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What are the Top Jobs for Immigrants in Canada?

Canada and immigration can now be considered synonyms. Many people across the globe consider Canada to be their top priority when moving to another country. The diversity of the country’s labour market is an asset to its multicultural tapestry, which comprises immigrants from all walks of life. Industries such as health care, technology, construction, and services are among the joint employment areas for immigrants in Canada.

If you plan to increase this number by moving to the country, you might be searching for in-demand Canadian jobs for immigrants. The nation has multiculturalism, opening its doors to individuals seeking new opportunities. In this article, we will explore typical jobs that immigrants often find themselves engaged in while discussing more relevant details. So, bring your coffee, read about specific employment in Canada mentioned below that aligns with your skills, and start planning.

Jobs for Immigrants in Canada
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1. Important Factors Influencing Job Choices in Canada

While Canada offers a diverse range of job opportunities for immigrants living in the country, some factors can significantly influence your job choices.  

1.1. Economic Landscapes

One of the foremost factors influencing job choices for immigrants in Canada is its diverse and robust economic landscape. Not only do immigrants get the opportunity, but the country also sees a hike in its economy because of immigration. 

Even on the official government website, they have thanked immigrants for contributing so much to their economy. The website has a whole different section with the hashtag #immigrantsmatters. If you are a skilled professional, Canada has many job opportunities that can easily align with your choices. 

On the other hand, those with unskilled backgrounds might find themselves in labour work in Industries like agriculture, construction, and service sectors.

1.2. Educational Background

Educational qualifications can heavily influence one’s job prospects in Canada. Skills are required, but if you don’t have proof of that in the form of certification or anything, it can help you secure positions. Also, educational background impacts the ability to navigate Canada’s professional licensing processes. 

On the other hand, people who don’t have any recognized documents of their skills may need to explore options for further education or alternative career paths to align with the Canadian job market. With all the other documents, you should ensure that you have proof of your skills to secure a job you feel comfortable doing.

1.3. Language Proficiency

Yes, language proficiency in English or French is the key to a successful integration into the Canadian job market. Language skills significantly impact an immigrant’s ability to communicate effectively, collaborate with colleagues, and understand job requirements. 

Immigrants must have strong language proficiency in their home country. This helps them move quickly in the crowd and secure positions that require effective communication. If you are familiar with the immigration process in Canada, you might know about the language proficiency test that one should take to move to the country. Keep yourself educated about one of the languages mentioned in this heading.

2. Best Jobs for Immigrants in Canada Know About

Now we know that not only do immigrants take benefits from Canada, but the country also needs immigration to see its economy touch the sky. There are various sectors where immigrants find themselves working. However, the six mentioned below are the most in-demand and common occupations for immigrants in Canada. 

2.1. Food Service Supervisors

In the hospitality sector, food service supervisors play a significant role in overseeing the daily operations of restaurants, cafes, and other dining establishments. 

Immigrants with expertise in this sector often find themselves with tons of opportunities, leveraging their managerial skills and contributing to Canada’s economic landscape. This sector makes its place in the most common jobs for Canadian immigrants, opening doors for career advancement within the hospitality industry.

2.2. Software Engineers

The tech hubs of Canada, Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal provide a lively environment where software engineers can flourish. With immigration policies in favor and a focus on innovation, Canada values and cherishes qualified software engineers’ efforts, making this country ideal for skilled software engineers seeking rewarding opportunities.

All this combined makes this profession one of Canada’s most common and in-demand occupations that many immigrants find themselves working in. This demand for software engineers aligns with Canada’s commitment to technological advancements, which technically benefits the country and immigrants.

2.3. Administrative Assistants

Administrative roles are essential in almost every industry worldwide. Canadian immigrants often find opportunities to showcase their organizational and communication skills. 

Whether in healthcare, finance, or other sectors, administrative assistants serve as a bridge in maintaining efficient office operations. Immigrants with diverse backgrounds initially find themselves working in managerial positions, making it one of the typical jobs in Canada for immigrants.

2.4. Computer Programs and Interactive Media Developers

Canada’s digital landscape is flourishing, and if you are an immigrant living in the country with computer programming and interactive media development, this might be it. 

These professionals contribute to creating digital content, web applications, and interactive experiences, which are in demand in almost every corner of the world. The nature of this industry is dynamic and provides immigrants with opportunities to work on cutting-edge projects and be part of Canada’s thriving digital ecosystem.

2.5. Information Systems Analysts and Consultants

The need for experts in information systems is growing globally, and Canadian immigrants with good skills in analysis and consultation can easily find meaningful roles in the field. 

Information systems analysts and consultants help businesses and organizations optimize their infrastructure, ensuring effective and secure operations. Immigrants wanting to contribute to the digital transformation of Canadian companies are welcomed by the country with open, broad hands.

