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Your Guide to the Top Universities of Calgary

After completing school, the most essential decision students must make is which university they will attend for further studies. The image of the university name on your college degree can significantly impact one’s career opportunities. A vibrant city, Calgary has some of the world’s best-ranked universities and has garnered notable attention for its academic prowess and commitment to excellence. The name of a Calgary University is enough on your degree to provide you with better opportunities in your career.

Institutions that are dedicated to fostering innovation and academic achievement, Universities in Calgary consistently emerge as prominent players in national and international university rankings. This article will dive into the top universities and the key elements that position them among the top-ranked institutions globally.

1. The University of Calgary

Universities of Calgary
Screenshot from University of Calgary

1.1. Established In

Established on 29 April 1966, the University of Calgary, located in Alberta, Canada, is in the vibrant city of Calgary. The University of Calgary has 5 Campuses, including Main Campus, Downtown Campus, Foothills, Spyhill, and Qatar. Campuses of the University of Calgary have a unique blend of urban energy and natural beauty, providing the students a chance to experience both simultaneously.

1.2. Programs

With degrees and majors offered to students, the University of Calgary has 30,000 plus students, some foreigners who have come to this place to study and secure a promising career.

1.3. How to Apply

Prospective students can check the official website of the University of Calgary and apply through an online application process. All the guidelines for every type of student are mentioned, ensuring a smooth application experience for domestic and international students. It is advisable to read them thoroughly.

1.4. Benefits of Studying at the University of Calgary

Studying at the University of Calgary offers an array of opportunities to the students. University students can access cutting-edge research possibilities, internationally renowned faculty, and a welcoming environment.

If you are looking for these benefits, the University of Calgary is the only option. The University’s commitment is to experiment with learning and innovation, which prepares graduates for success in a rapidly evolving job market.

2. Mount Royal University

Screenshot from Mount Royal University

2.1. Established In

Mount Royal University, a university that has completed its century, was founded in 1910 in Calgary, Alberta. However, the university only grew as a vibrant college in 1931. Mount Royal University didn’t primarily focus on bachelor’s degrees till 2009, which is quite an interesting fact about the University. The University has two campuses, Lincoln Park and Springbank Campus, offering students cultural and professional opportunities.

2.2. Programs

Mount Royal University offers many courses, including diplomas, bachelor’s degrees, certificates, and many more, focusing on undergraduate education. The University excels in business, nursing, and art programs, calling out all students seeking these courses in an advanced environment. A personalized learning environment is fostered by small class sizes, which improves the quality of instruction.

2.3. How to Apply

Aspiring students seeking to study in a suitable environment can visit their website, look up the courses they want to apply for and check if they are eligible. Thoroughly going through all the instructions will ensure a smooth transition without potential delays.

2.4. Benefits of Studying at Mount Royal University

Mount Royal University emphasizes hands-on learning, preparing students for real-world challenges, which is very important in this digital world. According to the official website, 91% of the students who have studied there and completed their degrees from the university are satisfied with the quality of teaching in their programs.

Approximately $3 million in scholarships and bursaries were provided to the students and helped them further their studies for a great future. Everyone deserves a program that aligns with their interest, and Mount Royal University opens the door for the future.

3. Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)

Screenshot from SAIT

3.1. Established In

The Southern Alberta Institute of Technology was founded in 1916 and is reputed to be the oldest post-secondary educational establishment. Situated in the city’s heart, the institute enjoys close ties with industry partners and offers students a dynamic learning environment.

It is the first publicly funded institute in Canada, which has historically impacted its dynamics. The university has four campuses: one main campus and three spread within Calgary.

3.2. Programs

SAIT excels in technology, trades, and business programs. The university offers many hands-on courses that equip students with practical skills, making them highly sought after in the job market.

Notable programs include those in engineering technology and business administration. The University students with an environment in which they feel hungry to learn new things helps them face real-world challenges.

