Best Water Activities in Toronto [Guide 2022]

This summer, relax in Toronto. Let your hot summer day melt into a perfect getaway with the accompaniment of a water sports adventure. Stay chilled as Toronto summer months gives an excellent opportunity for a vacation.

From sunset paddle boarding and sailing to the beautiful Niagara Falls, Toronto is all you need this summer.

1. Meet the Relaxed Torontonians!

When the summer season comes to the Country, Torontonians would never be happy sitting at home. There are many best water activities in Toronto. When the temperature gets higher each day, spending hours at Lake Ontario becomes a routine.

Being in the heart of Toronto, sports are easily accessible and give a startling view of the city. The summer heat gets cooled by about 5 to 10 degrees in the water. Boat cruises are the more popular answer for cooling, and it is available in various price ranges.

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2. Boat Cruises

Enjoy Ontario lake by not getting into the water. A boat cruise will give you the start to try other water sports.

Different kinds of cruises are available comfortable for different pockets. This also includes the themed varieties. These are destined at Toronto’s Harbourfront.

The options available are as follows:

  • 1-hour Toronto Tour: This is comparatively cheap and awards an overall sightseeing sum.
  • 2-hour Tall ship boat cruise: This is a longer yet more expensive option.
  • A 3-hour buffet dinner cruise: This is a luxury cruise for three long hours.

This tour is an hour of narrated boat cruise that journeys around the harbor and the Toronto Island archipelago. Cruises halt at major points for sightseeing as well.

The summer months offer the perfect tour, both quick and cool. If being a sailor was a dream you couldn’t achieve, this cruise offers the chance for an hour-long pretension.

Tall ship cruise is an hour more of the tour giving the vibes of vintage 1930s explorer. Don’t forget to see the canon! You can also help the crew around the journey if you would like to.

And if the Toronto skyline is your major attraction, go for the third option of 3 hours. Have a full-on buffet dinner and a cash bar while throwing some shapes on the dance floor.

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3. Tall ship boat cruise

This is your opportunity to experience Toronto’s only tall ship boat cruise! Sail aboard a ship named the ‘Tall Ship Kajama.’ This is an authentic Canadian 165-foot, 3-masted schooner boat. Enjoy the cruise with a tall, chilled drink from the bar or have a bite from the restaurant. This cruise is charted along Toronto Harbour and picturesque Lake Ontario.

Do note that the organizer does not receive the cruise schedule until the end of March 2022. If you have booked before that it cannot be guaranteed that the cruise will happen and may get canceled due to the cruise being unavailable due to pandemics.

The trip is 2 hours long, and mobile tickets are accepted. Instant confirmation is available. A full refund is possible for cancellation at least 24 hours before the cruise date.

How does the cruise unfold?

The Tall Ship Kajama cruise, a 2-hour experience, includes 30 minutes of the boarding time. After setting sail, you can give a hand in helping the experienced crew to raise the sails on the 3-masted 1930s schooner.

If you don’t wish to participate, do not worry; lean back and enjoy a drink from the fully licensed bar.

Take your time to know more about the legendary sailing vessel. Sail through the east or west gap of Toronto’s excellent harbor. Click some photographs of the Toronto Islands and the beautiful downtown skyline. After the sails are pulled up, your crew may join together to sing a couple of sea shanties while tying the ropes.

They’ll perform a firing sequence while you are on with the cruise. This always exhilarates the mood on the cruise making it one of the best water activities in Toronto.

4. Niagara Falls Platinum Cruise

[4K] Niagara Falls - Drenched on a Cruise - Hornblower Niagara Falls Cruise

Explore the frontier between Ontario and New York State by setting on a cruise. Explore one of Canada’s most renowned natural spectacles by journeying on this full-day Niagara Falls tour from Toronto. One of the best water activities in Toronto.

So, the moment you set foot on the cruise, you enter a climate-controlled space. Relax in an air-conditioned coach from Toronto to Niagara-on-the-Lake. Say goodbye to your summer sweats for the duration.

Then, your guide will tell you about the astonishing geography of the fall and glorious heritage. This is assured to make you encapsulated in the feel of the falls.

Carry back memories worth a lifetime thus. Stop amidst the venture to capture the rustic scenery of your Canon. This is one of the best water activities in Toronto for sure.

Accompanying Curiosities

Explore Niagara Falls as you have never before. You can also visit a winery to taste the region’s delicious wines. The trip also includes a healthy lunch while on the cruise—hotel pickup and drop-off inclusive of the experience.

Travelers prefer the tour over other options due to enjoying the Canadian beauty and the immense accessibility. You can easily chart out a custom itinerary matching your schedule.

Buy a souvenir from the Niagara-on-the-Lake to shop and sightsee. Be dropped off at a selected location after the cruise.

5. Powerboat Cruise

Are you willing to experience a bit more horsepower with your water activities? Then, rent a mini powerboat to cruise around Toronto from the Harbourfront Centre Sailing and Powerboating.

Their Paradise F13 and Lund Fury powerboats don’t necessitate any specific boating experience. Just carry identification to prove that you are at least 21 years old and have your driver’s license. The boat can accommodate up to five adults and can be booked for an hour.

Staff will guide you sufficiently through this mini-adventure. Safety and security reasons are taken into consideration seriously. You’ll be taking a ride through the inner harbor and Toronto islands at your own will and speed.

Try this activity rated as one of the best water activities in Toronto.

