe

This cafe is one of the finest vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Vancouver and is inspired by Japanese cuisine. They satisfy their customers’ cravings with their wholesome and plant-based foods. Their healthy and vegan menu is delicious, and they source only local and organic ingredients to make their dishes.

Food by The Workshop Vegetarian Cafe

The cafe makes its products in-house. One can find ramen, udon, organic buddha bowls, baked goodies, coffee drinks, organic teas, and smoothies on their menu. Plant-based milk is also available.

The Vegan Spicy Tan Tan Broth, Organic “Nama” Shoyu Ramen, Vegan Cinnamon Rolls with icing, and vegan kimchi are bestsellers.

The café has many grab-and-go items like salads, organic, onigiri, sandwiches, frozen noodles, broths, baked goods, and sauces. It is probably the best place to have ramen in Vancouver, BC .

11. Trish Juice

Trish Juice is a juice bar chain that recently opened in downtown North Vancouver, BC.

About Trish Juice

The owner opened Trish Juice with a vision of catering to the best of all dietary requirements. The restaurant promotes healthy eating on a fast-food scale.

The inviting, colourful décor of Trish Juice makes consumers feel at home. Fresh produce is dispersed throughout the store to provide guests with a more natural experience.

Aim of Trish Juice

Juice, smoothies, and other products made with deliciously fresh fruit and vegetables are available from Trish Juice. Through a healthy diet, they work to increase your everyday mental and physical productivity. Systemic hydration and detoxification are their main goal.

The difference that “all-natural” makes can be tasted, but you’ll really appreciate how it makes you feel. Everyone can find something here! The goal was always to satisfy every dietary need while maintaining the highest standards of taste and quality.

Food by Trish Juice

Their menu is flexible and offers a variety of healthy food and beverage options made with fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole foods.

Their menu offers freshly made:

  • squeezed juices
  • smoothies
  • bubble tea
  • salads
  • bowls, and more.

Some of the most excellent vegetarian and vegan dishes made here are:

  • Wholesome wraps
  • Rainbow flatbreads
  • Cheesy pesto flatbread
  • Acai
  • Smoothie bowls

They make their food using 100% Vegan and nutritional products.


The meals are of the most refined taste, quality, and value for money. They provide great service.

12. Vegan Pudding & Co.

About Vegan Pudding & Co.

Vegan Pudding & Co. is a compact take-out store on Richards St in Downtown Vancouver, British Columbia. This little take-out restaurant owned by a husband and wife duo is known for its 100% vegan custard puddings.

The owners exclaim their store is the world’s only vegan custard pudding store. They operate on a take-away basis through a window counter.

Food and Puddings By Vegan Pudding & Co.

Puddings come in Matcha Green Tea, Earl Grey, Strawberry, and Roasted Black Sesame flavours. The sweet treat is served in BPA-free, compostable cups with coconut whipped cream.

They serve 100% vegan, soy-free, nut-free, and gluten-free.

Puddings are made without white sugar, eggs, and dairy. Additionally, they sell puddings, cold brews, and delicious vegan soft serve with a variety of toppings to the exclusive retailer of vegan custard pudding.

The delicious vegan Crème Brûlée here deserves a notable mention.

The owners are certified organic and only use the best organic ingredients in their puddings. For sweetening, they use coconut and maple sugar.

13. Virtuous Pie

Virtuous Pie has one of the best plant-based pizzas served in vegan restaurants in Vancouver, BC. The restaurant on Main St Vancouver offers 100% plant-based, wood-fired pizza topped with delicious toppings.

About Virtuous Pie

They also have 100% vegan ice cream and local beers on their menu. They serve their food with house-made cheese and are also good with gluten-free food options.

Their plant-based pizza with regular crust uses high-gluten flour, Olive Oil, and Cane Sugar, among other ingredients. Pizza with a gluten-free crust is also available.

Food by Virtuous Pie

Dishes people should check out in Virtuous Pie are:

  • Mac and Cheese
  • Garlic Knots
  • Ultraviolet pizza
  • Stranger Wings pizza

Soy-free options are also available for those who would like to opt for them. The delicious Margherita pizza and Superfunghi pizza are naturally soy-free; however, visitors should talk about them with the staff first.

The restaurant has an app on its website menu pages called the Honeycomb app. It is crucial in helping customers identify and filter their menus based on their dietary restrictions or allergies.

Interested customers can buy vegan cheese wheels of Tofu Feta and Lemon Herb Chèvre from their UBC location.
This shared list of vegan restaurants in Vancouver, British Columbia, can never be complete.

The vegan-friendly city of Vancouver keeps growing, and people look forward to trying out new plant-based eateries.

Favourite FAQs

1. Is Vancouver good for vegans?

For its various vegan food selections, Vancouver is one of the best places to visit in Canada! There are more than 40 vegan eateries within a five-mile radius, not counting the several places providing vegan choices.

2. Which Canadian city has the most vegans?

Following are the city rankings for most vegans in Canada:

  1. Victoria. With an average of 17.85 vegan-friendly restaurants per 10,000 people, Victoria is the most plant-based Canadian city.
  2. Niagara Falls. Maybe due to its affluent tourism, the city of Niagara Falls is the second most vegan city in Canada.
  3. Kelowna.
  4. Saint John.
  5. Vancouver.

3. Which country is #1 for vegans?

United Kingdom. The United Kingdom has the most vegans compared  to any country in the world. According to recent data, veganism is becoming more popular in the United Kingdom.

4. Is being vegan expensive in Canada?

Despite the popularity of veganism in grocery stores and the public media, vegan diets have a reputation for being pricey – something that not every household can afford. Adopting a plant-based diet in Canada is becoming increasingly challenging due to growing living costs and escalating food prices.

5. Is it easy to be vegan in Vancouver?

Vancouver is an extremely vegan-friendly city, and it’s difficult not to come across a restaurant that is either entirely vegan or offers at least a few vegan alternatives.


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