2.6. Health Care Workers

The Healthcare industry in Canada is always in demand for more workers, and many immigrants work in this field in their initial days. Hence, Canada’s healthcare system consistently seeks skilled professionals to meet the demands of an ageing population. 

Positions like doctors, nurses, and other healthcare practitioners contribute significantly to the country’s healthcare system, boosting the economy. Immigrants with excellent skills in this field stop worrying about what they should do and start applying for healthcare.

We have talked about typical jobs for Canadian immigrants, but some high-demand occupations in the country continuously seek professionals. Two of the industries are healthcare and IT, which we have already discussed. Besides these, skilled traders are one of the country’s highest needs.

They come with particular driving, plumbing, building, and welding skills. Immigrants who experience these trades may not find any difficulties finding jobs in the country. Canada is well aware of this and welcomes immigrants with skills in the trades and asks them to contribute to the development of well-built communities. 

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Global Talent Boosts Innovation and Cultural Fabric

Jessica Sproat, the Founder of Next Up Adventure, explains how hiring immigrants in tech, admin, and healthcare roles boosts productivity:

“In my experience as an executive at a mid-sized tech company, hiring immigrants has tremendously benefited our organization in Canada.

Immigrants bring unique perspectives, cultural diversity, and specialized skills that strengthen our company. 

For technical roles like software engineering, immigrants have global experience building innovative products and services. They are versed in the latest technologies and best practices worldwide.

By tapping into this global talent pool, we have accelerated our software development and gained a competitive advantage.

For support roles like administrative assistants, immigrants are often multilingual and culturally sensitive, able to connect with our diverse clients and staff.

They bring an intercultural competence that improves communication and relationships across the company.

Immigrant healthcare professionals fill critical shortages and provide care in multiple languages. They have a strong work ethic and commitment to patient well-being.

By hiring immigrant nurses, physicians, and home health aides, we have expanded access to care and gained staff who are passionate about their work.

Immigrants have been instrumental to our success through their skills, diversity, and passion. We aim to continue recruiting top immigrant talent to drive innovation, strengthen our cultural fabric, and better serve our multicultural community.

Immigrants deserve our gratitude and support. They are helping build a stronger, more prosperous Canada.”

Jessica Sproat - Featured
Jessica Sproat

3. Job Opportunities in Specific Provinces

While the whole country is a hub for people seeking to have great job opportunities, there are some specific provinces where individuals may find more options to look for. 

3.1. Ontario

Ontario is like a magnet for immigrants, having Canada’s largest city, Toronto, making it one of the first choices to move into. The province comes to the spotlight as a tech powerhouse, offering many IT positions. 

Beyond technology, opportunities flourish in finance, healthcare, and manufacturing. Toronto’s vibrant culture and relaxed lifestyle are magnets that attract job seekers from all over the world. However, let’s not forget that Ottawa and Mississauga contribute to Ontario’s robust job market overall.

3.2. British Columbia

Coming at the second, British Columbia has flourished its tech scene in Vancouver. The city is said to be the growing tech hub, calling all the people related to this field to contribute to the country’s economy. 

If you are interested in the film and entertainment industry, British Columbia is sending you an invitation through this article. Additionally, talking about the provincial capital, Victoria, focuses on government roles and has construction, healthcare, and tourism openings.

3.3. Alberta

jobs for canada immigrants
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Alberta is one of the best contributors, offering job openings in IT, agriculture, construction, and the oil and gas industry. Two of its major cities, Calgary and Edmonton, have many jobs, most of them in the oil and gas sector. 

This province’s economy grows steadily, ensuring access to high-paying jobs in Canada and providing immigrants with a comfortable lifestyle that everyone wants to live in.

3.4. Quebec

Quebec has a place in one of the high-demand occupations. This province is French-speaking, meaning proficiency in the language is a must. 

People who can converse in French have enhanced chances of outperforming in the IT, aerospace, healthcare, and life sciences sectors. Montreal, the largest city in Quebec, is a cultural and economic powerhouse, offering diverse opportunities for immigrants. Quebec’s strong job market and unique cultural identity make it one of the best provinces in Canada to live in.

Jobs in Quebec - Canada in 2023 | In Demand occupation (NOC) with salaries | Montreal - Quebec PNP

3.5. Manitoba

Among the provinces with many job opportunities, Manitoba stands out as it welcomes finance, transportation, IT, manufacturing, and healthcare professionals. While many professionals live in the country, Manitoba offers job opportunities to immigrants with proven skills in any industry due to the high demand for these occupations.

If we keep aside the job prospects, the province’s friendly and welcoming community adds to the overall positive experience of working in Manitoba.

3.6. Saskatchewan

Known as the “land of opportunities,” Saskatchewan has a stable economy, particularly in agriculture, mining, and manufacturing. If you are skilled in any of these industries, the province will welcome you with open arms. The province’s largest city, Saskatoon, offers healthcare, IT, and manufacturing job opportunities. 