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6. Algonquin Group Camping Adventure

Wholehearted welcome to this beautiful region of Toronto. This is the land of a hundred lakes, rocky hills, and rose-pink sunsets. Join the group for 2 days of exploration of the park. The natural beauty that gets people all over the world talking.

After reaching Algonquin

At Algonquin, campers should be all set to swim in the sun-laden waters that gleam with light. Hike on a gaping view that will steal your heart. And you can optionally choose a kayak or canoe ride with no guest preparation as a necessity, no special equipment, or even a sleeping bag or pillow.

Travelers can enjoy, without any concern, free transmit, 3 full meals, a rustic campfire, and most of all, campers will get access to the great Canadian forests. this is the best package deal for a trip which otherwise would have required a great deal of planning and money.

First-timers campers have nothing to worry about as they can quickly learn the basics of camping. An experience of a lifetime awaits you here.

Available features at the Camp

The group will provide a tent, pillow, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad. Lunch, dinner, and breakfast are only available one time. The hike is at least one hour. Transportation to the area is private-owned.

Safety and first-aid equipment are available. Accommodation for a single night is allowed. An option of stargazing is available if weather permits.


Day One: Lunch and Campfire

The first day requires you to be present at the Dockspub, 90 Main St E, Huntsville. Lunch will be served from the lakeside restaurant, a secluded cottage in the quiet town brimming with life.

The group will be guided to the Algonquin Provincial Park, Haliburton. You can get familiar with the site, readily have a short hike and settle for relaxing. You can have dinner and enjoy the campfire with S’Mores.

Day Two: Hike and Relax

Day two is meant for climbing the hills and relishing the green forests. The place to endure this is Booth’s Rock Trail which is 9 km south. The hike is almost two hours by the loop trail of 5.1 km. The group can return by an abandoned railway track path. A shorter version of the trial is available as well.

The next stop is at Lake Opeongo, Opeongo Road, which gives the campers an opportunity to canoe or kayak. Lake Opeongo is the largest lake in Algonquin.

Breakfast arranged has numerous options such as toast/bagels cereal: yogurt, oatmeal, and fruit. Lunch is a sandwich with a selection of gluten-free options.

7. White Water Camping At Elora Gorge

Elora Gorge lets you swim sun-kissed waters and experience something more than just the “lazy river” at water parks? This is one of the most unreal kinds from the Toronto sights collection. A massive natural gorge with quick water and 72-foot high cliffs are just two of the many beautiful scenes here.

That’s what you can expect when you are on this trip to Elora, Ontario. Campers should be well-prepared for a reasonable hike and carry comfortable swimwear.

The place is in an abandoned limestone quarry. The white water rapids of Elora Gorge make it one of the best water activities in Toronto.

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Included items

The group will provide a tent, pillow, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad. Safety and first-aid equipment are available. Lunch, dinner, and breakfast are only available one time. An option of stargazing is available if weather permits.

Dinner is vegetarian. The entry is provided to Elora Quarry Conservation Area. Tube, helmet, and life vest rental are provided to the guests. Disposable masks and an abundance of sanitizer are stocked. Guests can play with bocce ball and Frisbee. Transportation available is private.

After reaching Elora Gorge falls.

A short stride through this quaint and quiet town will reveal you to the Elora Gorge Falls and a whole new different perspective of nature’s beauty.

Just halt at Elora Gorge Conservation Area. Guest camps will be arranged for the evening. Enjoy the luscious meal and the campfire. Collect the tube equipment the next day and dive into the depths—what a gracious water sport.

Then stop at Elora Quarry Conservation Area for guests who love the beach and take a small dip in the quarry.

8. Scuba Diving

Dive world is not an experience but a life-long memory creation episode. Get yourself into scuba-diving classes.

These classes will allow you to meander through the water without pain and inspire you to care for nature. These classes take place inside rooms, which means it’s a desirable activity for a rainy summer day! Equipment for the sport will be provided.

9. Paddle Boarding

There are thousands of waterfront paddleboard rent available across the country. Why not skip the gym and try this adventure for once? This is an awesome full-body workout that helps you enjoy your time out on the water and as much immersed in it.

This is thus one of the best water activities in Toronto.

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10. Jet Skiing

Jet Ski experience is inevitable if you are setting out for Toronto. If you are ready to rip your muscles around the lake, go for it without any second thoughts.

Jet Skis are super entertaining to rent with your friends and family for excellent noon in Toronto. This could end up as the new cool thing you can share with your dad for fathers day—a memory filled with a pure adrenaline rush.

11. Points to Note Before Water activities

I hope the answer to the best water activities in Toronto was answered in the article. But, do note the following points before jumping on to the adventure.

  • Carry your valid driver’s license to set sail or ride the powerboat.
  • Keep track of the Covid 19 protocols.
  • There is no perfect way to do a sport but try to do it better.
  • Spend a full day for each activity rather than rushing through.
  • Water in Toronto, along with its spectacular views, is a sheer vastness of things to cover on a single day or three hours. Enjoy what time you get and make it a memorable experience.
  • Make a bucket list of the best water activities in Toronto and consider your style to finish them off.
  • Intelligently avail free cancellation.

Closing Thoughts

Don’t miss the land of a thousand lakes, strawberry sunsets, and rocky ridges. Take your friends and family to these attractions and fabulous tours. Try these breathtaking fun water activities and do try a water sport: night or day.

It simply doesn’t matter when it comes to Toronto’s shores. Try these best water activities in Toronto.

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