3.3. How to Apply

Students must go through an online application process to apply for any course, degree, diploma, etc. Students can find brief information about the application process by visiting their official site, as the institute’s admissions teams provide hands-on guidance on program-specific requirements. It ensures students a streamlined application experience.

3.4. Benefits of Studying in SAIT, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

For technology enthusiasts, SAIT is the best option for them, as this term is in the university’s name itself. The employment rate is relatively higher than that of any average institute.

Students who have studied at the University are satisfied with the quality of the University’s program. SAIT has strong connections in the industry and focuses on applied learning that translates into high employability for graduates. The institute’s emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship helps students succeed rapidly in this ever-evolving world.

4. Ambrose University

Screenshot from Ambrose University

4.1. Established In

Being one of the recently founded universities, it is at the top in Calgary, Alberta. Established in 2007, Ambrose University offers a Christian liberal arts education to its students.

The aim was to provide a robust academic experience on a broader level. So, Nazarene University College and Alliance University joined and started this university. Ambrose University boasts one of the largest campuses in the city, spanning 40 acres.

4.2. Programs

Ambrose University is known for its worldwide humanities, business, and technology programs. The university offers a holistic education with undergraduate programs like behavioural science, business administration, Christian studies, English, general studies, history, music, and psychology.

If you seek these undergraduate programs in Calgary, Ambrose University should be on your priority list. The University doesn’t fill classes with students, and miniature courses promote engaging discussions. Additionally, faculty members are dedicated to fostering a supportive learning environment.

4.3. How to Apply

Prospective students must create their profile by visiting the university’s official website. Also, they can navigate the application process through Ambrose University’s online portal. The admissions office ensures the applicants have access to all the necessary information to apply without any delays.

4.4. Benefits of Studying at Ambrose University

Ambrose University emphasizes the integration of faith and learning while fostering value-based education in all its education programs. The mentorship and close-knit community allow students to overcome their fears and contribute to a transformative educational experience. The University also promotes discipline, necessary to compete with the world in this digital era.

5. St. Mary’s University College (Calgary)

5.1. Established in

Established in 1986, St. Mary’s University College is one of the best options for studying in Calgary. An education in the liberal arts, usually based on the Catholic intellectual heritage, is provided by universities.

The university aims to provide holistic education to students and help them further their life growth. Its campus is in Calgary, offering students the opportunity to engage in different activities.

5.2. Programs

St. Mary’s University College excels in liberal arts, education, and social science while offering programs related to different fields.

The University’s commitment is to foster critical thinking and ethical leadership in its students, which is also reflected in its diverse programs. St. Mary’s University College is your best option if you seek such an education and environment.

5.3. How to Apply

To apply at St. Mary’s University College, you must pay a fee, which can also depend on your region. You should check all the updated details by visiting their official website.

Once the fee is paid, you can choose the course you want to study at this University. After that, you’ll be assisted by an academic advisor, who will help you have a smooth application experience.

5.4. Benefits of Studying at St. Mary’s University College

St. Mary’s University College offers a values-driven education emphasizing intellectual and moral development. The university’s average class is just 25, offering an open environment for everyone. Within 20 months, 82% of their graduates get into the workplace. The close community and personalized attention from faculty contribute to a transformative educational journey.

Take Away

Choosing a Calgary University according to its world ranking sets the trajectory for one’s future. It is best to conduct an in-depth study before deciding on anything. However, the University of Calgary’s commitment to innovation and holistic education contributes to their prominence.

This article mentions the top 5 universities in Calgary that one can choose from. As seen in their rankings, these institutions offer diverse programs, vibrant campuses, and invaluable benefits that attract students from the city and worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can International Students Work in Calgary?

International students are permitted to work in Calgary full-time during breaks from their studies.

Q2. Is the University of Calgary Public or Private?

The University of Calgary is public, meaning anyone worldwide can apply and study if it fits the eligibility criteria.

Q3. Does Calgary University Provide Financial Aid and Scholarships?

Yes, Calgary universities offer financial aid and scholarships. Aspiring students should explore these opportunities to support their education financially.

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