Immigrants seeking a stable economy and diverse opportunities can move to this province and live the life they want.

4. Top Government Support and Programs

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Some government support programs are available in Canada to help you make a smooth transition to the country. However, some eligibility criteria will always exist. Let’s examine them closely.

4.1. Express Entry System

The Express Entry System is one of Canada’s best frameworks for skilled workers. This is an online system that effectively manages immigration. There are three distinct programs mentioned below a brief of them:

4.1.1. Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) program is for those who have Canadian work experience within three years before the time they are applying. This program focuses on people familiar with the Canadian job market.

4.1.2. Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)

The Canadian government’s FSWP program is for those with skilled work experience in foreign countries. It requires candidates to meet specific criteria related to education and other factors. This program is specially designed to attract people with valuable international expertise. 

4.1.3. Federal Skilled Trade Program (FATP)

With a keen focus on acquiring skilled workers qualified in a specific trade, FATP requires either a valid job offer or a certificate of qualification. The main target of this program is to call people who can contribute to Canada’s workforce. 

Best Ways to Immigrate to Canada in 2024 : Express Entry, PNP, Study in Canada & More | IRCC

4.2. Provincial Nominee Programs

Established in 1998, the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is one of the prominent routes for skilled workers seeking Canadian immigration. It operates in almost all the provinces in the country, intending to bolster regional economies by welcoming skilled workers globally. 

Having more than 80 provincial immigration streams, one might face difficulties choosing the right one. But no worries, there is a tool named Canada PNP finder, which serves as a valuable tool to guide applicants in discovering the most fitting pathway to Canadian permanent residence.  

4.3. Settlement Services

Canada’s success in integrating newcomers is significantly attributed to settlement services. This is provided by all three levels of government in the country: federal, provincial, and municipal. These services are crucial for both permanent and temporary residents. It also encompasses a wide range of support to the applicants, including:

• Needs Assessments – Identifying the specific requirements of newcomers.

• Information and Orientation Services – Providing knowledge about Canadian society and culture. 

• Language Training – Assisting in language acquisition.

• Employment Help – Helping job seekers who will take their first steps in the country.

5. The Challenges and Solutions

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Besides finding jobs and dealing with language barriers, new immigrants might face many other challenges, which is not shocking. This section covers three common challenges new immigrants in Canada might face and how they can deal with them.

5.1. Hard Time Finding Low-Cost Housing

Securing affordable housing can be difficult for new immigrants in Canada. This issue may bother me more if trying to live in urban areas due to high living costs. 

Solutions: Government Housing, Community Housing initiatives, and rental assistance programs can help you navigate this situation effectively.

5.2. Adapting Weather Switch

New immigrants, especially those who used to live in warmer climates, may face difficulties while facing Canada’s cold weather, snow, and ice. 

Solution: The only solution for this challenge is looking for tips and resources on staying warm and dressing appropriately. 

5.3. Isolation

People who have recently moved to the country may experience feelings of isolation due to cultural differences, language barriers, and the absence of familiar support systems. 

Solution: Community engagement programs, multiculturalism events, and support groups can help individuals face this challenge easily.

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Intensify Job Market Competition

Sebastian Jania, the CEO of Ontario Property Buyers, explains how immigrants enrich Canada’s job market through inclusion and diversity:

“Immigrants play a significant role in shaping Canada’s diverse job market, as they bring unique experiences and skills.

Many immigrants bring some of the best talent from their home countries and can provide that talent to the Canadian workforce.

This creates greater competition in Canada’s diverse job market and challenges local Canadians to become even more competitive and create more value.

Furthermore, because of this increased level of competition, much more is demanded from every single worker, and one cannot simply sit comfortably in the workforce, as a newcomer may very easily outperform them on the job.”

Sebastian Jania - Featured
Sebastian Jania

6. Take Away

Canada’s inclusive and diverse job market provides immigrants many opportunities spanning IT, healthcare, and skilled trades. As the nation continues to emphasize embracing diversity, immigrants shape our workforce and enhance the fabric. The wide range of job opportunities showcases Canada’s commitment to fostering an inclusive society that empowers individuals from various backgrounds to succeed and make valuable contributions.

People planning to immigrate to Canada can use government initiative programs such as the Express Entry System and Provincial Nominee Programs. While they may face challenges like high-cost housing or difficulty adapting to a new environment, comprehensive support systems and community programs help them overcome them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Canada Cheap to Live in?

Canada’s affordability can vary by region. However, it is said to be cheaper than the US. Factors like housing, healthcare, and daily expenses can directly influence the cost of living.

Q2. Is Toronto very Expensive?

Yes, Toronto is one of Canada’s most expensive cities. The cost of living, travelling, and many other things is higher in Toronto than in different cities.

Q3. Is Canada Good to Live in?

Canada is widely regarded as an excellent place to live. Various factors justify this: it offers a high quality of life, diverse job opportunities, and a welcoming atmosphere. 

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